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NECKBREAKER is a pro wrestling and heavy metal podcast! News, interviews, and more while your hosts Brian and John get DRUNK. New episodes premiere every two weeks.

NECKBREAKER is a pro wrestling and heavy metal podcast! News, interviews, and more while your hosts Brian and John get DRUNK. New episodes premiere every two weeks.
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NECKBREAKER is a pro wrestling and heavy metal podcast! News, interviews, and more while your hosts Brian and John get DRUNK. New episodes premiere every two weeks.






NB129: Drive-By Bukkake

John, Brian, Tim, and Greg from the vulgar thrash band Drive-By Bukkake stop by the studio to talk about their upcoming vinyl Crucial Loads. The band shares road stories with guest host Sir Chris Kessaris. Later the wrestling panel discusses the latest headlines and Chris covers the Fire Pro Wrestling game series.

Duration: 01:31:00

NB128: Cannabis Corpse Returns

Land Phil from Cannabis Corpse returns to talk about Corpse’s new album, the Vince McMahon/Kevin Owens segment, and much more. Later, we drop some big news, the wrestling panel with Greg from Concilium and Evan from Bacterial Husk covers headlines, and Kessaris covers more wrestling video games.

Duration: 02:14:00

NB127: Crypt Sermon

Enrique Sagarnaga from the doom band Crypt Sermon and Clint Mayher from LA Weekly join the show to discuss metal fests, scenes in different parts of the country, PWG, JBL leaving commentary, and more. Later Sir Kessaris joins the panel for a live metal album tournament, video game talk, and headlines.

Duration: 02:32:31

NB119: Gorgatron

Paul, Matt, Karl, and Cameron from the Fargo death metal band Gorgatron stop by the studio on their recent tour! They discuss the Fargo metal scene, tips for touring bands, their favorite pro wrestling moments, worst shows, and more. Later Kessaris continues his History of Wrestling Video Games segment. Segment breakdowns: 0:00:04 Interview with Gorgatron 0:46:50 The History of Wrestling Video Games 0:57:33 Closing plugs

Duration: 01:06:30

NB118: Lattermath

Derek Sampson and Ben Cohen from the Boston prog metal band Lattermath stop by the studio. They discuss past projects, bands they’d like to go on tour with, best/worst shows, and more. Later Kessaris continues The History of Wrestling Video Games and the panel plays the Metal Archives Album Rating Game. Segment breakdowns: 0:00:14 Interview with Lattermath 0:33:28 The History of Wrestling Video Games 0:38:39 Metal Archives Album Rating Game 1:16:09 Closing plugs

Duration: 01:23:59

NB117: Warbringer

Brian interviews John Kevill from the thrash band Warbringer! They discuss playing Wacken, their hiatus, thoughts on crowdfunding, and much more. Later, the wrestling panel wraps up their Wrestlemania Weekend coverage and introduces a brand new segment on The History of Wrestling Video Games. Segment breakdowns: 0:00:44 Interview with John Kevill from Warbringer 0:32:53 Wrestlemania Weekend Wrapup 1:30:37 The History of Wrestling Video Games 1:40:07 Closing plugs

Duration: 01:44:59

NB116: Ritual Fest / Wrestlemania 33

Brian briefly interviews Dan Vaughn, the promoter of the UK’s Ritual Festival to discuss the fest, booking advice, pay to play, and more. Later, the wrestling panel with Brian, Sir Kessaris, Chris from Vattnet, Ali formerly from Hivesmasher, and past cohost John Aubrey covers the Wrestlemania 33 card.

Duration: 02:09:59

NB113: Testament

Brian talks to Chuck Billy from Testament aboard the 70000Tons of Metal Cruise! They discuss basement shows, SOD, old school wrestling, and much more. Later, the news panel with guest cohost Dave Coyne and Steve/Shaun from The Summoned covers Code Orange, Eyehategod, Seth Rollins, Kenny Omega, TNA, Cody Rhodes and more.

Duration: 01:11:59

NB112: Cultural Warfare

Brian talks to Jacques Serrano from the bay area thrash band Cultural Warfare! They discuss their new EP Future Kill, ways to improve the metal scene, favorite metal festivals, and much more. Later, the wrestling news panel with guest cohost Joey Feeley covers Kurt Angle, TNA, The Young Bucks, and Royal Rumble predictions.

Duration: 01:36:59

NB111: Artificial Brain / Cognitive

Brian stops by this year’s Hothfest in Chicopee, MA! The show opens with Artificial Brain sharing past tour stories, the writing process for their new album, sketchy places on the road, and more. Later Rob and Harry from the death metal band Cognitive join the show to discuss member changes, their new album Deformity, and more.

Duration: 00:57:59

NB110: Swarm of Eyes / Wrestle Kingdom 11

The wrestling panel with guest cohost Corey Dimick, Larry Martin, and Shaun Murphy from The Summoned cover the latest headlines and review New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom 11 card. Later, we air a replay of our recent Facebook live interview with metal band Swarm of Eyes to discuss their new EP and share show stories.

Duration: 02:50:59

NB108: Goratory

Adam Mason from the recently reunited death metal band Goratory and Evan Duplessis from Bacterial Husk visit the studio for a ridiculous conversation! They discuss Goratory’s upcoming appearance at Maryland Deathfest, share international tour stories, drink beer, and cover the latest metal and wrestling headlines.

Duration: 01:42:59

NB107: Backyard Wrestling

Brian interviews Phil and Frank from a New Hampshire based backyard wrestling group. They discuss criticism, injuries, goals, why they haven’t been trained professionally, and more. Later, Ross Netherton joins our metal and wrestling panel to discuss the new Metallica album, Survivor Series, Eyehategod, and more.

Duration: 02:00:00

NB105: Nasty Savage

Brian interviews Nasty Ronnie Galetti from the Florida thrash band Nasty Savage! Topics include the 80’s death metal scene, getting signed to Metal Blade, working the 90’s indy wrestling scene, and much more. Later, the wrestling panel with Kessaris and guest cohost Matt Steele cover the latest pro wrestling headlines.

Duration: 01:57:59

NB104: Frankie Kazarian (Ring of Honor)

Brian hosts a one-on-one interview with Ring of Honor pro wrestler Frankie Kazarian! Topics include Frankie’s favorite heavy metal albums, his recent ROH Ladder Wars tag match, playing bass in VexTemper, thoughts on the new Metallica tracks, training at Killer Kowalski’s school, his run with TNA, and much more.

Duration: 00:38:59

NB103: Hammer Fight

Brian interviews Drew, Todd, Dan, and Justin from Hammer Fight. They share tour stories, talk about playing Full Terror Assault, and much more. Later, the wrestling panel with Sir Kessaris and guest cohost Corey Lucas give some show updates and cover the latest wrestling headlines.

Duration: 01:50:59

NB102: Aubrey Leaves Town...

A special addition of our Royal Rumble Drinking Game as we bid farewell to cohost John Aubrey! The panel (Brian, John, Kessaris, Josh Staples from Abnormality, and Danny P from Roid Rage) discuss recent metal shows that they’ve attended and later watch the 2003 Royal Rumble match over beers.

Duration: 01:45:59

NB101: Summerslam 2016 Special

Our 4th annual Summerslam Special! The panel covers the latest metal headlines including the Dio hologram, Nile/Spotify debate, and more. Plus we discuss Billy Corgan/TNA, Kota Ibushi, and enhancement matches. Later in the show we debut a brand new Nitro Party track and run down the full Summerslam and NXT Takeover cards.

Duration: 02:00:00

NB100: Matt Striker / Nile

We celebrate our 100th episode! Brian interviews Matt Striker from Lucha Underground / WWE. Later the panel (plus Steve from The Summoned, Blue from Dysentery, and Adam K) cover the latest headlines including the WWE Draft, Nails, and more. And to close out the show, Brian and Josh Staples interview Karl Sanders from Nile.

Duration: 02:18:00

NB099: Parasitic Ejaculation

Brian interviews Jon, Josh, and Parker from the death metal band Parasitic Ejaculation! They discuss their recent tour with Dysentery, the west coast metal scene, playing in Asia, and much more. Later, John and Chris join the news panel to discuss FinalDeletion, Brock Lesnar, the Cruiserweight Classic, and more.

Duration: 01:54:00

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