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A new weekly food / talk showpodcast recently launched

A new weekly food / talk showpodcast recently launched
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United Kingdom


A new weekly food / talk showpodcast recently launched




We are moving

We are moving the podcast. It'll still be exactly the same with guests etc but for the time being we are going to make it exclusive to people that support our Patreon page (minimum $1 per Month).... we have loved our time here, but in order to not do adverts for random software companies and keep the podcast completely advert free, we're just 'moving house' for a little bit :-) Our Patreon page is here if you want to take a look....

Duration: 00:11:54

Facebook Q&A #36

Barry takes questions sent in from Facebook this week! From the sensible to the darn right random, thanks for supporting the podcast this Year.

Duration: 00:58:28

Solo Q&A #35

Barry hosts the podcast solo taking in your questions submitted from Patreon and discussing a little more about the plans for 2018 with your input needed! Hope you enjoy... didn't do too badly for a chap on his own eh?! (It's weird talking to yourself out loud)

Duration: 01:08:41

Vegan road trip #34

Barry & lettuce (James) discuss their random road trip to London to taste test Vegan 'fried chicken' in Hackney at the Temple of Seitan. Also things get a little motivational and honest as Barry talks about inspiring others, the last few weeks and Months feedback, plus plans for 2018. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

Duration: 01:46:46

Milan and cheese #33

Barry is joined by 'Jame' aka Lettuce (will make sense when you hear this episode) to talk about the recent trip to Italy and also randomly have a chat about magician David Blaine for a considerable time! Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Duration: 01:03:04

Pugcast #32

In this podcast the pugs become backup audio engineers as Barry is joined by Rob to discuss the upcoming trip to Italy and the first few weeks behind the scenes in the barn kitchen.

Duration: 01:12:50

Hello Rob #31

It's new podcast time, in this episode Barry introduces you to Rob who has recently joined MVK as a cameraman / editor / wizard.... the aim was to talk about our first few weeks here in the barn but actually ended up getting to know Rob a little better!

Duration: 01:11:13

Did you knows #30

In this podcast Mrs Barry joins Barry in discussing several different 'did you know' statements on the World of food. Which, as usual spins off into random conversation about pretty much anything.

Duration: 01:13:03

Weird Restaurants #29

In this podcast Mr & Mrs Lettuce (James & Claire) join Barry as they talk about their recent trip to Norway, accidentally eating meat in a vegetarian dish & discuss some weird restaurants from around the World!

Duration: 01:09:04

Food Myths #28

In this podcast Mrs Barry joins Barry in tackling 10 relatively well known food myths to decide if they are true or false - does celery actually contain zero calories? Why does Mrs Barry know so much about food general knowledge? Oh, and also what is the point of the universe? Have a download and remember to give a like and share if you like what we do here :-) Thanks so much for all the listens so far :-)

Duration: 01:11:51

Chocolate Quiz #26

In this podcast Mrs Barry joins Barry to take part in a chocolate quiz using clues to work out well known (well UK ones mainly) chocolate bars and varieties....the podcast starts with a debate about colours too!

Duration: 01:09:05

USA Road Trip Memories #25

In this podcast Barry is joined by his friend Ali as they talk about their road trip across America. This is a video on the YouTube channel, but the podcast was a good chat to talk about some behind the scenes things that happened and reflect on a really fun trip that took in Las Vegas, LA, San Francisco, Texas, Niagara Falls & New York to name a few!

Duration: 01:26:54

Copycat Brands #24

Barry is joined by Jimmedy James for a chat about some alternative brand names that are actually available to buy and almost identical to their original .... we also discuss Encarta 95 & video games

Duration: 00:57:21

Lettuce Takeover #23

Barry gets grilled by his friends Claire & James aka Mr & Mrs Lettuce in the new studio... i'm super sorry about the echo, we will try to make it better next time and it will get better as the studio is so bare at the moment :-) The level of food puns and banter outweighs the echo though honest!

Duration: 01:06:56

Mummy Time #21

In this episode Barry is joined by his Mother! Things get pretty interesting with discussions about trampolines & childhood memories of spiking French students rice pudding.

Duration: 01:26:28

Chloe Time #20

Barry is joined by his youngest Daughter, 5 Year old Chloe who despite craving the taste of her toes, has a fun foodie chat with general cuteness overload!

Duration: 00:54:31

Food Tales #18

Barry is joined by Mr & Mrs lettuce to discuss both the worst vegetarian food they've ever had and also run through some very interesting food tales.

Duration: 01:14:42

Crazy Food Festivals #17

Mr & Mrs Lettuce aka James and Claire join Barry as they discuss why (as a vegetarian) they requested I make pulled pork, plus we run through some interesting or 'crazy' food festivals from around the World, some of which sound amazing!

Duration: 01:11:51

Healthy Big Mac #16

In possibly the least foodie podcast episode to date, we aim to talk about things that make Big Mac's tasty, but actually end up having a general chat! Ah, the joy of podcasts and free speech lol!

Duration: 01:30:11

That Fry Day Feeling #15

Jimmedy James joins Barry as they talk about some of the best and worse British chip shop food creations - some of which sound delicious!

Duration: 01:21:00

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