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Step 55 - My So-Called Life Rewatch: Father Figures (Episode 4)

It's time for another My So-Called Life Rewatch! Watch this MSCL episode for free on ABC Go and then come back and listen to us (Brooke and Nikki) break it down with LOTS of tangents along the way! Special thanks to Steven Palomino for our theme song!


Step 54 - Block Party: Episode 26 - Brandon

Join us (Brooke & Nikki) as we welcome a very special guest - and friend - Brandon, to our podcast! Brandon will tell us what it's like to be a husband on the cruise AND a new fan!


Step 53 - My So-Called Whatever Rewatch: Guns and Gossip (Episode 3)

Join us (Nikki & Brooke) as we rewatch My So-Called Life: Guns & Gossip (Episode 3) and discuss how differently it was watching as a teenager and now watching as an adult. We'll discuss all kinds of things related (and unrelated) to the episode AND we'll hear a pretty amazing email from our friend Kelley. If you haven't already watched, you can watch My So-Called Life on Hulu or ABC Go. Special thanks to Steven Palomino for our theme song


Step 52 - Block Party: Episode 25 - Kristine, Michelle, Jennifer, Sandy, Joy, and Jamie

Join us (Brooke & Nikki) with our special guests (and friends) Kristine & Michelle as we celebrate #BHLove and hear some pretty amazing stories from our friends Jennifer, Sandy, Joy, and Jamie! Welcome to the Block Party - we ain't leaving out NOBODY


Step 51 - Ice Storms, Self Acceptance, Character Influences, Stories from Charlene, and Staying the Same

Join us (Nikki & Brooke) as we hang out with our friend Charlene and talk about ALL THE THINGS including our character influences growing up, the ice storm of 1998, and the journey of self acceptance - thanks to an amazing email from our friend Jill.


Step 50 - Block Party: Episode 23 - The Original Cover Girl

The Hangin' Tough Live VHS will always hold a special place in our heart - not just because of Joe's incredible dance moves in that topless hat - but because of that one little girl we always WISHED we could be...the ORIGINAL cover girl. We always wondered how she ended up on that stage next to a holey-pant wearing Donnie Wahlburg (rawr) and more importantly, if she was still a fan today. Well peeps - we have answers and were lucky enough to have her on THIS podcast. So sit back, throw on...


Step 49 - My So-Called New Year

Happy New Year! 2017 was a great year for lots of reasons. One of the best things to come out of the year was the start of this podcast and the beginning of the My So-Called Whatever community. Thank YOU for being a part of this. We appreciate each and every one of our listeners, community members and new friends and can not wait to see what 2018 has in store for all of us! Join us on this episode as we reminisce about New Year's Eves of the past - old traditions, memories and pop-culture...


Step 48 - Block Party: Episode 23 - NKOTB Cruise 2018 Countdown: Stories from Sonny & Jessica

Join Brooke & Nikki as they start the NKOTB Cruise Countdown with two NKOTB Cruise 2017 stories from our friends Sonny (A cruise winner!) and Jessica (a cruise newbie). Send your cruise stories to and follow along to photos on our website


Step 47 - Ultimate Christmas Playlist

Join Nikki & Brooke as they get nostalgic about their favorite Christmas music. It's another collaborative playlist so feel free to add your pics to the playlist on Spotify!


Step 46 - Block Party: Episode 46 - My So-Called Weekend with Maria, Jackie, and Kim

This past weekend two girls from Maine (Brooke & Nikki), two gals from New York (Jackie & Maria), and 1 Connecticut chick (Kim) met in what turned out to be one amazing NKOTB epic weekend we like to call #MySoCalledWeekend. Join us as we discuss one special tweet, our travels through Boston including a special tour, Novara, Alma Nove, and Wahlburgers. Follow along with photos on our website at


Step 45 - Holiday Memories Part 3: Kristine, Kelley, Jessica, Joy, Lindsay, Kim, Melissa, Sarah C. & Sarah H

Join Nikki & Brooke as they share holiday stories from their friends Kristine, Kelley, Jessica, Joy, Lindsay, Kim, Melissa, Sarah C. and Sarah M. If you aren't in the holiday spirit yet, you will be after listening to these great stories! Follow along with photos on our website -


Step 44 - Block Party: Episode 21 - Carmen, Amy, and Kelley

Are you ready for THREE new amazing fan stories? Join us as we hear the story of our friend Carmen and that time she gave Joe a card about our podcast (what?! I know!). We will recount Amy's stories from early concerts in the 90's, her memorable reunion concert, crusin' and meeting Joey for the first time and then sitting in for an interview on Donnie's tour bus! Last we'll hear from Kelley about her fan beginnings to an amazing gesture from a fellow work BH that allowed her to see NKOTB...


Step 43 - Holiday Memories: Part 2 - Jennifer, Joy, Halley & Charlene

Join Nikki & Brooke (Brooke is BACK!) as they discuss more of their holiday memories and traditions. We'll also here some holiday stories from our friends Jennifer, Joy, Halley and Charlene. Follow along with photos on our website


Step 42 - Block Party: Episode 20 - Amber & Reagan

We're switching things up a little bit while Brooke is soaking up some sun in Florida. Have a listen to a story we received from our friend Amber about her amazingly cool daughter, Reagan. The Donnie Wahlberg love in this one is STROOOONNNNGGG, this is why we are ALL Donnie girls, right?


Step 41 - Holiday Memories Part 1

It's time to revisit some holiday memories from the 80's and 90's! Brooke and Nikki introduce "Pick a Pic" and share some of their favorite holiday memories and read memories from friends Courtney, Jenny, and Jill.


Step 40 - Block Party: Episodes 19 - Charlene

Brooke & Nikki talk about Joey McIntyre, a Joe Mac appearance on Loveline, LA Podfest, and all things NKOTB (and some not) with their new friend Charlene.


Step 39 - Wishes from the Wishbook

In this episode, Brooke & Nikki list and discuss items they really wanted from the old Sears Wishbooks and JCPenney Holiday Catalogs from the 80's and early 90's. Special thanks to for letting us use these images. Follow along with photos on our website by visiting


Step 38 - Block Party: Episode 18 - Kaira

This week we have Kaira from the That's What She Said Blog - We discuss her blog, her love for NKOTB, the cruise and SO MUCH MORE.


Step 37 - TGIF and Jodie from RealiTV

This week we welcome our friend Jodie from the RealiTV Podcast to join us to discuss TGIF on ABC - which also leads to some interesting conversations about tuna and Jon Brennan from the Real World.


Step 36 - Block Party: Episode 17 - Remember Betty

This week Brooke & Nikki talk to Abbie Vicnair, Executive Director of Remember Betty - a foundation started by Danny Wood of New Kids on the Block that provides financial support to breast cancer patients and survivors. For more information on Remember Betty please visit


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