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Chris Pratt ( Starting an Online Business with No Retail or Candy Experience

Chris Pratt from joins the My Digital Story Podcast ( to discuss how he started the online business in 1998, the hustle to get the business off the ground, the mistakes he made while trying to compete with companies who had VC backing, how he’s grown the business, big events he’s worked (like the Oscars), and how he plans to turn the online store into a traditional retail store that’s anything but traditional. (3:40) Chris starts his career in...

Duration: 00:33:31

Simon G Jewelry - Zaven Ghanimian on Humble Beginnings, Legacy, Influencers, & More

Simon G Jewelry is on the My Digital Story podcast from Zaven Ghanimian is the CEO of Simon G (, and he talks about how his dad started the company from nothing, why he initially had no interest in taking over for Simon, what it’s like to take over, and what legacy means. (3:30) From humble beginnings…Simon escapes from Lebannon to come to the United States with $200 in his pocket (6:30) How did the name become Simon G? (7:30) How did...

Duration: 00:30:59, Nicola and Jeff Smith's Motivation, Creativity, Hustle, & Heart-Warming Story

Today on My Digital Story from, we’re with the founders of, Nicola and Jeff Smith. MCA has been around since 2010, and they sell shirts, shorts, towels and other apparel for your workouts. Their market is fitness fanatics who live in the gym, the crossfitters who get their workouts in after work, the moms who work out whenever they get the chance…really anyone who wants high quality workout clothing. Their designs are both hilarious and...

Duration: 00:27:59, Maker of the Twin Troller Boat

Today on My Digital Story from, we have Frank Jones from Freedom Electric Marine, maker of the Twin Troller boat. In 2007, Frank developed a boat that you can take in as little as 6 inches of water, where you can accelerate and steer with your feet so that you can keep your hands free for fishing. The idea was genius, but the timing wasn’t. With the recession of 2008, Frank had to work hard just to stay afloat. Here’s Frank’s story on how he marketed Freedom...

Duration: 00:34:07

Magento Site on My Digital Story

Today on My Digital Story by, we’re with Ryan Cunningham from Since 2008, Premier has provided customers online and in the Miami area a way to rent and buy linens. But as we’ll see, it’s much more than that. On this episode, we talk to Ryan about marketing the site, optimizing for mobile, keeping their core customers happy, any mistakes they’ve made along the way, and then we get into what’s coming next in search, and advice that Ryan...

Duration: 00:18:53 on My Digital Story

Here's Todd Holder, owner of Todd’s career was not in jewelry or fashion, not ecommerce or marketing or sales at all. Todd has been in finance for over 20 years, but in 2014, Todd was laid off from his job, and all of a sudden he had to figure out what he wanted to do with his next step. So why did he decide to get into ecommerce? (4:15) Todd gets blindsided and laid off, so what now? (8:50) Being penalized by google and getting out of it. (12:45) Why buy a penalized...

Duration: 00:31:39 on My Digital Story

Today on My Digital Story from, Mike and Sheree Roozen from come on to discuss building the business from a local mom-and-pop shop to a thriving online business, with over 2 million stamps sold to over 850,000 unique customers. (2:32) Buying the business in 1999 wasn't exactly what they thought it would be. (4:35) Typical month was $7,000, "and now we do $7,000 before noon." (5:05) "You don't have to show your ad to anybody unless they tell...

Duration: 00:25:34

Tactical Distributors on My Digital Story

Today on My Digital Story by, we interview Todd Askins from Todd came on board with TD in 2010 as partner and ecommerce director, taking a wholesale only business to retail, and new heights. How did Todd and the rest of the team do it? What platform is TD on? What marketing techniques are best? How do they use or compete with Amazon? Is there more room for growth?

Duration: 00:24:54

Introduction to My Digital Story Podcast from Triangle Direct Media

Welcome to My Digital Story by Triangle Direct Media, a podcast about online businesses, how they've grown from a simple concept and a domain name to a thriving online business. With this podcast, we'll interview the everyday entrepreneur who has built a website and business from the ground up.

Duration: 00:04:55