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We’re a team of musicians and Artist advocates who are broadcasting inspiring stories & beneficial information for all professionals working to enhance their careers in the music industry. Our hosts have experienced firsthand the challenges that come with working in our industry. We help our listeners understand the risks and acquire the tools needed to achieve stable, profitable music careers. The music industry is being renewed; this provides big opportunities for independent Artists. But, they need a lot of help understanding where to begin navigating the new terrain. While it used to be every musician’s dream to get signed to the industry's top labels, it is now riskier than ever because many of these giants are going out of business and treating Artists worse than ever before. The new music industry is controlled by music fans and Artists who understand how to connect with them. We interview industry professionals & share their valuable tips and resources every Friday in a new Musicians Unleashed show. Rate & review our show so we know how we're doing!




Music Business Success with Music Attorney Randall McMillan

Our guest, Randall E. McMillan is thePresident & Founder of McMillan Law.He has successfully negotiated, drafted and closed numerous complex agreements worth tens of millions of dollars involving some of the most prominent businesses and brands in the world and some of the most notable entertainers and artists of our … Continue reading

Duration: 00:46:05

Raising Money with Crowdfunding with Indiegogo’s Garrett Grohman

We talk with Garrett Grohman about preparing, launching and successfully raising money with the original Crowdfunding platform- Crowdfunding is creating huge changes for independent Artists andcreativepeople. Listen to what some bands have done to earn a spot as afeatured campaign. Also, check out great examples of pitch videos on … Continue reading

Duration: 00:25:37

Mastering Music Licensing with Michael Musco

Michael Musco is anaward winning musician andthe owner of Musco Sound.Heproduces custom and stock music for a wide variety of commercial clients. He has over 10 years of experience in a wide range of styles and genres.He has a creative and innovative outlook on commercial music that has led to … Continue reading

Establishing Multiple Income Streams with Music with John Taglieri

John is a singer songwriter, label owner, publishing company owner and a touring artist. John makes a living with his music and has created a sustainable and profitable business built upon touring, selling merchandise, self releasing albums, self distributing, building a PR and Marketing team and doing all of the … Continue reading

Duration: 00:40:01

How to Build A Bands Fan Base By Hosting Contests with Corie Kellman

Corie is an insider in Nashville’s thriving music scene. She works with Whitesmith Entertainmentand Readymade Records behind the scenes applying her experience in Marketing and Business while learning a lot about the music industry. One thing she noticed was that often times Artists may feel the comfort of a major … Continue reading

Duration: 00:24:55

Entertainment Law Introduction with Ben Mclane

Ben Mclane is a dedicated entertainment Attorney with an extremely impressive list of projects. He often represents songwriters, producers and band members affiliated with the major household names in the music industry. He recieved his Law Degree from Pepperdine University School of Law, Malibu, CA. Ben worked in legal and … Continue reading

Duration: 00:45:33

The Creative Entrepreneurial Spirit with Michael Shoup

Michael Shoup is a Singer/Songwriter & Founder at 12South Music. In our interview we discuss Michael’s experience of being a professionally trained musician, depending on music alone to succeed. Michael discovered the hard way the importance of mastering the business side of the industry and hopes that Artists can learn … Continue reading

Duration: 00:49:38

Monetizing Your Music with Business Coach Debra Russell

Debra Russel is business coach who has years of experiencecoaching talent withinthe Music and Entertainment Industry. Debra created a coaching program calledthe Artist Business Academy which provides high quality resources and guidance for building independent creative careers. Find out more about Debra & Artists Edge:

Duration: 00:32:09

Landing Sponsors with Braden Anderson from The Strange

Braden explains to listeners how The Strange landed sponsors with a 100% success rate. To land sponsors, hit the streets!! Create a list of sponsors that could provide basic things you need for your project or tour. We provide examples throughout the show. Your tour needs could be tires, an … Continue reading

Duration: 00:41:44

Websites for Bands with Web Designer Ross Barber

Ross is a web developer with a very impressive portfolio of band websites that are clean, responsive and each one is a work of Art that accurately reflects the band’s style. We cover a multitude of tips and resources to get you started with building a WordPress site that … Continue reading

Duration: 00:45:53

Veteran Artist/Producer/Businessman Johnny Dwinell Co-Founder Daredevil Productions

Created in 2011, Daredevil Productions is the joint vision of veteran Nashville Engineer/Producer/Performer Kelly Schoenfeld and veteran Los Angeles Artist/Producer/Businessman Johnny Dwinell. DDP is a full service music production team housed in Ragtop Recording studios on Nashville’s world famous Music Row. Johnny provides advice with Marketing, Production and Business Development. … Continue reading

Duration: 00:47:20

A Story of Perseverance in Music Production with Maestro Dance

Riaan Pieterse, also known as Maestro, has been a ghost producer for over 20 years. He produces vast and unique musical styles. During his interview we learn the importance of perseverance and networking as well as all of the different production tools Maestro has used over the years.

Duration: 00:41:16

Music Video Production Tips with Producer- Niel Guilarte

Niel Guilarte is a talented producer with an impressive production background. He’s theOwner of Wild Style Media Group and the Former Producer for the Mayor of Orlando. His interview covers his vast experience in shooting TV shows, indie films & music videos providing valuable information for DIY Artists.Listen to his … Continue reading

Success as a Producer/Songwriter/Multi-instrumentalist with Andrew Adkins

Andrew mixes tapestries of sounds, atmospheric textures with lush vocal ambiance and a wide array of musical styles, flavors and elements all add up to create this fresh, new sound and vision called The Colored Parade. He Explains his creative process as well as the road to becoming on independent … Continue reading

Duration: 00:36:49

The Story of a Veteran Performer/ Composer- Francis Rockliff

In this week’s show we talk withPerformer/Composer/Producer, Francis Rockliff Francis Rockliff has co-written with Barry Mason, whose 60 million record sales include hits for Rod Stewart, Tom Jones and Barbara Streisand. He recently composed soundtrack production for clients including Oxford University and the Royal Air Force alongside a current commission … Continue reading

How your Contacts Can Launch your Career with Nicky Baker

Nicky is a singer/songwriter who has had successful hits and toured the world. She’s written for very many well-established artists, including Angelique Kidjo, David Charvet and the 3rd-bestselling French artist, Anais Croze. She shares with us the importance of following your musical passions and never allowing yourself to stray … Continue reading

Duration: 00:54:49

The Power of Playing Live Shows with Rob Meister

In this week’s show we talk withSinger/ Songwriter/ Producer Rob Meister. Rob Meister has a long history of producing hit songs with very talented musicians and is currently recording and preparing to tour for a new solo album. During his interview we discuss the importance of finding ways to dedicate … Continue reading

Duration: 00:41:57

The Power of Owning Your Brand with Jamie Martin

In this week’s show we talk with Singer/Songwriter/Performer Miss Jamie. Jamie exemplifies taking Branding to the max. She covers a multitude of great tips for staying true to your creative goals, succeeding as a working musician and identifying your strengths so you can build a team to help maintain a … Continue reading

Duration: 00:47:16

Music Marketing & Social Media Tips with Rockstar Braden Anderson

We talk with Braden Anderson-The Drummer for a talented Desert Rock band called The Strange. We cover easy to understand tips about the benefits of a quality website, social media platforms and the power of having a message behind your music. Braden also explains how establishing a strong network of … Continue reading

Duration: 00:45:25

Mastering Promotional Strategies with Andrea D’Agostini

In this week’s show we talk with Rising Crowd President Andrea D’Agostini. Andrea is an Artist, Entrepreneur, Producer, Actorand Host. He is the Presidentof Rising Crowd, a group of professionals who value the importance of the Artist’s voice and creative freedom. Andreahas mastered creating promotional strategies and shares his techniques … Continue reading

Duration: 00:40:36