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#35 - "Kids Day" Events with MSU FCU & Bear Paw CU

In this episode, we talk with two credit unions who have held an annual “kids day” or “youth day” for children in their communities. These are free events for families to attend, attracting hundreds of people. The events encourage savings, new memberships, engagement with community partners, along with financial education, fun, games and much more. For more information, you’ll hear from MSU Federal Credit Union in Michigan and Bear Paw Credit Union in Montana. They share details of their...


#34 - Financial Empowerment Resources via CFPB

In this episode, we dig into financial empowerment and improving financial well-being, which are both areas your Foundation is obviously very interested in and a big part of what we do. For more information, you’ll hear from Daniel Dodd-Ramirez, who serves as the Assistant Director for the Office of Financial Empowerment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). We discuss their work, including information, resources, toolkits such as “Your Money, Your Goals", credit union...


#33 - Annual Meeting Success with Summit Credit Union

How would you like to take your credit union’s annual meeting to the next level? That’s what Summit Credit Union in Madison, Wisconsin has done the last few years, evolving their meeting into a popular member appreciation event, drawing over 3,000 people. To learn more, on this episode you’ll hear from Jody Stolldorf at Summit about how they moved from a traditional annual meeting to "Summit Fest" with kids’ obstacle races, a meal, great giveaways, a pay it forward activity and much more...


#32 - DE Day of Service (& More) with GECU

On this episode, we talk about some interesting community outreach inspired by our Credit Union Development Education (DE) Program. To celebrate the 2nd DE Day of Service recently, GECU in El Paso, Texas, donated enough food to feed 100 local families in conjunction with the grand opening of the food pantry at the Lower Dyer Community Center. This expanded support was part of their efforts to include the 12 development issues – such as hunger - discussed during DE Training into their...


#31 - Diversity & Inclusion

On this episode, we're digging into diversity and inclusion with staff that work in this area at CUNA Mutual Group. You’ll hear from Eric Hansing, Vice President of Multicultural Strategy and Market Development, and Angela Russell, Director or Diversity and Inclusion. We talk about why it’s important, having conversations on the topic, research including leveraging qualitative and quantitative data, what credit unions can do, and so much more. Check out the accompanying blog post here:...


#30 - Back to School with Educators Credit Union

It's August, which means kids across the country are starting school. Therefore, we have a special "back to school" episode for you as this is an area where many credit unions do a lot of amazing work. Educators Credit Union, based in Racine, Wisconsin, was actually founded by teachers in 1937 and is now a billion dollar financial institution serving everyone in their communities. We talk with Victor Frasher, Director of Community Engagement, about Educators’ community outreach involving...


#29 - Marlene Shiels Talks CUs in UK, Career & Meeting the Queen

On this episode, we talk to Marlene Shiels, Chief Executive of Capital Credit Union in Edinburgh, Scotland. Marlene recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award from our Credit Union Development Education (DE) program. Marlene is an exceptional example of not only what it means to take the DE experience and share it with others around the world, but to make DE part of her everyday life. In fact, she even mentioned DE when she met the Queen to accept her Officer of the Order of the...


#28 - Ways to Leverage the Life Simulation Exercise

On this super-sized podcast, we have an unprecedented three guests to discuss the Life Simulation exercise and will get three interesting perspectives on how to leverage it. First, what is the Life Simulation? The Life Simulation experience is designed to help people begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family trying to survive from month to month. It is unique and special because it combines the financial and emotional distress that simulated families...


#27 - Financial Ed + Summer Camp = Mini Billionaire's Academy

In this special summer episode, it seemed appropriate to highlight a unique financial education event from Tallahassee-Leon FCU. The MBA Summer Camp, or “Mini Billionaire’s Academy” is a fun summer camp program that uses experiential learning to teach kids about money. The Foundation has been familiar with the program as they've been a previous recipient of a Biz Kid$ Financial Education Grant. To learn more, we talk with Lisa Brown, President/CEO of Tallahassee-Leon FCU, about the summer...


#25 - Workplace Financial Wellness with Alliant Credit Union

On this podcast, we’re discussing financial wellness in the workplace. Why? June is National Employee Wellness Month and also, this is a critical issue. Clearly, financial wellness is important. Not only for credit union staff, but also the businesses and employees you serve in your communities. As you’ll hear, financial wellness programs benefit by increasing engagement, morale, productivity, financial health, alleviating stress, reducing absenteeism among other things. To learn more, we...


#24 - Reality Fairs for People Re-entering Society

On this podcast, we’re revisiting Reality Fairs, which is an interactive financial literacy experience for high school students. The Pennsylvania CU Foundation recently tailored the fair model and used it for people re-entering society from the state’s correctional system. To learn more, we talk with Kathleen Fey, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania CU Foundation. You’ll hear how this event became a true collaborative effort among area credit unions to help former inmates become...


#23 - "Lending with a Heart" via Small Personal Loans

On this podcast, we’re talking about “Lending with a Heart” from Nueva Esperanza Community CU, which is at the intersection of financial education, well-being and philosophy. The program, which provides loans to members unable to gain credit elsewhere, recently won a Louise Herring award from CUNA. To learn more, we talk with Sue Cuevas, CEO/Manager of Nueva Esperanza Community Credit Union, in Toledo, Ohio. You’ll hear about the tremendous impact of the small-dollar loan program on the...


#22 - Dick Ensweiler Shares Career Highlights, Lessons & More

On this podcast, we’re talking with a modern-day credit union pioneer: Mr. Dick Ensweiler. Dick is someone whose work speaks for itself and is a true testament to the credit union philosophy. Dick is retiring as President/CEO of the Cornerstone CU League on April 30, 2017, and I talked to him earlier this month about his long career – 53 years (!) – in credit unions. We go from his start as a management trainee at State Central CU in Milwaukee to jobs such as managing the MN league at 30...


#21 - Leveraging Biz Kid$ with San Diego County Credit Union

This episode of "Murmurings" expands upon our last one, talking about one of our favorite financial education programs, Biz Kid$. As a reminder, Biz Kid$ is a financial literacy initiative launched nationally in 2008 that teaches kids about money and business. It is the first national public television series promoting financial education for elementary through high school students and was created by the same team that produced “Bill Nye the Science Guy”. The initiative includes an...


#19 - Non-Prime Auto Lending

On this podcast, we’re talking about strengthening financial well-being via non-prime auto lending. Non-prime refers to the practice of making loans to borrowers with weak or no credit histories or limited payment capacity. Since the Foundation has been involved with non-prime auto lending for almost ten years, you’ll hear from our Senior Program Manager, Mark Lynch, who gives an overview of this type of lending as well as our work and resources available. Then you’ll hear from Jim Brown,...


#18 - Getting Money Savvy with Adam Carroll

On this podcast, we’re talking about getting youth more money savvy with Adam Carroll, Chief Education Officer at National Financial Educators. Adam has been speaking and writing on the topic of financial education for more than a decade. We talk about a lot of exciting things Adam is working on such as his new documentary on the student loan debt epidemic called “Broke, Busted & Disgusted”, his book The Money Savvy Student, and new courses he’s creating such as one entitled "Raising Money...


#17 - Financially Empowering Young Adults via MyPath

On this episode of "Murmurings", we’re going to be talking about financially empowering young adults. You’ll hear from Margaret Libby, Founding Executive Director of MyPath. MyPath is a national nonprofit focused on paving economic pathways for low-income youth. To this end, they engineer effective models, share what works, and advance policy change. We talk about all this, including credit union partnerships, job training, financial education, goal setting, financial products, savings,...


#16 - Tracking the ROI of Financial Education with NTCUE Shannon Cahoon

On today’s podcast, we’re going to be talking about a lot of interesting things, but mostly financial education. You’ll hear from Shannon Cahoon from Fibre Credit Union in Washington about financial literacy, her experiences at Crash the GAC last year and becoming 2016’s CUES Next Top Credit Union Exec. As part of the Next Top Credit Union Exec competition, each nominee has a project and Shannon’s is to track the return on investment of financial education. During the podcast, we talk...


#15 - Bill Herring Talks Purpose, Louise Herring & More

Happy New Year! 2017 is upon us now and thus, this a very special episode to kick of the year. A little something to educate you, excite you and inspire you to do amazing things at your credit union to help more folks achieve financial freedom. On today’s podcast, you’ll hear from Bill Herring, recently retired President/CEO of Cincinnati Central Credit Union. Bill has left quite the credit union legacy, working over 40 years at his credit union, making an impact locally and nationally in...


#13 - Scholarships & the BECU Foundation

On today’s podcast, we are going to be talking about a credit union foundation and awarding scholarships to high school seniors and undergraduates, which is a big part of many credit unions' community outreach and philanthropic work. Therefore, we looked to one of the biggest credit unions in the country, BECU in Washington, to learn more about the BECU Foundation. On the podcast, you’ll hear from Debbie Wege, Cooperative Community Advocate and Executive Director of the BECU Foundation,...


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