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Nancy At Noon is a show that answer your questions about love, life, health passion and purpose so you have the knowledge and tools necessary to pick up the pieces, mend your broken heart and be awesome again! Through my personal stories, real-life experiences, facts and information I help you understand yourself and others better so you can totally turn your life around or just tweak it into a happier place. Something to for EVERYONE, regardless of your situation in life. Authentic conversations filled with practical and useful information for the fast-paced lives of today’s men and women. Listen to the archive shows and enjoy! If you require personal assistance, private email consultation service is available. For more info please visit: Ask Nancy Page on my website, http://nancyatnoon.com. Practical and useful application of ancient wisdom for the fast-paced lives of today’s men and women. Join me live every Wednesday at 12 noon EST. Exciting guests and authentic conversations!









Three summer road trip stories told by 3 generations. Short, entertaining and lots of fun to listen to. I give some background about the storyteller and why these stories are important to them. The first one is a baby boomer and her mom on a vacation mission to find their heritage. The second story is a guy and some friends swimming through the dangerous grotto on the Bruce Peninsula. And the third story is a 95 year old woman telling about a train ride back in the olden days. The one...

Duration: 00:36:39

Secret Agent Andy

This story is about a woman who waited, wondered, hoped and prayed that her heavenly, hunky, perfect soul mate would mysteriously apparate into her life, fill her hungry void with excitement, joy and love, then carry her off to an ever-after real life land of bliss – tropical, preferably! But instead, she kept attracting different men wearing the same issues, who left her disappointed and in despair of ever fulfilling her deepest heart-felt desires. That woman was me. The best stories are...

Duration: 00:23:49

Override Your Fear of Writing

Today’s episode is about overriding your fear of writing so you can have the courage and the authenticity to speak your truth through the stories you tell your grandkids. As baby boomers we want our grandkids to think of us as the cool world changers that we know ourselves to be, but the millennials and GenXers say baby boomers ruined the world for them. They need to know our side of the story. And they need to hear it in a way that opens their hearts and their minds in order to bridge...

Duration: 00:33:18

Don't Stop Believing

If you are listening to this then you still have time to make your mark on the world. No matter what your background is, or what you have lived, you can still make a difference. And it starts by telling your stories. If you have ever felt like there is more to life than what you are living, that something is missing and that if you don’t find it soon you may never find it, then you know how devastating that can be. When you look at your own life does it seem just ‘ordinary’? This episode...

Duration: 00:21:46

Living A Life That Matters

How you tell your story DOES make a difference. It makes all the difference in the world. Storytelling is an art. The younger generation these days have short attention spans and lose interest quickly so in order to engage and hold your grandchildren's attention you need to learn the art of storytelling. Through storytelling you have the opportunity to find purpose, see your life as valuable and make a greater, lasting connection with your grandchildren and loved ones. You also have the...

Duration: 00:14:06

I Don't Want to Know That

Today’s episode is about having the courage to look at those things in our lives that we don’t want to know about, and why it’s imperative that we get out the microscope and examine them very, very closely.Telling your story is a great way to do the kind of self-inquiry that will give you answers you need to make a difference in the areas of your life that are falling short of your desires. This episode continues with the Hector & Dianna story - a prison inmate and his spiritual mentor...

Duration: 00:27:16

Mother's Day Stories

We all want our lives to have a purpose. We want to feel valuable, like we matter. And we want to belong by being part of something. Otherwise we feel like butterflies banging up against a glass door. As baby boomers we have lived through massive world changes … probably more than any other generation throughout history. We learned a LOT. We overcame challenges and grew as individuals in so many ways. But what good is it if we can’t share our gifts of wisdom and knowledge with...

Duration: 00:26:48

The Madman of Tibet: A Reincarnation Story

Milarepa was born in 1052 in Tibet. His father was a wool trader who had become quite wealthy by the time his son was born. The family lived in a huge mansion and were very generous to their friends, family and the whole community. They were liked and admired by all. Suddenly the father became ill and died, leaving everything to his brother until his son was of legal age and married. Suddenly it turned into a real-life Cinderella story. But it’s much more than that. Milerapa learned Black...

Duration: 00:29:59

A ‘BAD’ GUY WITH A GOOD HEART – and how to send positive vibes to someone

Sometimes we look at criminals and only see the ‘bad’ part … the part that gets us angry and causes us to point fingers and justify our attitudes and actions because we are on different sides of the prison walls. Jesus told parables to get people to look inside their own hearts before blaming, shaming or complaining about someone else’s wrong doings. We’re all human. We all make mistakes but we also all have the ability to bring the good out in others and help them to see the Divinity that...

Duration: 00:29:59

How to Increase Your Self-Esteem for Better Decisions in Health & Relationships

Today we’re going to connect the dots between self-esteem and how that plays out in the choices you make. Higher self-esteem leads to better decision making and more power in attracting the right partner for you. Low self-esteem leads to dysfunctional relationships that often end in heart-break. We are going to give you some ideas for how to improve this area of your life in order to make decisions that support the happy, healthy person you truly want to be. Alison Kero will be joining me...

Duration: 00:30:34

Stories For My Daughters: How I Met Your Dad

My girls like stories so this one is for them. This one is about how I met their dad. You might find it interesting also. Our personal stories are what great books and movies are made from, and span the test of time for others to enjoy. Want personal help? I've been there and I know the way out. Let me help you become the woman you want to be. Personal email consultation service available. Contact Nancy nancy@nancyatnoon.com Visit my website for blog posts, more audio and other cool stuff!...

Duration: 00:30:00

How to STOP COMPLAINING! And Why Your Life Depends On It

Today’s show is about turning around those things in your life that suck. You know the ones. The things that keep coming up over and over again. The friend who is always late or the family members who never appreciate the things you do for them. Those little irritants you are always complaining about. I have some simple strategies you can employ to make your life happier. We are going to explore how complaining sabotages your best efforts and what you can do about it. Also, I’ve added a...

Duration: 00:29:56

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Eat BonBons and Other Cool Stories

What is it like to be an independent woman after separation and begin your own business? Do you take life by the reins, spurred on by the mission in your heart and the unshakeable faith that you can and will make a difference in the world? Sometimes everyday life gets in the way of our best intentions and our friends and family judge us harshly because what we do is a total mystery to them. In this episode I describe a week in the life of a self-made woman entrepreneur, how art plays a...

Duration: 00:27:18

11 How To Get Over Your Ex Without Keying His Car

Devastated Dee wants to know how to get over the pain and suffering she is going through due to the ending of her relationship. He doesn’t love her but she still loves him and it hurts so much to know he has found another girlfriend and has moved on. She wants to key his car and smash his windows. But mostly she wants to know how to detach from her ex and move on with her own life. A significant number of people are being seriously affected by break-ups. If not healed properly, they can...

Duration: 00:29:37

10 Accpeting the Unacceptable after a Devastating Break-up

If you have ever been in love and had your heart broken, you know how devastating it can be. Sometimes it hits people so traumatically it ruins their lives because they don’t know how to pick up the pieces and start over. Today I’m going to talk about how you can start to rebuild your life after a devastating break-up. What are the first steps? How do you accept the painfully cruel reality and move beyond the pain so you can be happy again? I also read the next letter in the Hector &...

Duration: 00:29:57

09 How to Get Off the Emotional Rollercoaster

Kelly from Toronto wants to know what’s up with her guidance system. Is it steering her towards a monogamous relationship with her boyfriend or telling her she is closed-minded and not expansive for not wanting to engage with multiple partners, even though her boyfriend really wants it. Do you know how your emotions work? I'm going to tell you what you need to know to get off the emotional rollercoaster and find the sweet spot in the center. I'm also going to read the next letters in the...

Duration: 00:30:21

08 Warning Signs of Toxic Relationships

Do you know ALL the signs of a toxic relationship? If not, you could be in one right now, just like Milly and her sister. Find out the questions you need to ask yourself about the relationships you are in before it drains your energy and robs your soul. Perturbed Papa wants to know why his son-in-law is making up lies about him. Is he trying to put a wedge between him and his daughter? How do you deal with people who tell lies about you? And, Hans wants to know if it's normal to have the...

Duration: 00:30:22

07 Hector & Dianna: A Prison Story

In the beginning....... Today's episode reveals to the world the unlikely and private relationship between Hector, a Latino prisoner in solitary confinement in a Texas penitentiary, and Dianna, a woman in Canada who devoted the greater part of her life to finding inner freedom. This series begins with the first letters that were exchanged between Hector and Dianna, which I am going to read on air. It's private, it's personal, Whether you have been to prison, know someone in prison, or you...

Duration: 00:29:39

06 Clearing Clutter: Where Do I Begin?!!!

Clutter drains energy. Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a friend’s house and there is stuff everywhere you just want to get out of there? What about your own home? We all have problem areas in our homes that we haven’t dealt with yet, whether it’s because we don’t have time, we don’t know how or we go into overwhelm just thinking about it. That’s because ‘things’ hold energy. It’s like walking around with a full bag of garbage on our shoulders. It doesn’t take long before the...

Duration: 00:28:08

05 Fix Him or Ditch Him: How to Deal with a Negative Lover/Friend

What do you tell a friend, a lover or a family member who comes into your space and dumps their negativity on you? How much are you going to put up with before enough becomes too much? Do you fix him or ditch him? When is it time to say good-bye How much suffering should we put up with in the name of 'love'? is it compassion, love and caring or guilt and fear that keeps him near? Is he really a friend? Is the decision to keep him around a self-love based decision or do we feel obligated...

Duration: 00:28:40

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