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0399: Out of the Lens

Thos chats to David Kingsmill about his new show for Edinburgh, Out of the Fringe - an intriguing two man piece about putting the "muse" into "musical". Enjoy songs from the piece, learn about the curious parallel writing process used to create this story as well as pondering the difference between American and British rhyming!

Duration: 01:21:38

0398: Hat-Trick Thistle

It’s songs galore in this episode as Thos talks to the talented Sue Casson about the three shows she’s taking to Scotland this year for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Hear about the Happy Prince, Dreams of Peace and Freedom and the English Cabaret Hour – all this and a singing baker!

Duration: 01:43:35

MusicalTalk Mini 64: A Guest Listener Review of Miss Saigon

Join MusicalTalk listeners Eitan and Luis as they share their thoughts on Miss Saigon, now playing at the Prince Edward Theatre.

Duration: 00:13:48

MusicalTalk Mini 63: A Catch up with Kerry Ellis

Nick Hutson gives Kerry a phone call to hear about the latest developments and projects in the Lady of the West End's extremely busy career!

Duration: 00:24:24

MusicalTalk Mini 62: Forbidden Broadway at the Menier!

Nick Hutson and Jonathan Cohen went to see Forbidden Broadway at the Menier Chocolate Factory. Hear their thoughts on this always brilliant and inspired show! Now playing until 16th August 2014

Duration: 00:15:57

0397: Snakes at the Edge of the World

The Countdown to Edinburgh has started so joing Thos as he discusses the return of last year's sell-out hit, Snakes the Musical, with Thom Sellwood and Davie Kelleher of Quite Nice Theatre. They also discuss the company's intriguing new musical, At the Edge of the World, which debuts at the Reading Fringe this week! Enjoy this amusing episode and also hear songs from both shows! You'll enjoy an all time high!

Duration: 01:50:42

0396: God! It's Sondheim

Episode 396: God! It’s Sondheim! Thos talks to David Overton of the Stephen Sondheim Society about the great man and the new celebration of his career seen through the eyes of parodists, subtly called God. Are you are believer?

Duration: 01:55:33

0395: Millicent Martin Interview

Dominic McChensey sits down in Hollywood to talk to the legend that is Millicent Martin!

Duration: 01:23:10

MusicalTalk Mini 61: Carousel at the Arcola

Caroline sits down with our own Andrew Corcoran and Luke Frederics to discuss Carousel playing at the Arcola Theatre

Duration: 00:09:34

0394: Zanna, Don't!

David Kingsmill takes a brief sojourn to the alternate reality of Heartsville High, where homosexuality is the norm, heterophobia is rampant, and glitter is most definite the in thing, in this brief look at the Landor's current production, "Zanna, Don't!"

Duration: 00:06:38

MusicalTalk Mini 60: The Pajama Game

Nick Hutson and Jonathan Cohen review THE PAJAMA GAME, now playing at The Shaftesbury Theatre until September!

Duration: 00:33:54

0393: The Last 117 Years (Or So)

David Kingsmill explores time as he looks at a show that premiered in 2001 and one that premiered in 2014 that is based on a text written in 1897. Respectively they are JRB's The Last 5 Years, which ran at the Greenwich Theatre and Brighton Fringe, and De Profundis, just finishing its run at the Leicester Square Lounge.

Duration: 00:13:16

0392: All Aboard for Stephen Ward!

Read all about it! Shock! Horror! Thos and Tim find new Andrew Lloyd Webber piece, Stephen Ward, scandalously good! The veteran writer has ripped the skirt off the Profumo affair and revealed all in a shockingly good expose of his own talent. In other words, it’s a much appreciated return to form by Lloyd Webber showing that his saga of fifty years ago is golden! Don’t believe everything you read in the papers!

Duration: 01:04:13

0391: Miss Saigon's Sunny Afternoon

Nick Hutson and Andrew Edwards discuss their thoughts on the long awaited revival of Miss Saigon. Also this week, Nick talks to Robert Gordon about their thoughts on the new musical playing at the Hampstead Theatre documenting the life of Ray Davies and his dysfunctional rock band - The Kinks!

Duration: 00:26:43

0390: The Show That Went From Here to Eternity

Thos and Tim get affected by G-Force as they explore the recent London musical From Here to Eternity, the new show from Tim Rice which looks at the thorny issues of fraternal army life and times with the men of Company G - from brotherhood to brothels, not to mention suicide and murder (so we won't!)

Duration: 00:52:06

0389: Fings Ain't Wot They Used To Be, eh Mickey?

David Herzog talks to Elliot Davis about Fings Aint Wot They Used To Be, playing at The Theatre Royal Stratford East and Professor Robert Gordon pays tribute to Mickey Rooney.

Duration: 00:12:59

MusicalTalk Mini 59: Charlotte Jaconelli's Solitaire

Nick Hutson sits down with Charlotte Jaconelli to discuss her new album - Solitaire, her love of musical theatre and her path from Britain's Got Talent to the present day.

Duration: 00:25:34

0388: Urinetown The Musical - Continued!

David finishes up his conversations with some of the creatives from "Urinetown the Musical," including Richard Fitch and Aaron Lee Lambert.

Duration: 00:47:59

0387: I Can't Sing Review

Nick Hutson and Thos Ribbits sit down to discuss the surprise hit of the Spring - the "1920s" style musical comedy from Harry Hill and Steve Brown, the achingly funny and brilliant I Can't Sing, which is the new musical based on The X Factor, now playing at the world famous London Palladium.

Duration: 00:35:41

0386: Orton and Those Damn Yankees

Orton and Those Damn Yankees: David Kingsmill talks to those involved with ORTON - a new musical exploring Joe Orton's life, reviews the show with Nicholas Chave and then moves along to discuss Damn Yankees - which was a new show for David. Hear his thoughts in this episode!

Duration: 01:06:03

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