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Episode #024 – The Far East (Part 2)

We continue our journey to the eastern lands of Hydaelyn introduced in Stormblood, diving in to the people and cultures of the Ruby Sea as well as the ever-popular Xaela Au Ra of the Azim Steppe. We also discuss why now more than ever, roleplayers should be aware of the concept of cultural appropriation, how to avoid it when creating original characters, and how to deal with the inevitable angry Internet discourse. SPOILER WARNING: This episode contains spoilers for the Stormblood 4.0 main...

Duration: 00:39:35

Episode #023 – The Far East (Part One)

Venture with us out of Eorzea, to the other end of Hydaelyn, and into a new world of roleplay possibilities — the Far East! What do these various regions have and not have in common? What sort of circumstances could bring someone from this region to Eorzea? We begin by covering Doma and Hingashi, including the cultural exchanges and tensions of Kugane, the effects of the Time Bubble on the Doman Rebellion, and advice for choosing a warrior-class surname. SPOILER WARNING: This episode...

Duration: 00:45:25

Episode #022 – Ala Mhigo: Past, Present, and Future (Part 2)

Though the Stormblood hype train was derailed by technical setbacks, it’s finally taken us all the way to Ala Mhigo — and what a ride it was! This episode features special guests and Ala Mhigan roleplayers Sounsyy Mirke and Avelyn Firestone of Balmung. We sit down to discuss whether Lyse is the real main character of Stormblood, the lives and world views of Fordola and the Crania Lupi (and somehow get back on to the topic of Gaius van Baelsar), what sort of government might best suit the...

Duration: 00:55:48

Episode #021 – Ala Mhigo: Past, Present, and Future (Part 1)

Jump aboard the Stormblood hype train as we head to the fifth and final nation of Eorzea: Ala Mhigo. Join us and our special guest, "Lore Mom" Sounsyy Mirke, as we explore the historical context that led Ala Mhigo and its people to where they are today, the cultural values it actually shares with its invader Garlemald, and the many troubles and trials that the occupied nation and its diaspora face in the present day. Once you’ve listened to these heart-wrenching tales of tragedy, bravery,...

Duration: 00:57:02

Episode #020 – Alt-aholism: Caring For All Your Characters

Muses are like potato chips — you can never have just one! The addiction to alternate characters, or alts, has spread across the entire FFXIV player base, affecting roleplayers worst of all. Creating a second (or third, or fourth…) original character, and starting the game again from scratch, can be a fun and fulfilling experience — except for the parts when it’s a long, dull grind, of course. In this episode, we share our tips and those of other alt-aholics on how to share your love...

Duration: 00:49:39

Episode #019 – Roleplay Events

Want to get your character out of the dungeons, and out for a night on the town instead? Wondering how to get some roleplay going on your server? There’s no better place to start than with in-game RP events! In this episode, we discuss how to get the most of your experience as an attendee, including etiquette pro-tips to help things run smoothly. Can’t find any RP events on your server, but want to start some of your own? We share our advice, and that of experienced community members, for...

Duration: 00:49:11

Episode #018 - Small Server Roleplayers

After exploring what it’s like on the big bad Balmung server, in this episode, we’re downsizing! Find out what it’s like to roleplay on servers where you might have never expected it to be. Hear from RPers from Adamantoise, Diabolos, and Famfrit as they share experiences both positive and negative, their successes and struggles with growing communities, and their hopes and wishes for future growth. Your hosts also discuss their own efforts on Lich as an inspiring small server RP success...

Duration: 00:58:15

Episode #017 - The Perks and Pitfalls of Balmung (Part 2)

Join us for the second part of our in-depth discussion of the infamous hub of FFXIV RP: the Balmung server. We brought the sugar, and now it’s time to bring the salt! Having extolled the server’s virtues and advantages in our previous episode, hosts and guests now let loose their rants on what annoys, infuriates, disappoints and saddens them about playing and roleplaying on Balmung. Who is really to blame for these ills? Have things gotten better or worse over time? What does Gilgamesh...

Duration: 01:16:41

Episode #016 - The Perks and Pitfalls of Balmung (Part 1)

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear "Balmung?" Whatever it is, you're probably wrong! Join us and our Balmungian guests for part one of our revealing exposé on the infamous hub of FFXIV RP. Hear true stores of nights in Ul'dah's Quicksand, some of the server’s countless in-jokes, and the magic that happens when everyone around you works together to create a collaborative story. You’ll even hear us give our in-game updates in haiku form. Featuring Brohamut and...

Duration: 01:01:40

Episode 015 - NPCs and Godmodding: Seeking Equilibrium in your RP Universe

In this episode, we begin covering more meta-RP topics, touching on some of the crucial issues players experience when participating in FFXIV roleplay. Choosing an NPC as your muse comes with many unique joys and challenges, especially when it comes to in-game interactions. We discuss the issue of “godmodding,” why it’s a pet peeve of so many, and how to avoid conflict by consistently practicing mutual respect, no matter your play style. We even do some live RP wherein Merlwyb gets into a...

Duration: 00:49:00

Episode #014 - The Garlean Empire

Our first episode of 2017 marks our final episode covering the nations of Eorzea — and who do we leave for last but the big bad Garlean Empire! We become the devils' advocates as we discuss how and why Garlemald became so imperial in the first place, what to do (and not to do) when creating a Garlean RP character, why we’re fond of even the empire’s greatest villains, and why you should always let the sprouts watch all the cutscenes in the Praetorium. If you've enjoyed this episode, don't...

Duration: 00:49:04

2017 Heavensturn Special Edition - “The Sultana’s Seven” performed by Emi featuring Ethys Asher

As a special new year's treat for our listeners, we are proud to bring you two very special audio performances based on the “Tales from the Calamity” collection of short stories. MuseCast XIV host Emi performs “The Sultana’s Seven” in the role of Nanamo Ul Namo, with additional voices performed by Ethys Asher. It’s our way of bringing roleplay to the next level. Happy Heavensturn, adventurers! If you've enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, share, and follow us! iTunes /...

Duration: 00:12:39

2016 Starlight Special Edition - “Where Victory and Glory Lead” performed by Remix Sakura

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Duration: 00:09:38

Episode #013 - The Nation of Gridania

In our final episode covering the city-states of Eorzea, we delve into the deep and mysterious undergrowth of Gridania, and the complex society that lives beneath its lush green forest canopy. Join us, along with our special guest Yhrea Lasiri of Balmung, as we discuss why the elementals are like disgruntled landlords, explore the origins of anti-Duskwight racism, ponder what life is really like for the Padjal, and speculate about what Mun-Tuy brew tastes like. If you've enjoyed this...

Duration: 01:06:35

Episode #012 - Interview with Ethys Asher

In our final interview from this year’s FanFest Las Vegas, we talk with arguably the best-known loremonger in the fandom: Ethys Asher. His unique literary and philosophical perspective on FFXIV lore has made his YouTube videos an invaluable source of information and entertainment for everyone fascinated with the world of Eorzea. Tune in to find out about his own experiences with roleplay, how the release of Encyclopaedia Eorzea has changed his outlook as well as his future content plans,...

Duration: 00:55:16

Episode #011 - Interview with AnonyMoose

In our next interview from FanFest Las Vegas, we sat down with someone to whom every FFXIV lore nut owes a great deal, from his work at Gamer Escape and Aetheryte Radio, to his endless theorizing on the official SE Lore Forum. Despite all this, you may not know who he is — and he prefers it that way! In this very special episode, AnonyMoose becomes A-known-Moose for a short while. Join us as we discuss what the lore community was like way WAY back in the day, how Moose sees his role as...

Duration: 00:33:11

Episode #010 - FanFest 2016 Special Edition

The whirlwind rollercoaster ride that was FanFest Las Vegas has come and gone, and left your hosts feeling simply overjoyed to be part of the Final Fantasy XIV fanbase, fulfilled to have met so many of this community's amazing content creators, and more motivated than ever to keep bringing you an awesome show that shines light on the wonderful world of roleplay. Join us for a very special episode featuring on-location interviews with some of the RPers we had the pleasure of meeting. We'll...

Duration: 01:02:59

Episode #009 - People of Ishgard

THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE PATCH 3.4 MAIN SCENARIO. It’s been a wild and crazy ride all through Heavensward, and on our ninth episode, we discuss as many of the compelling cast of characters hailing from Ishgard as we can fit into a single episode. Tune in as we discuss the dangers of taking a shower in dragon blood, the struggles of making a dodo egg omelet, make several references to Game of Thrones, and mispronounce just about everybody’s name. We also discuss the...

Duration: 01:10:33

Episode #008 - The Holy See of Ishgard

Join us as we look back on the complex and fascinating nation of Ishgard and its impact on the world of Eorzea from 2.0 to 3.3. We dive deep into the important questions: What has preceded the great crisis of faith and identity brought on by the end of the Dragonsong War? What does the future hold for the new secular, democratic government? And what the heck was with that guy that stabbed Aymeric with a steak knife? If you've enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe, share, and...

Duration: 00:43:49

Episode #007 - Ul'dahn Society (Part 3)

You read that right — we’re STILL talking about Ul’dah, because there’s still more to talk about! In this episode, we cover all the other good guys and bad guys of the desert city-state (who all just happen to be Lalafell), speculate about what’s in store for the future of the plotline, and debate what exactly might be going on with Ul’dah’s favorite power couple. Be sure to stay tuned till the end to hear about all the awesome activities we’ve got going on for FanFest Las Vegas! If...

Duration: 01:10:10

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