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The Music Ally editorial team, normally Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde, discuss each week's latest trends and news covering all aspects of the digital music industry. Guests and surprises will appear when available.

The Music Ally editorial team, normally Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde, discuss each week's latest trends and news covering all aspects of the digital music industry. Guests and surprises will appear when available.
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The Music Ally editorial team, normally Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde, discuss each week's latest trends and news covering all aspects of the digital music industry. Guests and surprises will appear when available.






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Music Ally Podcast #101 – marketing special

For this special podcast campaign edition, Music Ally's training & campaigns manager Nikoo Sadr teamed up with her old colleague Rob MacAllister from Giant Men Management to talk all things campaigns and trends included in our End Of The Year Campaigns before properly stepping into 2016. Topic include; Madeon, Avicii, some #BieberChat and Beach House’s setlist generator. You can read all our campaigns in our End Of The Year Sandbox PDF issue issue as well as on our website (as individual...


Music Ally Podcast #100 – Review Of The Year (Part 2) with Ben Drury and Cliff Fluet

Incredibly, the Music Ally Podcast has limped its way to 100 editions. Joining us for this monumental centenary (and to review the year) are Ben Drury of 7digital and Cliff Fluet of Lewis-Silkin. Among the topics they kick around the park with regular “hosts” Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge are: the arrival of Apple Music and if it went off like a Catherine Wheel or a damp squib; what Tidal is or isn’t doing right under new ownership; what the PRS lawsuit against SoundCloud will mean for...


Music Ally Podcast #97 – Apple Music, Tidal, Prince, This Is My Jam, Mixcloud, Taylor Swift and more

What’s that? It’s Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde lumbering out of their caskets to draw a mummified finger across the week’s news. Among the stuff they croak on about are: what Apple Music’s number of 11m users really means; why only hardcore Prince fans will follow him to Tidal; why This Is My Jam closed down carefully and why it should stand as a reminder that 500-track playlists are really boring; what expansion plans at Micxcloud could mean for the company; and why Spotify needs to try...


Music Ally Podcast #88 Tidal, Apple Watch, Line, Bozza, Madonna and more

It’s been threatened for ages but today the wheels finally come off the Music Ally podcast as Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge accept they have lost control and just let it swerve into the ditch. Before that happens, they manage to cover some topics, including: Tidal’s fightback and if it really can help new acts; a live review of Stu’s new Apple Watch (including a sonic comparison of it and a mug); Paul McCartney launching audio stickers on Line; why download service Bozza in Africa is...

Music Ally Podcast #87 Spotify, Guitar Hero, Tidal, MIP TV and more

After a week off, Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde are reunited for the Music Ally podcast. Among the topics under analysis are: Spotify’s new funding, its new lobbyists and its new plans for advertising around playlists; why the revived Guitar Hero could actually be quite exciting; why Tidal is laying people off but getting pop stars to call up subscribers; and what Stu learned at MIP TV about how “millennials” are being sold to traditional media as their saviours but also why, in going...

Music Ally Podcast #85 Tidal, Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook, Dubsmash and more

Our regular hosts, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge, are joined this week by some of the biggest stars in the galaxy. You’ll have to listen to the amazing intro to find out who they are. Among the topics under discussion are: Tidal and why the artist is finally at the centre of things in streaming, especially in regard to the potential to use collective force to break apart old monopolies and give new acts a leg up; why Meerkat and Periscope could be lawsuits waiting to happen; what...

Music Ally Podcast #84 Freemium, WiMP, Tidal, Amazon Prime, Twitch and more

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge with the Music Ally podcast. “Hurrah!” Stuff under dissection this week includes: why the division in streaming revenue between free and premium is unhelpful; what the now-globally-rebranded Tidal could mean for artists looking to do something a bit different with streaming; why Amazon Prime Music might be a sleeper hit; why Twitch and EDM is a pretty smart marriage; Vince Neil fighting for control of his social media accounts;...

Music Ally Podcast #83 Patreon, Twitter, Meerkat, Twickets, WiMP, 'Blurred Lines' and more

In this week’s podcast, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge get upstaged by Kanye West. After they do, they continue with the news, including: Patreon buying Subbable and what this means for the “hidden” music economy; what’s going on with Twitter and Meerkat; why Twickets is a niche, but necessary, thing in live music; if Jay Z can get his mates roped in to create a more artist-friendly streaming service now he’s bought WiMP; and what the ‘Blurred Lines’ case could mean for copyright...

Music Ally Podcast #81 Amanda Palmer, Universal, iTunes, Kobalt, The Brits and more

After an accidental two weeks off, the Music Ally podcast is back, Back, BACK. Making up for lost time, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge yak on for a whole hour on assorted things including: Amanda Palmer on Patreon and an amazing idea we made up on the hoof that will make artists love streaming services by turning on shop windows for their most ardent new fans; what Rob Wells leaving Universal Music means and if there is any disruption left in the music business (for the next few years);...

Music Ally Podcast #80 Apple, Etsy, Taylor Swift, Grammys, Snapchat, Madonna and more

Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge don armour and do battle in this week’s Music Ally podcast. Topics getting a good thrashing include: Apple’s plans for Beats and why it will probably not buy Taylor Swift’s label; how the aforementioned Swift and Katy Perry are targeting fans making products around their music and shows; why the Grammys was dominated by talk about songwriters’ rights; the death of the crummy cash-in cover version; and why Madonna is half right and half wrong to go on...

Music Ally Podcast #78. Musicmetric, Blinkbox, YouTube, Vessel, Snapchat and more

Racing out of their nest like a diseased carrier pigeon, Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde are back again to tackle the week’s news. This includes: Stu’s scoop on Apple buying Musicmetric and what it means for artist relations and transparency in streaming; why Tesco is offloading Blinkbox Music and if Guvera can make it fly; what Zoe Keating’s fight with YouTube is about and what it could mean for exclusive content and windowing; what Vessel wants to do in music; and finally what Snapchat...

Music Ally Podcast #77. Genius, Twitch, Deezer, Rdio, iTunes and more

In a daring new experiment, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge agree to be filmed as they podcast. Now you will see they have neither the faces nor the voices for radio. In stunning new Surround-A-Vision, they discuss: Genius’ move to annotate the entire web and possibly even this very podcast (they wear this “joke” down very quickly); Twitch offering licensed music; rumours that Deezer’s deal with Orange could be winding up; Rdio’s moves into India; why iTunes dropping its Single Of The Week...

Music Ally Podcast #75. US, UK, The Overflow, iTunes, YouTube, Bono and more

The Music Ally podcast is back for 2015 – wherein Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge make hollow promises about appearing every week and then finding excuses in the coming weeks not to. Among the topics under analysis this week: the US and UK 2014 recorded music figures, what they mean and why the full story will be found in international markets outside the top 20; if The Overflow symbolises a new movement in streaming where pricing and super-serving genre-specific consumer niches is key; why...

Music Ally Podcast #74. iTunes, X Factor, Parklife, Spotify, Apple, YouTube and more

Racing into the "festive season", Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge are back with what is possibly the swiftest Music Ally podcast in living memory. Among the topics under rapid analysis are: how the Fleur East/X Factor single changed the release date for the new Mark Ronson single (it's probably just a massive coincidence he's part of the same label group – hem hem); why the Parklife festival got banished to the Naughty Step for sending texts from your "mum"; why Spotify is knocking its...

Music Ally Podcast #73. SoundCloud, Spotify, 1D, Take That, Google Play, Prince, Ed Sheeran and more

A leaky boiler (not a euphemism) almost derailed this week's Music Ally podcast – but we are stronger than that. So, once again, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge, while starting to feel festive, discuss this week's biggest (debatable) topics. These include: why the stories of Twitter maybe trying to buy SoundCloud seem a bit fishy; why One Direction's new promotion on Spotify is not that original but comes at a time when the streaming service needs some artist love; why Take That's deal with...

Music Ally Podcast #72. Spotify, YouTube, OK Go, Bono and more

After disappearing for a few weeks, the Music Ally podcast is back (again). Herein, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge chinwag away about all manner of topics. These include: Spotify’s financials and how it can get Taylor Swift back on the service (we solve this thorny issue and no one can disagree with our amazing compromise solution); YouTube’s Music Key; Nicki Minaj’s twerking app; OK Go’s DNA; and Stuart’s deep love of Bono, a man he fell in love with while in Dublin. Bonus content: inspired...

Music Ally Podcast #71. Taylor Swift, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and more

Music Ally Podcast #71. Taylor Swift, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal and more by Music Ally

Music Ally Podcast #67 YouTube, Amazon, BBC, BitTorrent, Foo Fighters and more

Cycling down the street, bereft of clothes, Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge are back to do wheelies through the biggest music business stories of the week. Behold the range of topics they discuss: the hot-off-the-press news that YouTube could (and we stress "could") remove all indie content amid a huge licensing spat and what this means for music videos online regardless of the label; the launch of Amazon Prime Music in the US and if 1m tracks are too little for it to make any impact or if...

Music Ally Podcast #66 YouTube/WIN, Kaskade/SoundCloud, Facebook, Neil Young and more

Eamonn Forde and Stuart Dredge are back at the News Coalface with their Picks Of Analysis. Among the information seams they crack into are: the YouTube/WIN spat and how it's escalated (which culminates in an exasperated Eamonn and Stu threatening to ground both Google and the music business by taking away their internet access); Kaskade and why he's not happy that SoundCloud keeps pulling his uploads; what Facebook is up to with Slingshot and how it is "unbundling the big blue app"; and Neil...

Music Ally Podcast #65 Apple, Beats, Shazam, Amazon, Songkick and more

After a fortnight away when absolutely nothing happened at all in digital music, Stuart Dredge and Eamonn Forde stare out the window for 40 minutes. Except they don't. This week they pick apart: Apple buying Beats and what Universal will spend its windfall on (we reckon "cigars and balloons"); Shazam building a nest inside iOS 8; what Amazon Prime could mean for music and if labels will find themselves treated like book publishers (i.e. badly) by the online retailer; why the growth of...
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