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Murmur 75 : José González "They Choose Where We Live"

The Artist-as-Parent. Singer/songwriter/musician José González provides us an exclusive, beyond-rare opportunity to share his (and Mom's) navigation of the early months, hours, days, and seconds of their baby Laura's life. Do artist/parents read "how-to" books or are they uniquely intuitive? To wit, does parenting make artists of us all, or fools? It's also humbling which decisions are made pre-birth, pre-sound, pre-geography, pre-art. Laura, naturally, will have the final say.

Murmur 74 : Efrim Menuck "A Gift That Grows Quickly"

Faith. In all forms. Secular, religious; man-made and ephemeral. What gets you out of bed, everyday? Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mount Zion) reviews his own journey in-and-out-of Faith. Totems useful and elusive. Is religious-faith the only kind possess-able? In the absence of faith is meaning even possible? And, are artists priests of a sort? Light topics for a complex mind.


Murmur 73 : Hamed Sinno "The Fear Quotidian"

Fear. A baseline for many. That timeless of motivators; back and forth. Such thins line, though, as fear continually masquerades as hate (and "phobia"). Hamed Sinno of Mashrou' Leila has been banned, labeled, censored, cursed, followed, chased, reviled, revered, applauded, lauded, targeted and blamed; yet, never silenced. Fearless. Well, maybe a fear or two has crept (and crawled) in along the way. No one is immune, entirely.


Murmur 72 : Ben Bruce "It Takes An Expat"

We're all from somewhere else, no? If one were, however, to sketch-out the concept of "The Outsider", know that those who make-home in a country/community/culture outside of their birthplace, can potentially reflect, contribute, protect, nurture, extol, farm, and touch a world in ways no "insider" ever could. Asking Alexandra's Ben Bruce has no fear of the Expat. Here, he explores both the currency and privilege of living a life somewhere else; and why he's continually drawn to a life...

Murmur 71 : Joshua Oppenheimer "The Scarecrow's Dilemma"

The two edges of "Intelligence" -- one is steeped in curiosity, humility, and understanding; the other, in fear, judgement, and power. Which will you choose and how will you apply it? Here, filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer carves us a path; including the value in words such as "genius", "master", "masterpiece"; and whether or not art can in fact increase one's "Intelligence".


Murmur 70 : Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie) "Our Own Bag Of Hammers"

Don't be a tourist, be a traveller... or, so they say. But do they also say that to musicians? If so, then why do most musicians continue to "tour"? Is it a means of rebooting? Surviving? Seeking? Erasing? Healing? Communing? Curing? Phil Elverum (Mount Eerie) has utilized movement as a agent for all of the above; as well as a conduit for lessons he continues to pass on. Lessons co-promised both in art and in love.


Murmur 69 : Mike Francesa "Mondays at 1"

Most pioneers are dead. So when we have one on the show, it’s humbling. Especially one we grew up listening to Monday-Friday for five-and-a-half hours a day; once for 24hours straight. As Mike Francesa has left his weekly radio show and “power chair” after 30 years, we (and he) finally get our lives back. So, let’s talk about it with the man, himself -- A teacher without students. An artist without a brush. The icon who now seeks a new audience.

Murmur 68 : Jock "A Fistful of Mondo"

There is a word that signifies a perpetual state of fandom. A state that artists never surrender to, no matter how accomplished or revered their work. The word... Mondo. Edison, Welles, Kubrick were Mondo; so was Picasso. Jock is a modern master of this über-genre; an artist whose singular DNA can be seen in his best-selling posters for Carpenter’s “The Thing”, Del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth” & Deodato’s “Cannibal Holocaust”; as well as in Ava/"Ex Machina" and an Aurebesh Easter Egg he left...


Murmur 67 : Jeff Bridges "The Actor From Scratch"

There is an internal, human art to acting, independent of the technical execution of craft. Which human elements feed that mechanism? Or, as Brando once said, are we all “merely actors, everyday”? For Jeff Bridges it begins and ends with two gifts; one from his mom (his “first acting teacher”) and one from his dad -- we’ll give you a hint... Time and Love. Five years in the making, Jeff joins us to cover the Art of the Actor, up to and including the art of retirement. Rage on.

Murmur Meta : Dan Ariely "Just Say 'Maybe'"

Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics, NY Times bestselling-author, and founding member of the Center for Advanced Hindsight, Dan Ariely sits with us for a MurmurMeta. Spoiler alert: by chat's end we've bared our soul at the altar of Dan's singular brilliance, which leads to some homework; namely, one of Professor Ariely's celebrated experiments. Have a listen, then watch this space for the results...

Murmur 66 : Anthony Bourdain "Artist For A Day"

Is there an Art to life? An approach to how we live that could be considered Art? Anthony Bourdain - inveterate Storyteller, unreliable Narrator, and Professor Emeritus of The Modern School of Film - joins us to untie & regift the notion of Existence-as-Art; and, how fairness, freedom, luck, timing, nepotism, narcissism, location, faith, kindness, risk, Yakuza tattoos, feigned smiles, and French & Italian Cinema, all factor in.


Murmur 63 : Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "Home School You"

Have you ever considered the "where" creation happens? A room, a studio, a factory, a field, a street? For musician/singer Bonnie “Prince” Billy, creation and art began/begins at a home built into a the side of hill. Here Bonnie “Prince” takes a brave detailed look with us at the rooms that nurtured him, the family that fed him, and the personae that have helped him complete the circle.


Murmur 60 : Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) "The Obvious Child"

More more irony. No more post-modernism. No more hidden messages. Our head is about to explode! The work of musician/composer/creator Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) engages our sense of love as much as he does our IQ. He is a multi-generational human resource for all-things sonic and visual; private and cinematic; high and low. Just the way we like our art.


Murmur 59 : Soledad O'Brien "I Will Follow (Follow)"

The new world requires new maps. We. In turn, need new cartographers to help us redraw the journey of the "Entrepreneur", the "Innovator", the "Risk-taker". Soledad O'Brien has reinvented these titles as swiftly as she's earned them; and, friends, she's just getting started.


Murmur 58 : Hampton Fancher "One More Kiss, Dear"

Hampton Fancher, screenwriter/architect for BLADE RUNNER both then & now, joins us to discuss all of the impossibly random steps that led us back to 2049, including: bumping into Ray Bradbury on the street, chasing Charles Bukowski down in New York, and what a Nazi officer's diary taught Philip K. Dick about empathy. When the legend becomes fact, (still) print the fact.


Murmur 57 : Harry Shearer "No Static At All"

With the passing of legendary Steely Dan co-father, Walter Becker, we're humbled to be joined by actor/writer/bassist Harry Shearer as he reflects on Mr. Becker and Mr. Donald Fagen's legendary musical progeny -- from the beautiful imperfection of Donald's voice; to Walter's insight into Derek Small's kidneys; to the value of collaborative tension -- Harry reels it all in.

Murmur 56 : Dan Le Batard "Actors and Athletes and Bears"

The lines between art, sport and journalism are thinner than ever. Perhaps nonexistent. To wit, no one paints within these faint boxes better than ESPN's Dan Le Batard. Here he discusses his strategy (or lack thereof) on all media-and-microphone-based matters...and egos.

Murmur 55 : The Blind Boys of Alabama "The Art of Healing"

Two generations of The Blind Boys of Alabama: Mr. Jimmy Carter (the group's legendary co-Founder) and Mr. Joey Williams (at 25 years as a member, the "baby" of the Boys) check-in to discuss -- the difference between sight and vision, whether or not they'd accept an invitation to sing for the current President, and if art has the power to heal troubled times.


Murmur 54 : James Jean "The Forget-Me Knot"

Artist James Jean (pictured here w/Mr. Sun) explores the artist's fear of and need for Exposure. James is a singular creator who counts amongst his collaborators Darren Aronofsky, Gerard Way, and the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. James likes to disappear; but we found him, and, here, so can you.


Murmur 53 : David Finkel "The Art of Hell"

David Frankel - Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and MacArthur Genius Grant recipient - checks-in to discuss how his time imbedded in Afghanistan changed his view of "war art". Why was Restrepo a greater struggle for him than The Hurt Locker? Which fantasies do war movies get correct, and what realities can they never possibly portray?


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