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Episode 2: Celebrate July 4 with Star Spangled beer pairings, Jimi Hendrix, and more

You’ve sung it at every school function, heard it at the beginning of every professional baseball, football, hockey and basketball game. Heck, your child might be chosen to sing it at your neighborhood’s next swim meet. The Star Spangled Banner, with its rousing chorus and words of hope and defiance and liberty, defines the United States as no other national anthem could. And yet, how much do you really know about the song - would you believe that the song is in fact … a cover song? Say...


Music and Booze Presents: Who Sampled Who, featuring St. Germain’s “Sure Thing”

Who Sampled Who is a popular segment of the Music and Booze Power Hour Variety Show. What we do is take a song that samples other songs - in this case St. Germain’s “Sure Thing” - and dissect it to reveal its source material. In the process, we get to discover some new music we may not have heard of otherwise. SOURCE SONG: St. Germain’s “Sure Thing“ SONGS SAMPLED: Harry’s PhilosophyWindy CLet us know what you think. Send feedback to Subscribe so you...