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Episode - 19 | Shawn Brown & Perspectives of Sky Diving, Hurricanes and Giving Back

More Get Your Free Audible Book at: Episode 19 of the N2 Hinterland podcast is with Shawn Brown. In this episode Shawn and Chris ramble about the importance of giving back, the Affordable Care Act (ACA AKA Obamacare), Sky Diving, the NFL Kneeling Protest, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and Health Insurance. Times are cra cra folks, so we need a conversation. Take a listen.

Duration: 01:14:51

Episode 18 Hurricane Irma Evacuation Pt 1 9.7.2017

More Get Your Free Audio Book here: Episode 18 is Part 1 of our Hurricane Irma Evacuation which started on 9.7.2017. This podcast was recorded during our first day of evacuation.

Duration: 00:21:15

Episode 17 | Joe Cover's One Piece Each Movement

Episode 17 of the N2 Hinterland podcast is with Joe Cover the founder of the One Piece Each movement and Joe shares how One Piece Each got its start, how the movement has rapidly spread throughout the world through the use of social media and what is next for the organization. Joe was also on Episode 8 of the N2 Hinterland podcast. About Joe: Joe’s life starts in the New York Foster Care System immediately from birth and he remains in the state’s custody until he was...

Duration: 01:16:36

Episode - 16 | Kelley Markland Tells Us Why Leggings Win

Episode 16 of the N2 Hinterland podcast is with Kelley Markland. Kelley shares her compelling story of Why Leggings Win and how years of bullying has brought her story of triumph to men and woman alike around the world. Since receiving a degrading letter on November 18 that read "Women who weigh 300 pounds should not wear yoga pants!!" she's been featured on many websites including: Babble, US Weekly, The Today Show, Yahoo, AOL, Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Inside Edition, Independent...

Duration: 01:51:33

Episode - 15 | Heartburn And Concern With Chase Conner

Episode 15 of the N2 Hinterland podcast is another desultory conversation with Chase Conner in continuation from Episode 12. Not only does it lack stratagem it also brilliantly reveals that both host, Chris Johnson, and guest have tendencies of ADHD. It even suggests Jesus Christ might be a Time Traveler as Chase shares some of his latest updates about his Podcast and Comic entitled: Jesus Christ Time Traveler. Come with us again on this wonderland of thought-provoking commentary on...

Duration: 01:24:53

Episode - 14 | Sometimes Life is Like a Tomato Plant

Episode 14 of the N2 Hinterland podcast Chris Johnson shares his experience tomato farming, how it gave new perspective to our primal connection to food and why it is important to transplant ourselves into bigger pots with new soil.

Duration: 01:00:02

Monday Morning Weigh - Ins | 11.28.2016

Today's Edition of Monday Morning Weigh-ins we cover Fidel Castro's Death, Bitcoins 2016 surge in price and Dodge Ram's newest Commercial "Praise". The Sports guru Sebastian covers results for some of the top NCAA football games over the Thanksgiving weekend!

Duration: 00:17:12

Monday Morning Weigh - Ins | 11.14.2016

Today's Edition of Monday Morning Weigh-ins we say Thank God The Elections Are Over! Also, what's up with the super moon? The Sports guru Sebastian covers week 11 games results for some of the top NCAA football teams and we end with a little Monday Motivation on the Dignity of Being Human by Jim Rohn.

Duration: 00:32:47

Monday Morning Weigh - Ins | 10.31.2016

Today's Edition of Monday Morning Weigh-ins we say Happy Halloween and cover topics such as climate change in light of the newly released film Before the Flood with Leonardo Dicaprio and Tesla's Elon Musk announcement of solar roof tiles. The Sports guru Sebastian covers week 9 games results for some of the top NCAA football teams and we end with a little Monday Motivation Mind-shift to get your week started off right.

Duration: 00:29:38

Episode - 9 | Discussing Politics With My Dad - Part 1

Episode 10 of N2 Hinterland podcast is part 2 of a conversation with my Dad, Steve Johnson. In light of the upcoming 2016 Election, we spend some time discussing politics. Steve shares his political background as first a registered Democrat in the 1970’s to transitioning to Republican in the 1980’s. He defends his support of Donald Trump while we debate polarizing political topics such as abortion, war, Obamacare/ACA and economics. About Steve: Steve is a native born Floridian, husband to...

Duration: 03:44:04

Episode - 8 | A Conversation With Joe Cover

Episode 8 of N2 Hinterland podcast is a conversation with Joe Cover. Joe shares the story of his upbringing as a foster child in New York, his internal void/confusion during his adolescence years and his addiction to prescription opiates that later landed him a 38-month incarceration. We learn that ancient practices of yoga and meditation have been a guiding light for Joe’s triumph over serious addiction and self-doubt. He also explains, through an intentional state of positive thinking,...

Duration: 00:59:45

Monday Morning Weigh - Ins | 10.17.2016

Today's Edition of Monday Morning Weigh-ins we cover George Zimmerman who's back in the news, week seven results of NCAA Football, Presidential Race with Trump, Hillary and Gary Johnson, and we hear from Eddie Pinero who shares Its Time To Move ON. Time is limited so make the most of it! upcoming N2 Hinterland Podcasts.

Duration: 00:31:42

Monday Morning Weigh - Ins | 10.10.2016

Today's Edition of Monday Morning Weigh-ins we cover the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Week six results of NCAA Football, the second Presidential debate, developing the "Why" to fuel your motivation and upcoming N2 Hinterland Podcasts.

Duration: 00:22:38

Monday Morning Weigh - Ins | 10.3.2016

Today's Edition of Monday Morning Weigh-ins we cover the eminent fall of Deutsche Bank, Week Five results of NCAA Football, Week six NCAA Football Standings, the Presidential Race (what a joke), Hurricane Matthew and upcoming guest on N2 Hinterland Podcast Joe Cover. We also hear a special motivation clip from Joe Rogan about being your own hero. Set goals of what you want and go accomplish them. I want to lose 30 lbs and you are going to hold me accountable. This is not a diet, its a...

Duration: 00:17:27

Episode - 5 | Artist Sean Johnson

Episode 5 of N2 Hinterland is a conversation with artist Sean Johnson. Sean is a painter, pen & ink designer and a fine art enthusiast. Sean is also a gifted musician known for his melodic and ethereal guitar rifts. Sean’s work can be seen on his website at

Duration: 03:17:46

Episode - 4 | Renee Yohe - Part 2

Episode 3 of N2 Hinterland is part 1 of a conversation with Renee Yohe. Renee shares her personal journey from self-denial, drug addiction and self-mutilation to a new and beautiful state of self-acceptance, recovery and being fully present. We explore the process of what it means to go from being powerless to powerful and the intentional process of going from surviving to thriving.

Duration: 03:49:33