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Mystery Meat is an experimental podcast. We invite our audience to submit audio in whatever form they are interested in offering, whether found audio, recorded sounds, spoken poetry, ecstatic noise, etc. We want to offer a regular sound collage created by recordings which we do not expect. What we receive informs the final product. Like mystery meat, a conspicuous loaf of chance ingredients coalesced for the purpose of content conservation, health, and fulfillment. We release a new sound collage every month.








Episode 14 There Are Other Options For Punishment Also

Submissions by Thomas Cornell, Stephen Wilkins, Tyler Kelly, Joshua Cotterino, Matt Bisaccia, Alison Tippins, Em Willey, Viktoria Winge, and Kristy Compton. Also featuring late night ecstatic blues by Kevin Evans, cooking tips and joy from Kevin Barger, dark sythgasms by Ocean Meat (from Miami), the honey gold voice of Megan Watters, child songs by Zora Compton, laughter by Meredith Mitchell, wild people of Strasburg VA, edited wikipedia history by Tom Scheve, and more. Episode art by...

Duration: 00:24:14

Episode 13 Not and Obstacle but a Road

Submission by Andrea Atkins, Gabriel Manak, Nicholas Holman, Todd Jordan, Annabelle Prince, Pedro LDV, Brent Drew, Katya Harrell, Prichardio, Joe Miller, Dede Skipper, Armelle Percheron, Tristan Welch, Jack Pullman, Tyler Kelly, Jason Bigelow, Joshua Cotterino, Matt Bisaccia, The Birdhorse, Kristy Compton, Amanda Johnson, Zeb Wright, Andy Legeay, and Kat Campagna. Featuring music by Gabriel Manak, Nicholas Holman, Dede Skipper, Poyekhali, Tristan Welch, Katya Harrell; spoken word by The...

Duration: 00:23:49

Episode 12 I Know You're In Pain I Can Tell

Submissions by Kristen Aldrich, Matt Bisaccia, Kristine Compton, Jack "Ace Pilot" Pullman, The Sound Book Project, Kehren Barbour, Kevin Joseph, Dylan Gilbert, Jeff Mason, and Ethan Sage. Featuring music by the Sound Book Project, Ghost Trees, Delepathy, and Jack Pullman; performances by the improv comedy group The Know it Alls; and noise from the immersive sound installation The Forest, created at Goodyear Arts. More info at Donate at

Duration: 00:32:34

Episode 11 The Moon Is

Submissions by Rosie Eck, Stephen Wilkins, Allison TIppins, Matt Cosper, Tomoka Matsuyama, Tyler Kelly, Cassie Bell, Amanda Medina, Sheila Blair, Jen Jordan, Karina Caporino, Jackie Eskew, and Annabelle Prince. Featuring music by Nite Gallery, Joshua Cotterino, and Hectorina. And the voices of Joe Carroll, Glenn Reed, and Emily Adams More info at Donate at

Duration: 00:27:43

Episode 10 The Notion Washed Over Us

Submissions by Christopher Mason, Kenny Young, Thomas Rex Beverly, Chris Sirico, Adrian Parrish, Kristine Compton, Stephen Wilkins, Barkers of the Wrong Tree, Rachel T-L, Annabelle Prince, Amanda Rentschler, and Kathleen Bloom. Featuring music by Barkers of the Wrong Tree, poetry by and read by Amanda Rentschler, poetry by and read by A. Van Jordan and fiction from George Saunder's newest novel Lincoln in the Bardo read by George Saunders, Brent Bagwell, and Matt Cosper at the Sensoria...

Duration: 00:38:48