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#026 - A Beginner's Guide to Psychoanalysis (Prof. Elizabeth Lunbeck)

Is there any truth to the modern caricature of psychoanalysis as an expensive waste of time exploring Oedipal issues and repressed memories? Or is there more to it? In today's episode Prof. Elizabeth Lunbeck helps us explore some of the basic ideas of Freudian psychoanalysis, what it is and where it came from, what modern psychoanalysis looks like in practice, and whether or not Freud still has anything to offer in the the 21st century. For show notes and to join the conversation visit:...

Duration: 01:54:35

#025 - The Holy Grail of Psychotherapy? (Dr. Warren Mansell)

Could a loss of control be at the root of all psychological distress and mental health problems from anorexia to OCD, and is Method of Levels therapy could prove to be the Holy Grail of psychotherapy. An interview with Dr. Warren Mansell. For show notes and to join the conversation visit: http://myownworstenemy.org/podcast Email: danny@myownworstenemy.org Follow Danny on Twitter: http://twitter.com/dannydwhittaker Podcast Image: Max Pixel http://bit.ly/2vTJidc

Duration: 01:39:04

#024 - Porn Scars: Afflictions of the Porn Generation (Wendy Maltz)

World renowned sex therapist Wendy Maltz joins us to discuss the social and psychological consequences for young men who grow up with fast and easy access to increasingly extreme pornography. For show notes and to join the conversation visit: http://myownworstenemy.org/podcast Email: danny@myownworstenemy.org Follow Danny on Twitter: http://twitter.com/dannydwhittaker Podcast Image: Heather Hopkins https://flic.kr/p/4nGnjd

Duration: 01:22:55

#023 - Tapping into EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)- Dawson Church, PhD

I’m a skeptic when it’s come to energy psychology, and much of what alternative medicine claims to offer, particularly when it comes to mental health. However, rather than dismiss these concepts outright, I think it’s better to give these concepts a fair hearing, and let you guys make up your own minds. For those of you unfamiliar with EFT, or tapping as it’s commonly known, it’s basically a form of alternative medicine which claims that tapping on certain acupuncture points can help...

Duration: 01:04:33

#022 - Maternal OCD: Striving to be Supermum (Dr. Fiona Challacombe)

What causes maternal OCD? Is it down to hormonal changes, living in risk averse society, or the evolutionary desire to keep our children safe from harm? In today's episode, Dr. Fiona Challacombe joins us to discuss the nature and content of the obsessions and compulsions in Maternal OCD. We explore why maternal OCD is given such little attention compared to other mental health issues, , whether or not this condition has long term ramifications for the children of parents with OCD, and most...

Duration: 01:11:57

#021 - Unmasking the Imposter Syndrome (Dr. Valerie Young)

Valerie Young is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and world renowned expert on the imposter syndrome. Valerie first experienced imposter feelings herself during her graduate program at the University of Massachusetts in 1982, and has studied the phenomenon ever since. After 30 years of insight, in 2011 she published the award winning book "The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It". To date, she has taught...

Duration: 01:14:27

#020 - Dads in a Dark Place (Mark Williams, Fathers Reaching Out)

Mark Williams is the founder of Father’s Reaching Out and co-founder of International Father’s Mental Health Day (19th June). After experiencing a traumatic labour during the birth of their son Ethan in 2004, both Mark and his wife Michelle struggled with crippling anxiety and post-natal depression. While Michelle recovered, Mark continued on a downward spiral which eventually culminated in suicidal ideation and a complete nervous breakdown. After finally seeking help, Mark has since made...

Duration: 01:12:41

#019 - The Gift of Listening (Jenni McCartney, Chair of Samaritans)

Jenni McCartney, Chair of Samaritans and volunteer for over 30 years, shares why it's important to offer the gift of listening to people who are suffering. In today’s episode we learn about the history and formation of Samaritans, how and why Jenni first became a volunteer and, more importantly, why she decided to stick with it for more than thirty years. We explore the most common reasons people turn to Samaritans, how it evolved from a suicide prevention line into an emotional support...

Duration: 01:02:58

#018 - Why Do People Kill Themselves? (Prof. Rory O'Connor)

Today we discuss the topic of suicide with Prof. Rory O'Connor. In today's conversation we explore some common myths about suicide, why men are three times more likely than women to die by suicide and the role and responsibility of the media when it comes to reporting on this particular issue. We discuss the development of Rory’s theory of suicidal behaviour and his mission to discover what separates the few people who do die by suicide from the vast majority who don’t, the effectiveness...

Duration: 01:45:08

#016 - The Not So Simple Act of Caring (Dr. Fiona Lobban & Lizzi Collinge)

So, what does caring for somebody with severe mental health issues involve, and who typically takes on this role? In today’s episode I'm joined by Dr. Fiona Lobban and Lizzi Collinge to discuss the emotional impact that being a carer can have, such as feelings of self blame, isolation and the threat of social stigma, and thus why carers are more susceptible to developing their own mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. We explore how caring can alter, and sometimes destroy,...

Duration: 01:24:39

#015 -Insomnia and the Art and Science of Sleep (Prof. Jason Ellis)

What is sleep and why does it matter? In today's episode Prof. Jason Ellis helps us to explore insomnia and how it relates directly to mood and mental health. How do a couple of sleepless nights turns into chronic insomnia for some people, and nothing more than a few groggy shifts at work for others? We discover how the quality of our sleep can predict your likelihood of developing depression, why seasonal affective disorder is more of a sleep problem than a mood disorder, how daytime...

Duration: 01:22:30

#014 - Bipolar Disorder: Seeking Peace Between Darkness and Chaos (Prof. Steven Jones)

So what is bipolar disorder, and how does it differ from plain old depression? In this episode Prof. Steven Jones helps us to untangle the various manifestations of bipolar including bipolar types 1 and 2, and cyclothymia. We discuss the nature and duration of mood swings and what triggers them, and we examine the concept of mania and manic episodes and how these affect people's thoughts and behaviours. We also explore mixed affective states, where the person experiences depression and...

Duration: 01:15:00

#012 - Priests, Potions, Prisons, and Prozac: The History of Mental Illness (Prof. Greg Eghigian)

Prof. Greg Eghigian helps us trace the history of mental illness from ancient Palestine, and the Greek physician Hippocrates, right the way up to Prozac and self-help gurus. On the way we encounter exorcisms, bloodletting, witch doctors, magic spells, Islamic hospitals, mental asylums, country house retreats, Sigmund Freud, the advent of pharmacology, deinstitutionalization and the rise of psychotherapy. For show notes and to join the conversation visit: http://myownworstenemy.org/podcast...

Duration: 01:25:13

#010 - Foundations of ACT and the Limits of CBT (Steven C. Hayes PhD)

Steven C. Hayes joins us to discuss the foundations ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and the limits of CBT. What exactly is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and how does it differ, and improve upon traditional CBT? We discuss the concept of psychological flexibility and its role in either preventing or provoking the development of mental health issues. We discuss whether or not there is value in addressing issues from your past, the importance of self-compassion during periods of...

Duration: 01:19:29

#009 - Why Procrastination Makes You Depressed & Depression Makes You Procrastinate (Dr. Tim Pychyl)

How does procrastination relate to things like depression and anxiety? Today Dr. Tim Pychyl helps us explore the emotional factors that initiate and drive procrastination, how procrastination can affect not only our mental, but our physical health and wellbeing, and increase our chances of things like coronary heart disease. We discover why we’re terrible at forecasting our future moods and why you’ll never “feel like doing it tomorrow”, how to grease the wheels of productivity and boost...

Duration: 01:25:41

#008 - The Fear of Fear: Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia (Prof. Vijaya Manicavasagar)

What are panic attacks and why do they happen? Can panic attacks kill you? Can they make you lose your mind? Or are they just a completely harmless, albeit horrendous natural bodily function? In today's episode Prof. Vijaya Manicavasagar joins me to discuss the twin topic of panic disorder and agoraphobia. We discuss how panic disorder and agoraphobia are related, how and why the one develops into the other, and most importantly the various treatments options available, including a couple...

Duration: 01:13:42

#007 - Social Anxiety Disorder: The Illness of Missed Opportunities (Dr. Emma Warnock-Parkes)

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is the third largest mental health care problem in the world today. So, what's the difference between social anxiety disorder and plain old shyness? Are people really judging us, and staring at us, or is it just all in our heads? More to the point, why do we even care? What are the irrational thoughts that drive social anxiety? How does it come to affect people's lives, and most importantly, what can we do to overcome it? All this and more in today's episode....

Duration: 01:19:15

#006 - Schizophrenia: A journey inside the shattered mind (Prof. Elyn Saks)

Professor Elyn Saks is an award winning academic, best selling author, and lives with chronic schizophrenia. In today's episode we explore what it like to have schizophrenia, the nature and content of delusions and hallucinations, Elyn's experience as a patient in psychiatric hospitals in both the US and UK and how they differ, the stigma associated with the illness and whether the name of schizophrenia should be changed to something less stigmatized. We also talk about Elyn's study of...

Duration: 00:59:23

#005 - Childhood mental health and raising confident kids (Prof. Sam Cartwright-Hatton)

Thought depression and anxiety were afflictions of the adult mind? Think again. In today's episode we talk about depression and anxiety in preadolescent children, whether nurture or nature plays the biggest role in the development of childhood mental health, how you may be inadvertently teaching your child to be fearful of the world and how to stop doing so, why it’s more important to praise effort over ability, the seven confident thoughts that children need to grow up happy and...

Duration: 01:30:47