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Since 2006, bringing historical context to the politics of today. TV pundits discuss politics in a vacuum. Cable news tells you everything is 'breaking news' but in most cases, events have long roots in history. In this podcast, we smash and bash the politics of today with a healthy dose of history






Skokie and Speech

In the wake of the events of Charlottesville, a look at the Neo Nazi rally in Skokie, IL in 1977 and the resulting Supreme Court Case and the ACLU's role. In recent days Skokie has been brought up; and a look at the history of events is useful. Starting with of course, there actually was no rally in Skokie after all. And while there was a Supreme Court decision, it was not a full decision. We look at other cases, and what this means for speech and politics. We look at Louis Brandeis's...

Duration: 00:33:24

Elvis Presley and America

On the 40th Anniversary of the rock star's death, We talk to Bob Crawford and Dr. Ben Sawyer of The Road to Now Podcast about the day Elvis died in '77, The Elvis phenom, his manners, American life, rock and roll, drugs, the 'Shut Up and Sing' debate and many other things. Journey front man Steve Perry does not appear on the show, however we do make a special plea to him regarding Bob's Elvis T-Shirt. Music (theme www.dontworry.tv and www.bensound.com -background)

Duration: 00:54:04

Avoiding War Between The U.S. and China: Interview with Dr. Graham Allison of Harvard Kennedy School

We discuss the "Thucydides's Trap" n this cast with Dr. Graham Allison, who has advised Defense Secretaries from the Reagan to the Obama Administrations. He is the author of Destined for War: America, China, and Thucydides's Trap. Dating back to Athens and Sparta, the historical idea is that a rising power will conflict with an establishment power and generally this will lead to war. That this could happen with China sounds incredible, but there are scenario's where involuntary actions or...

Duration: 00:40:06

Doctor Nixon: President Nixon on Healthcare

The views of the 37th President on healthcare, his reaction to Clinton's healthcare plan and his own 1974 healthcare plan. Also: Nixon on Ike and Reagan.

Duration: 00:15:07

Written Out of History? Robert Yates, Luther Martin, Mercy Otis Warren

James Otis, Robert Yates and Mercy Otis Warren are not names that roll off the tongue, but they did make important contributions to Constitutional debate. Senator Michael Lee's recent book Written Out of History details Founders he says have been 'written out of history.' Bruce looks at some of these men and women, and while finding them interesting figures that should be known, finds it difficult to say they are principals in league with Washington or Jefferson, and several factors...

Duration: 00:44:03

Charleston 1860 and Secession: Interview with Paul Starobin

Polarized politics, fear, a media with intent to inflame and make its owners famous, no budging on either side, confidence and even mania - that's the combo that author Paul Starobin of the Atlantic and the New Republic describes as the factors that lead to South Carolina's secession in 1860. We talk to him about his book "Madness Rules the Hour:" Charleston 1860 and the mania for war.

Duration: 00:45:14

Godwin's Law is Not a Law

And yet, it probably should be followed in most cases. (re-do of past episode that contained an error). The surprising history of the rule that one should not discuss Nazis in debates, and the person who is not a scientist nor a lawmaker who came up with it. Also, when you can violate the rule and what the rule says about meme-driven discussions in 2017.

Duration: 00:25:14

John Jay's Horse , George Washington's Mill and the Emoluments Clause

A trip to Mount Vernon through the eyes of visitors, and an examination of some old documents, provides rich insight into today's debate over the The Foreign Emoluments Clause. This obscure item has received as much attention as ever with the Presidency of Donald Trump. A look at the history of the Clause, which predates the Constitution. We also look at George Washington's business empire and how it might compare and contrast to a current business. Bruce also notes how Washington's...

Duration: 00:44:53

Now on the Premium Podcast: Ford's Short and Difficult Tenure as VP, Plus Carlson Interview with DWATG Podcast

Ford became the first Vice President to be appointed as a result of the 25th amendment, and his eight month long tenure as VP occurred during the Watergate scandal. A preview of the episode on the Premium cast, available at www.myistorycanbeatupyourpoliticspremium.com Plus an interview with Chris Novembrino of the Don't Worry About the Government Podcast. he is at www.dontworry.tv

Duration: 00:21:58

Interview with Kevin Lacz, Decorated Navy SEAL and Star of "American Sniper"

In this episode, I interview decorated Navy SEAL and "American Sniper" Star Kevin Lacz. He is he author of THE LAST PUNISHER, A Seal Team Three Sniper's True Account of the Battle of Ramadi. He served with Chris Kyle, the subject of the movie American Sniper and played himself in the film. We about veterans issues, the Iraq War, what it's like to go from training to combat and then back to the homefront. We also discuss the making of the American Sniper movie, PTSD stats, the...

Duration: 00:43:18

Listener Questions June 2017 - The Unknown Noble, British History, Veeps, States from States and Textualism

A French nobleman whose face adorns Congress never knew America. But it's OK, most Americans don't know him. We talk about Simon de Montfort. We also talk about making new states, and textualism and Joe Biden. Bruce settles a score and takes a well-deserved victory lap over a statement he made in 2008. Listener questions, and hopefully answers. Don't forget to fill out the listener survey at www.myhistorycanbeatupyourpolitics.com

Duration: 00:33:14

Interview with Sidney Blumenthal - Putting Lincoln in a Political Context, Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, The Whigs and More

We are joined by the author of Wrestling With His Angel: The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Vol II, Sidney Blumenthal. In this cast, he talks about Lincoln in the 1850's, as he emerges as a small-time lawyer to being 'woke' by the passage of the Kansas Nebraska Bill to make a stirring speech and come to a definite conclusion about the future of the nation. In the process Sidney provides details on the passage of both the Compromise of 1850 and the Kansas-Nebraska act, and the role that...

Duration: 00:50:40

There's No Reason to Fear the 25th Amendment

Chester Arthur's dilemma. Woodrow Wilson's secret. Robert Kennedy's concern. The Framers of the Constitution and the unnerving though of a disabled President. A look at the history of Presidential Succession, from the Constitutional Convention to the passage of the 25th Amendment nearly two hundred years later.

Duration: 00:55:02

Dueling -The Secret Good Side to a Tragic American Practice - PLUS a Call to Fill Out the MHCBUYP Survey

The Two Hamiltons, and other Americans lost to the practice of dueling. We explain what dueling is and what dueling is not and explore the issues around a practice that was common, if somewhat illicit in the time of the founding of America. Please fill out our survey - it is here https://survey.libsyn.com/mhcbuyp It will greatly help the program out as we seek sources of support.

Duration: 00:23:20

You Don't Know About Franklin Pierce

The 14th President is among the most unknown, as he was when he won in a surprising election. Yet he started with great promise. Youthful, regal in manner and style, with celebrity friends, many thought his Presidency was a renewal for the country. Instead he provoked a resistance movement. His fall in the wake of the Kansas-Nebraska act reveals a lot about the Presidency in a time of scattered politics. Bruce goes through his four-year Presidency and the reasons why he's one of the few...

Duration: 00:56:40

Lincoln Over Easy

How does history create a Presidential image? We try to answer this with a look at how Lincoln became an image. Not only were historians involved but the family, a sculptor, some oddballs and some really good Lincoln friends. In the course of answering, we take a look at Lincoln today and how he influences discussions of history. Is there too much Lincoln talk? What other aspects of the Civil War should we also look at. Shouldn't there be an Oliver Morton movie? Based on a 2012 episode.

Duration: 00:31:32

Explaining Brexit and The U.K Election to Americans – Conversation with Stephen Byrne of WhatAmPolitics Podcast

In this episode, we go ‘across the pond’ and think about politics, with our special guest Stephen Byrne from WhatAmPolitics Podcast, a listener to the program and someone that Bruce has spoken to whenever UK events happen. We discuss: Why is Britain voting for the 3rd or 4th time in 3 years? What does this […]

Duration: 00:45:11

Saturday Night Nixon

The Saturday Night Massacre was the name given to the triple firing of a special prosecutor investigating President Nixon, the AG and the deputy AG on the same night in 1973. After the firing of the FBI Director by President Trump, all eyes are looking back on this historical event. Are they right to do […]

Duration: 00:28:31

JFK at 100 – Searching for the True Kennedy (Interview with Thomas Oliphant)

Will the real JFK please stand up. What image should we have today of the 35th President. Our interview with author and Boston Globe reporter Thomas Oliphant, about his book Road to Camelot Inside JFKs Five Year Campaign. We talk about how we should view the President who will turn 100 this month. We […]

Duration: 00:55:59

Shockwave – Part Nine, A Dozen Ronald Reagans

A tremendous upheaval in politics occurred with a new President influenced by new media and speaking new political language, with a willingness to bend the rules. The upending culminates in a radical foreign policy no one expected and few, at that time, understood, so different it was literally thought to be from outer space. We discuss: […]

Duration: 00:41:28

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