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Mt. Rushmore of Soundtrack Albums

When’s the last time that you bought a movie soundtrack album. OK, trick question: no one buys albums anymore. But if you did, it probably wouldn’t be a soundtrack, because the movie soundtrack is a dying art. Today’s movie soundtracks are usually a collection of songs from the filmmaker’s childhood, plus whatever Rihanna or Katy Perry song didn’t get used for their last album. Basically: a mess. This week we’re looking back to when movie soundtracks mattered. All the way back to…the early...

Duration: 00:55:11

Mt. Rushmore of Bingeing


Duration: 00:52:08

Mt. Rushmore of Bad Airport Behavior

The Mt. Rushmore Podcast is now boarding its non-stop flight to airport hell! World traveler and bon vivant Chris Cary is our co-pilot, as we discuss all of the ways that everyone else makes air travel just a little more awful. And remember: no food, drinks or any liquids more than 2 oz. are allowed while listening to this podcast. SHOW NOTES 1:50 - People who cut into the front of the boarding line (Richard and Michael's Pick) 9:02 - Gatecrashing/Lining Up Before Your Group (Chris'...

Duration: 00:36:43

Mt. Rushmore of Halloween Songs

Halloween means that it’s time to eating your weight in mini-Kit Kats, pretend the cobwebs in your living room are “decorations” and listen to some spooky tunes. There are more Halloween songs than inappropriately “sexy” costumes, so narrowing down the right songs to play at your party can be a daunting task. Fear not! We’re selecting the greatest Halloween songs ever and we’ve got some help in mega-Rushmore fan Ryan Love, former college DJ and a certified expert in Halloween music. Check...

Duration: 00:53:09

Mt. Rushmore of Impulse Buys You Immediately Regret

Regrets? We've had a few. And many of them involve making a purchase that you didn't plan on making. This week, we discuss our impulse buys that we immediately regret making. The crazy part is that we keep making these purchases again and again. Why? Because we're dummies, that's why! SHOW NOTES 3:27 - Los Angeles Magazine (Michael's Choice) 7:02 - Shoes (Richard's Choice) 13:16 - Funky Flavored Gum (Michael's Choice) 18:19 - A "Different" Beer (Richard's Choice) 26:41 - Amazon...

Duration: 00:44:21

Mt. Rushmore of Ensemble Comedic Movies

When you're an above the line type comedy star, it takes a whole lot to set aside one's ego to play a smaller role. But when the cast is made up of other stars, some opportunities just can't be missed. Look, we don't believe any of that crap. Each one of us would sabotage the other two to get our own popular podcast. And so would every comedian in Hollywood. But on this episode we debate the Mt. Rushmore of Ensemble Comedic Movies, so we play nice with each other for one more week.

Duration: 00:53:17

Mt. Rushmore of Kickball [adult style]

Richard, Michael and Jeff open their kimonos and let in an expert, Club WAKA events guru Sa Dao, to discuss the thing that has brought them all together in friendship: Kickball. Well, adult kickball. It's the same as children's kickball, but with more taxes, heart attacks and identity crises.

Duration: 01:02:08

Mt. Rushmore of SNL Skits Involving Celebrities

We all expect actors to do well when they guest host Saturday Night Live. Performing is literally their job. And while it’s a different kind of performing, you can make the same case for musicians, who have to tell a story with their songs. But athletes? Meatheads? Jocks? They are going to bomb, right? Well, not always. Some of the best SNL skits of all time feature athletes stepping outside of their comfort zone and showing off comedic chops we didn’t know they had. Here’s our Rushmore...

Duration: 00:40:47

Mt. Rushmore of Tim Burton Movies

This week’s we’re discussing the movie oeuvre of Tim Burton, one of Hollywood’s biggest iconoclasts and a man who never met a dark castle he couldn’t make darker, a part that Johnny Depp couldn’t play, or a comb. From his earliest work to upcoming projects (and we’re trying to wrap our heads around what Tim Burton’s Dumbo will be like), we’re celebrating the work of American cinema’s cool but kinda creepy uncle. It’s Showtime! SHOW NOTES 3:20 – Beetlejuice (Joint Choice) 8:13 – The...

Duration: 00:40:08

Mt. Rushmore of Fictional Butlers

Maybe the butler didn't always do it, but we've gone and done it - a whole episode about fictional butlers. They might be stuffy, sassy or undead, but they always have one thing in common: they are WAY smarter than the people they work for. Michael, Richard and Jeff are at your service with a platter of hors d'oeuvre, champagne flutes and another great podcast. SHOW NOTES 2:30 – Alfred from “Batman” (Michael’s Choice) 8:23 – Rochester from “The Jack Benny Show” (Richard’s...

Duration: 00:35:14

Mt. Rushmore of Non-Actors Turned Actors

I would imagine that there’s nothing more frustrating than being a struggling actor, training to perfect you craft and struggling for years to get a big break – only to see someone get a role THAT YOU COULD HAVE KILLED who isn’t even an actor. It would be like a medical student watching a janitor perform an emergency appendectomy. Or a baseball player who sees someone who hadn’t played baseball in a decade get signed just because he was popular at another sport. But I...

Duration: 00:52:43

Mt. Rushmore of Things About Business Meetings

Research has shown that the average person spends 78% of their waking lives in business meetings. Fortunately, the vast majority of these meetings are productive, useful and pleasant. Just kidding. We all know that business meetings are nightmarish, hellscapes designed to break down the spirit of any worker. If Kafka was alive today, all of his characters would be involved in setting up monitors for video presentations. We’ve been tasked with creating a three-person committee to review...

Duration: 00:38:32

Mt. Rushmore of Songs About L.A.

This week we take a look at the songs that define our podcast's hometown. (Well, technically we record in Burbank, but close enough.) Our choices run the gamut to sing along songs you hear after a win by our local sportsball teams to laments about the crushed spirits of dreamers who came here and became broken by the quest for fame. Also: Frank Zappa really hates the way girls from the Valley talked in the 1980s! SHOW NOTES: 2:25 - "Straight Outta Compton" by N.W.A. (Joint...

Duration: 00:32:26

Mt. Rushmore of Ad Campaign Villains

This week we take a look at Ad Campaign Villains - the Goofuses to the Gallants for whatever brand created them. Fear is a powerful selling point, and if hideous troll-beasts drilling into your teeth is enough to get you to worry about the quality of your toothpaste, then the ad wizards have done their job. SHOW NOTES 1:55 - Barney Rubble from Fruity Pebbles (Michael's Choice) 5:00 - Kids from Trix Cereal (Richard's Choice) 7:59 - Mayhem from Allstate (Michael's Choice) 10:12 - The...

Duration: 00:28:01

Mt. Rushmore of The Simpsons Periphery

This week we delve into everything Simpsons...except the episodes. Whether it's branded promotional items or causing a moral panic, the Simpsons are everywhere and will still be everywhere long after we are all gone. SHOW NOTES 2:35 - The Simpsons As the End of Family Values (Richard and Michael's Choice) 7:03 - Simpsons Bootleg T-Shirts (Richard and Michael's Choice) 13:53 - Simpsons Porn (Richard's Choice) 19:43 - "The Simpsons Sing the Blues" (Michael's Choice) 24:44 - Simpsons...

Duration: 00:38:02

Mt. Rushmore of Crummy Presidents (aka Mt. RushLESS)

You might have recently heard a certain current President joking that he belongs on Mt. Rushmore. As experts on the matter, we can say this: we certainly don't want him joining Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and...let me check, it's Teddy and not FDR, right...yes, Teddy Roosevelt on this hallowed monument. However, we have another place he can go. (Well, several, but most of them aren't fit for a family podcast.) In honor of our 75th episode, we build our Mt. Rushless - a symbol of the...

Duration: 00:42:01

Mt. Rushmore of Canadians

Canada: our neighbor to the North, with access to everything from free healthcare to French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. (Note: perhaps there's a correlation between the poutine and the need for healthcare?) They're just like us, except for being much more polite, speaking two languages and having a working system of governance. So when we decided to do our Rushmore of Canadians, we knew we were out of our depths and needed an expert. Fortunately, we were lucky enough to...

Duration: 01:11:36

Mt. Rushmore of Truckers

This week, the boys are loading up the Big Orange and putting the hammer down on the Super Slab. They've got a load of hot takes on pop culture truckers, and they aren't stopping until they reach the 99. That is, if they can get their convoy past Smokey. Yeah, we really don't know what that means, either, but we know it sounds cool as hell. And that's because truckers are cool as hell. Well, the ones who aren't serial killers, but really, that's such a small population that we shouldn't...

Duration: 00:40:01

Mt. Rushmore of ROAD TRIP!!!

OK, before we get on the road with this podcast, make sure that you've got everything you need. Everyone went to the bathroom before we left, right? Everyone has snacks and whatever they are going to read or listen to on the road? Because once we get this podcast started, I'm not stopping until it's time for lunch. Yes, there's nothing like the lure of the open road. Especially when you are trapped in a car for hours with your family or friends. So instead of another game of Slug Bug to...

Duration: 00:47:09

Mt. Rushmore of Trades

Look, we don't have any money. But we're willing to trade ya 40 minutes of our C minus quality podcasting for 40 minutes of your super extra valuable time. Sound fair? Good. This week we cover the Mt. Rushmore of Trades. From The Great One to the Bambino to Oswald the Rabbit, we've pretty much got it covered. We also accept magic beans.

Duration: 00:40:44

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