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A weekly podcast for seekers of planet heroes-those who wake up each day and work for the betterment of our only home and all her creatures.

A weekly podcast for seekers of planet heroes-those who wake up each day and work for the betterment of our only home and all her creatures.

A weekly podcast for seekers of planet heroes-those who wake up each day and work for the betterment of our only home and all her creatures.
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A weekly podcast for seekers of planet heroes-those who wake up each day and work for the betterment of our only home and all her creatures.








Joanna Young-A Glaciologist in Disneyland

From Astrophysics to Geophysics, some might call Joanna Young an underachiever. But in this episode of MHP, this Fairbanks resident shares her true achievement as a relentless optimist for our planet, while working as a Glaciologist in Alaska. With a childhood spent in the cold of Canada, a love of the outdoors, and a passion for mentoring young girls in the Girls on Ice program, it’s little wonder that Joanna jumped at the recent opportunity to travel to Antarctica with 75 other women...


Sean Willmore-Protecting Nature's Protectors

By his own admission, Sean Willmore was living a pretty good life as an Australia bush ranger. So what caused this contented man to sell his car, re-mortgage his house and take off around the world? Always on the go, in this episode of MHP, Sean chats about this monumental decision and why he’s dedicating his life to helping protect the protectors of wildlife who are standing on the thin green line. He tells some heart breaking statistics and stories of fellow rangers plights and explains...


Zoe Weil-Why We Should All Have A Humane Education

To listen to Zoe Weil speak about the need for Humane Education is to be in the presence of total common sense and infectious inspiration. In this episode of MHP, Zoe shares story, from her almost accidental path to becoming a humane educator, to co-founding the Institute for Humane Education in order to create generations of ‘solutionaries’. She answers the question, “how can we create a just, healthy and humane world?”, explains what the MOGO principle is, why Humane Education should be...


Jo McArthur-A Life-long Dedication to WeAnimals

When greeted by the radiant smile and gentle laugh lines around photojournalist JoAnne McArthur’s eyes, it’s difficult to imagine the horrors that those eyes have born witness to in bringing the world images of ‘the invisibles’. In this episode of MHP Jo chats about what drives her to photograph and document the plight of captive, farmed and abused animals all over the world, her techniques for making those remarkable images-which serve as both a window and a mirror into human behaviour,...


Hob Osterlund-In Love With The Holy Albatross

When Hob Osterlund dreamt of her deceased relative Martha Warren Beckwith, little did she know that it would change the course of her life and lead her to fall in love with some of the most mystical and spectacular birds on earth. In this episode of MHP, Hob talks about her simply beautiful book Holy Mōlī: Albatross and Other Ancestors. She shares her heartbreak over the death of her mother as a young child, her work as a nurse, problems facing albatrosses today, and how she was finally...


Clare Dubois-Why The World Needs TreeSisters

What do you get when an earth-loving sister drives into a tree in an apparent accident? TreeSisters of course. Meet Clare Dubois, change-maker, social entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker who was delivered a life changing message the moment she crashed into that tree. In this episode of MHP, we get to hear her remarkable story- from a tricky childhood to playing mother earth while hating ritual theatre. Clare shares her belief that women are the key to the climate change crisis, and how...


Frans Schepers-The Rewilding of Europe

Frans Schepers grew up in a small town in the Netherlands, but that didn’t stop him from traveling to the farthest corners of the earth, carving out a wonderful career in conservation. He now strives to make Europe a shining example to the rest of the world of how Rewilding can work. An avid bird watcher, in this episode of MHP Frans shares his story-the memory of seeing an owl for the first time, traveling the world only to discover the beauty in his own back yard, his vision of Rewilding...


Debora Soutar-Guardian of Trees and Great Blue Herons

From a young girl camping in the wilderness of Ontario to becoming a life long tree hugger, it’s clear that Debora Souter loves nature. This former silviculture specialist now spends her time at The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve in British Columbia, Canada. In this episode of MHP, Debora shares her talent for patterning, her travels on the Trans Siberian Railway, why she thinks that familiarity breeds fondness and her belief each day that she’s died and gone to heaven. As a Blue Heron...


Karen Sack-Uniting Our Big Blue Planet

From a childhood spent in Johannesburg miles away from any Ocean to now heading up Ocean Unite, Karen Sack has made it her passion and her mission to fight for our beautiful big blue planet. In this episode of MHP, Karen chats about growing up in South Africa during apartheid and working tirelessly to help create the Ross Sea Reserve.. She explains why, (beyond the fact that every second breath we take comes from them), our oceans are critical to our survival, what issues they face in this...


Peggy Shepard-Environmental Justice In Action with WE ACT

As a young woman growing up in Trenton New Jersey, Peggy Shepard dream job was to be an editor at a magazine in New York. While her path ultimately lead her to Manhattan, her ultimate dream job ended up by her becoming one of the most highly respected environmental advocates in The United States today. In this episode of MHP, Peggy shares her journey and how she came to co-found The West Harlem Environmental Action, and environmental justice movement. She shares some startling statistics...


Marc Bekoff-Compassionate Conservation and The Animals' Agenda

As a child in Brooklyn, Marc Bekoff grew up with, love, compassion, empathy and a goldfish. Marc kept his compassion and become a compassionate conservationist. In this episode of MHP, Marc talks about his life; from a childhood spent asking what animals were thinking, to a career as a renowned leader in the field of animal behavior and an acclaimed author of many books and scientific papers. Marc chats about the importance of naming animals in science; why animal welfare just doesn’t cut...


Valerie Taylor-Living Legend, Conservation Champion

With her husband Ron, she went from being a spearfishing champion to one of the worlds biggest champions for ocean conservation. At eighty-one Valerie has had a remarkable life so far. In this episode of MHP she talks about some of her incredible experiences, like being knighted by the Dutch Royal family, her wonderful career as an underwater photographer, the backlash the film Jaws had on sharks, how eels make great friends and why tiger sharks are pussycats. She shares her admiration for...


Ray Dearlove-Yes it's come to this. The Great Rhino Insurance Policy.

When Ray Dearlove was a real estate owner, he spent a lot of time helping people to relocate-but now-he is helping Rhinos. As the founder of the Australian Rhino Project, this south African has set himself the monumental task of bringing 80 rhinos to Australia as an insurance policy against the unfathomable possibility of their extinction. As I sat down to talk to Ray in a noisy café-he revealed the fateful phone call that lead him on the path to save rhinos, why it’s the biggest thing...


Louise Southerden-The Impact of A 'No Impact Girl' Travel Writer

How does a woman who transverses the globe on a regular basis have the nerve to call her blog ‘No Impact Girl’? Well while Louise Southerden confesses to the tongue in cheek name-she does make sure that her impact on the planet, as an award winning travel writer is as little as she can possibly make it. In this episode of MHP Louise confesses as well to her accidental fall into her beloved profession, talks about her first cruise ship experience and some of her favourite trips-from...


Timothy Beatley-Why We All Want to Live In A Biophilic City

What on earth is a biophilic city? Well for Timothy Beatley it has become one of the main reasons he gets out of bed each day. Tim is the founder of the global network of Biophilic Cities Network,. It's not just about New York's Highline, Singapore’s hospital in a garden or living plant walls on high rises, it’s about putting nature at the core of design and planning. In this episode of MHP Tim chats about how he grew up in a biophilic house, about changing the language around how we speak...


Kimberly Wells-Helping The Invisible Helpers

As the Animal Welfare officer of The Brooke, a working equine charity, Kimberly Wells travels the world aiding and assisting the millions of horses, donkeys and mules who are critical to the livelihood of their fellow humans. In this episode Kim talks of the challenges, successes and frustrations she encounters as part of her work, and explains why, ultimately, this is her dream job.


Amelia Telford-Sowing The SEEDs of Indigenous Youth Climate Action

When Amelia Telford was in the third grade she wrote a letter to Australia’s then Prime Minister- John Howard, asking him to change the national anthem. From a young age this Bundajalung woman understood that to change something, you need to challenge it-and she’s been doing so ever since. As the founder of SEED: Australia’s first Indigenous youth led climate network, Amelia fundamentally sees herself firstly as part of a social justice movement and then as part of the environmental...


John Scanlon-Does Wildlife Need CITES?

As Secretary General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), John Scanlon has to juggle the complexities, controversies and policies around trade in species world wide. This is no easy task, and with wildlife poaching at an all time high, John is happy to argue the critical importance of a body like CITES. As part of his job, John travels a lot. On and off planes he spends much of his time meeting with heads of state, royalty, local...


Audrey Peterman-The Lady of The National Parks

From a childhood playing in the gullies of Jamaica to visiting over 175 units of the US National Park system, Audrey Peterman, with her infectious positivity, has become a passionate advocate for the beauty of America's nature and a fierce defender for the rights of all Americans to share in its splendours. Along with her husband Frank, Audrey is the co- author of two books about the National Parks System; Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheritance and Tells why...


Jonathan Balcombe-The Man Who Knows What a Fish Knows

So what exactly does a fish know? It’s a question that took acclaimed scientist and author Jonathan Balcombe on a 4 year journey of watery discovery-under the sea, through rivers and ponds and even into your own fish bowl. Did you know fishes have morals, use tools and offer cleaning services with benefits? Or that they hunt co-operatively and form lifelong bonds? And what about that three second memory myth? While we share this planet with more than 30,000 species of fish, we know so...