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MRS 025 With Kamanda & Kat La Kat

With a beautiful season here in South Africa, spring that is, we have no choice but to jam to beautiful sounds that's why we have Kat La Kat doing the B-SIDE this week with of course your host Kamanda. A-SIDE tracklist: 1.Bookwood - uh yes oh yeah 2.YokoO, Retza - Orenda(Original Mix) 3.Mike Tohr, Lost Desert - Innercity Playground(Original) 4.YokoO,Retza - Yugen 5.Koelle - Going Nowhere 6.Steve Lawler - Classifried(Original Mix) 7.Aki Bergen Richter feat. Luben - A Thousand Years(Original...

Duration: 01:59:44

MRS 024

On the 24th Episode of Multi-Racial Sessions we have Tahir Jones doing the guest mix with your host Kamanda handling the A-SIDE mix as always. A-SIDE tracklist by Kamanda: 1.Kerem Gell - Buldiyar(Anatolian Sessions Remix) 2.ME - One on One feat. Fink(Bedouin Remix) 3.Ishmael X Medlar - Tyning Batch 4.Gab Rhome - Beach Bummer (Original Mix) 5.Sous Sol - Gyaan(Original Mix) 6.Axefield - Last Minute Man 7.Nic Fanciulli - The Perfect Crime feat. Guy Gerber(Original Mix) 8.Henry Saiz -...

Duration: 01:59:59

Sisco Umlambo #seasonsexperience - Primavera 17

New selection and old selection from whats playing in Sisco's box this south spring !! Alex Dimou - Stupid People (Original Mix) Hoj & Powel - Leap Day Rami Abousabe & Tamer Malkia YokoO, Retza, YokoO & Retza - Pachamama (Original Mix) Serge Devant & Damiano - Thinking of You (feat. Camille Safiya) Carlos Sanchez -Outer Side (Original Mix) Modd - Mensarda (Original Mix) Hraach - Hidden Dimension (Kora (CA) Remix) Rishi K. - Airbone Vertigini - Soul Beach

Duration: 00:41:54

MRS 023 Kamanda & DJSoulSista

On the 23rd Episode of Multi-Racial Sessions we welcome Dj SOULSISTA with open arms on the B-SIDE while Kamanda handles the A-SIDE per usual. A-SIDE Tracklist by Kamanda: 1.Wareika Boronas - Strictly Business(Original Mix) 2.Skream - Let It Go (Original Mix) 3.Hraach - Hidden Dimension(Kora CA Remix) 4.Lane 8 - Fingerprint(Anderholm Remix) 5.Anderholm - Nocturne(Original Mix) 6.Wareika Song Zhi Qi - Watching The Stars(Original Mix) 7.YokoO, Retza - Pachamama(Original Mix) 8.MUUI -...

Duration: 01:59:59

MRS 022 With Kamanda & Fanclive

On the 22nd episode of #MRSessions Kamanda hosts Fanclive on the B-SIDE with a very beautiful mix A-SIDE Tracklist by Kamanda: 1.I Gemin, Castanea - Old Boys(Original Mix) 2.Leon Revol - Sun I The Place 3.Cubase Dan ft Ari Kara - The Other Way 4.Paolo Mantini- Next Generation(Pepe burdock Braccio DÓco Della Villa-Beonis First Play)s 5.Dead Tones - Entropy Over Love 6.Guido Schneider - Little Helper 290-1(Original Mix) 7.Natural Flow -The Alchemist(Original Mix)a 8.George X - In My...

Duration: 01:59:59

MRS 021 With Kamanda & FKA Mash

Caught flu again after heavy nights of partying so excuse the voice, On the 21st Episode of #MRSesssions Kamanda hosts FKA Mash who's going to take care of the B-SIDE mix which is the actual mix played on on the 2nd of August 2017. A-SIDE Tracklist by Kamanda: 1.Arthur Miles - Night Flight 2.Mallard - Verte 3.Mihai Popoviciu - Sandston Folder(Pablo Bolivar Remix) 4.Mowgan, Yawk - When It Kicks(Original Mix) 5.Luka Sambe Filter Bear - Hebe CVI(Charles Webster Mix 4)...

Duration: 01:59:59

MRS 020

This week on Multi-Racial Sessions Kamanda hosts Ruan Van Wyk on the B-SIDE guest mix to heat up the winter :). A-SIDE tracklist by Kamanda: 1.Thor Rixon - The Clown(Lord Of The Isles Reshape) 2.Nico Stojan, Jaw - OD 30(Britta Unders Remix) 3.Tiefschwarz & Ruede Hagelstein - Trippin' 4.The Das - Drug Dillin(Original Mix) 5.Davis - Reverse Fault 6.Disastr - Little Helper 284-2 7.Echonomist - Free Fall(Original Mix) 8.Elfenberg -Iago(Original Mix) 9.Hacker Miethig - CC1 Kotu - Skoura(Nie...

Duration: 01:59:59

WinterMix 17

Sisco's seasons experience mix for the winter of 2017: Longing for You - Helly Larson Mistreated (Studioheist Remix)- Scott Diaz" Manic Cinq - Morgan Geist The Statement (The Black 80s Mix) - Jon Cutler We Face - Arco & Sebastian Davidson One Sound - Zepherin Saint 12CC (feat. JUNIORAKWETY) - Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Vice - C. Vogt & Patrick Jeremic Golden - 98U

Duration: 00:55:54


On the 17th show of Multi-Racial Sessions Kamanda handles the A-SIDE while MRB is doing the guest mix on the Second hour. 1.Brosha - Dreamseller(Microlab Edit) 2.Luis Leon - Mizumi(Original Mix) 3.Dimitris Michas - Little Helper 281-1(Original Mix) 4.Hexjaz - Null (Original Mix) 5.Demuja - Boom 6.David Mayer - Moonlock 7.French Touch 2 - Breakin Necks(Papastomp Remix) 8.Earth Trax - Horyzont 9.D-Nox Beckers Santiago Franch - Summer Lights(Ruede Hagelstein Remix) 10.Mathais Tanzmann -...

Duration: 01:58:27


On the 17th episode of Multi-racial Sessions Kamanda hosts Small Jon who will be handling the B-SIDE on the second hour. A-SIDE tracklist by Kamanda: 1.Liem, Eddie Ness - Formula Rossa 2.Lycoriscoris - Sur Oiseau 3.Sentomea - Ease Of Life(Original Mix) 4.Kon Din - Les Sentiments(Original Mix) 5.Lepus 8 - Little Helper 276-3(Original Mix) 6.Moby - Porcelain (Timo Maas & James Teej's Broken China Dub) 7.Rampa - Fluke 8.Bias, Coqui Selection - DIPT(Original Mix) 9.Howling - Phases(Toto...

Duration: 01:59:59


It's the flu season so excuse the voice, On the 16th show of MUlti-Racial Sessions Kamanda hosts Dj Skeezo on the B-SIDE with a very Deep Mix, follow Dj Skeezo on instagram @SkeezoDj. A-SIDE tracklist: 1.Tontario - Solitude feat. Lake Jons 2.La Boum Fatale - When we Fall(Constantijn Lange Remix) 3.Nuemp - Bug Of June(Night Talk Remix) 4.Saultloom - Kowtow(Original Mix) 5.Flights - Sister(Original Mix) 6.Sisco Umlambo & Kay - Drift Away(Original Mix) 7.Squire, Fadila - Melpomene(Original...

Duration: 01:59:59


On the 15th show of MRS Kamanda handles A-SIDE per usual with an exclusive guest B-SIDE mix from Bongani Zulu. A-SIDE tracklist: 1.Helly Larson - Go Your Way 2.Evren Furtuna - Erotic Soul (feat The Writers Poet) 3.The Timewriter Sid Thomson - Life is just a Timeless Motion(Sascha Dive Cosmic Dub) 4.Premiere, El Prevost - Black Music Invasion 5.Unluck - Kilimanjaro Shiva (Original Mix) 6.Audiojack - Senses(Original Mix) 7.Fausto Messina, Cosmin Dias, Ista Tec - Little Helper 273-3 (Original...

Duration: 01:41:09

MRS 013 A/B - SIDE

This week on MRS 013 Kamanda hosts BillowJazz who's going to be taking care of the B-SIDE mix. A-SIDE tracklist by Kamanda: 1.Toby Tobias - Gravitator 2.Greenville Massive 3.Evren Furtuner - You Can Stay(Johannes Remix) 4.Iori Wakasa - Feel It Dizzy(Original Mix) 5.Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms(Justin Martin Remix) 6.Parker Madicine - Hearbreak(Original Mix) 7.Pablo Bolivar - Hideaway(Original Mix) 8.Parker Madicine - Zawinul 9.IDQ - Easy Times 10.Seth Troxler - Aphrika Contact Us...

Duration: 01:59:59

MRS 012 A/B - SIDE

This week Kamanda hosts Juscalava on the B-SIDE mix, as we are getting ready for MRS live Sessions on the 31st March 2017 with Miguel Tavares, Sisco Umlambo, Mr B & Kamanda, More details on our Facebook page. A-SIDE tracklist by Kamanda: MR YT - Nite 2Raumwohnung - Somebody Lonely Me(DJ Koze Remix) Bop & 291out - Uomo Dalle Nuvole M.A.R.S - Feel The Heat Christian Prommer - Aturo(Max Josef Remix) Riko Forinson - Little Helper 263-8(Original Mix) Boddhi Satva Feat. Bilal - Love...

Duration: 02:00:03

Sisco Umlambo - #SeasonsExperience Autumn Mix

Mixcast from Sisco Umlambo: TrackList: Coeo- Coast to Coast Axel Boman - Hello Jockey Jams - Sex Compuphonic - Slow Bilbao Shy Luv - Shock Horror (Detroit Swindle's Late Night Mix) Moon Boots(feat. Lulu James) -Tear My Heart[Extended Mix] C. Vogt - Purple Hills (YokoO Remix) Ryan Murgatroyd - Kanna (Kostakis & Murgatroyd's Re-Edit) Claptone - Puppet Theatre (Timo Maas Remix) Doctor Dru - Praerie

Duration: 01:00:19


This week on Multi-Racial Sessions Kamanda hosts a Uzza on the B-SIDE with a Soulful House guest mix which was exclusively recorded at the Multi-Racial Records headquarters. A-SIDE Tracklist by: 1.Heavenchord - Poppy Field 2.James Curd, Likasto - I Get Up To (DC) (Red Rack'em Remix) 3.Bruce Loko - The Arkenstone Of Thrain 4.GNTN - Cosmos(Marc Holstege Remix) 5.Roland Leesker - Bones (Lessnoise Remix) 6.Fuzoku - Tabiji (Ushishi Remix) 7.Pablo Bolivar - Seconds Of Light 8.Gumz - Juelegba...

Duration: 02:00:03

Vinyl Mix 2017

A little mix put together by one of our FAM Dj Malankane with his pure selection of solid beats straight of the vinyl...

Duration: 00:40:52


DeepHouse Show with Kamanda featuring MrVinatge as guest. A-SIDE mix tracklist: 1.Kindred Spirits - So Intimate(Original Mix) 2.PHCK - Aeris(Original Mix) 3.Mash - Milestone 4.Solarris, Secondcity - Bridgewater (Jonathan Kaspar Remix) 5.Bengal - Fractal Dust(MUUI Remix) 6.Audiojack - Paradigm(Guy Mantzur Roy Rosenfeld Remix) 7.Baba Stiltz - Snowwhite 8.Andy Hart - Cosmose II 9.Eins Tiefer - Lox (Original Mix) 10.Henri Kohn - Frackjack (Original Mix) Follow us on facebook "MULTI-RACIAL...

Duration: 01:57:23


Deep House music mix from Sisco Umlambo.

Duration: 01:06:34

MRS - 006 A-SIDE

Sixth sessions from Multi-Racial Sessions hosted by Kamanda featuring tracks from artists like K15, Melchior Sultana, Vince Watson and many more

Duration: 01:02:28

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