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#40: The Most Important Lesson...

As a teacher, I've been giving a lot of thought to what the most important lesson is. If I could leave students with just one thing, what would it be? I've put those thoughts together in this episode of the podcast. The lesson: all big things are really just lots of little things put together. I explain and elaborate in the episode. The show notes below have important supplemental materials. I hope this inspires you to get to work! Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google Play Support the...

Duration: 00:29:59

#39: Ableton Live 10 - My Thoughts After a Few Months

Ableton has just announced Live 10, the latest development of the popular DAW. It’s currently becoming available to beta testers now and will be released in early 2018. I’ve had access to Live 10 for the last few months and have quite a lot to say about it. In this episode, I discuss some of my favorite features and devices. There are some sound examples to help demonstrate my points, as well as some thoughts on how Live 10 has improved my music making experience. Basically, an Ableton...

Duration: 00:37:51

#38: Francis Preve - Sound Designer, Journalist, Educator

Francis Preve is a synthesist, journalist, and educator, amongst other things. He is one of the industry's most in-demand sound designers. In fact, it seems like every time I investigate the names behind some of my favorite synths, apps, and plug-ins, I find Francis Preve. His writing can be found in popular magazines such as Keyboard, Computer Music (UK), Future Music, EQ, and Music & Computers. Francis is a college professor in Austin, Texas. He also creates some of the finest sound...

Duration: 01:42:16

#37: Francois Benner - Ancient Instruments

Francois Benner producers music as the artist Roisner. He recently released his latest album Rhombes Timber 25000 BC. For this project, Francois sampled hundreds of instruments that date all the way back to prehistory. He then reached out to me to create Ableton Live Instruments so he could use them and his samples to create his newest album. In this episode, Francois and I discuss the production of his latest album. We talk about our collaboration on the Ableton Live Pack, ANCIENT, which...

Duration: 00:41:53

#36: Chris Rucks - Don't Make Beats Like Me

Chris "MAYDAY" Rucks doesn't want you to make the same mistakes he made. He wants to save you time and prepare you for the journey. Most producers make the same mistakes as producers before them. To help combat this, Chris Rucks has written Don't Make Beats Like Me - 24 Powerful Laws to Guide You Towards Success As a Music Producer. The book breaks down a host of challenges most producers will face and explains how to handle them. It's a bit like a warning sign, a shoulder to cry on, and a...

Duration: 01:12:42

#35: Cooper Anderson - Mixing Engineer, Producer

Cooper Anderson is a mixing engineer and producer with a pretty impressive resume. Undoubtedly, you've heard some of his work. Cooper's credits include work for artists like Fun, Kanye West, Ghost Killah, and John Legend. Cooper and I had a chance to speak about his work and experience. I found Cooper to have some nice insights into what it takes to find success in the music industry. Enjoy! An afterthought from Cooper: "I’ve been thinking about the desert island golden piece of gear….I...

Duration: 01:23:44

#33: DiVinci - Producer, Composer, Musical Sensei

DiVinci is a producer, composer, and educator from Orlando, FL. He is known for his high energy, mind-blowing finger drumming skills, his group Solillaquists of Sound, and his work for Lauryn Hill. He travels the world performing and giving music production workshops. I had a chance to attend one of DiVinci's workshops at the Ableton User Group in Brooklyn at The Brooklyn Home of Music. Just as dazzling as his performance was his philosophical view point on creating music and finding...

Duration: 01:13:56

#32: Breaking Down My New EP, "Country Punkin"

I just released my newest EP, Country Punkin. It's a collection of 4 to-the-point no-nonsense rock songs, inspired lyrically by country music and musically by punk rock. There are no intros, outros, interludes, solos, or instrumentals. Every song begins right away with only the core meat-and-potatoes parts of the song. Recorded entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-1's four track, using a Shure SM57 plugged straight into it. Instrumentation is Drums, Guitar, Bass, Vocals. This was the...

Duration: 00:42:54

#31: Craig Swann of

LoopLabs is a cloud based music studio that allows you to compose music using its huge selection of loops. Everything gets tempo and key matched, so it always sounds good. It's a great place for beginners or for experimenting with ideas. Craig and I sat down for a nice conversation about his vision for Looplabs, the music industry, and the role future generations will play in music making. Definitely check out I'm very excited about how this could open the door to music...

Duration: 01:33:15

#30: The Power of Collaboration - Homework!

It is a wonderful day and age in which we can create, write, and record music all by ourselves. We have the technology to do every step of the process on our own. While this can afford us plenty of freedom and releases us from the struggle of coordinating schedules and ideals with others, if we never work with other people, we are really missing out. Collaboration is one of the best ways to learn, grow, develop, and discover new ideas. I personally believe that a good collaboration can...

Duration: 00:27:09

#28: Erin Barra - Performer and Educator

Erin Barra is a musician, songwriter, teacher, and performer specializing in the convergence of music and technology. She has created music curriculum for students of all ages, including Beatz for Girlz, which specializes in bringing music production to young women and Berklee College of Music. She's worked with Grammy-winning artists and is a powerful voice in the world of music technology and education. Erin and I had a great conversation about a wide range of topics including...

Duration: 01:07:29

#24: Regrets

Alex "SuperKid 3D" and Me Most of the things I regret in life are the things I did not do, and not the things I did do. With the exception of being mean or vindictive, in most cases taking action resulted in a positive experience in one way or another... even if it was by learning from failure. In this episode of the podcast, I discuss this idea and how it applies to music production. I share a story of a live performance I nearly backed out of but ultimately went through with. In the...

Duration: 00:29:34

#23: Bedroom Producers Blog - Tomislav Zlatic, Editor in Chief

Tomislav Zlatic is the creator and editor in chief of Bedroom Producers Blog, a website dedicated to sharing music making tips, software, and gear for music making enthusiasts and professionals alike. Over the years, BPB has been extremely supportive of my work, and we have even collaborated on a few projects. I had a chance to chat with Tomislav about writing, staying consistent, and our mutual love of old school video game chip music. Listen on iTunes or Stitcher or Google...

Duration: 01:10:01

#1: Lessons From My Journey

Welcome to the Music Production Podcast! This podcast is an informal and unrehearsed exploration of topics related to music production, recording, songwriting, and creativity. The first episode deals with some important lessons I learned along the way. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in the comments below.

Duration: 00:36:12