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A pair of Nashville movie nuts provide a guided tour of Spanish horror film legend Paul Naschy's films.




NaschyCast #57 - Cort Psyops Visits!

With this episode of the show we open things up in a new way! Although Troy and I have had the occasional guest on the NaschyCast they have been rare occurrences. Generally this was because we wanted to keep the show as focused on the films of Paul Naschy as we could. We felt that we should deviate as little as possible from covering the movies in depth so keeping the visits infrequent allowed us to drill down and (most importantly) stay on task. Longtime listeners will know that it...

Duration: 02:01:59

Beyond Naschy #21 - NIGHT HAS A THOUSAND DESIRES (1984)

Jess Franco's long list of credits is a nearly never ending fountain of delirious delights. Even for a dedicated fan there always seems to be a new experience just around the corner waiting to be discovered. And if those new experiences are sometimes strongly reminiscent of other Franco work, that is just part of the fun. Finding common themes, similar characters and shared motivations are part of the fascination of a Franco film with each element something to be studied and contemplated...

Duration: 01:42:26

Beyond Naschy #20 - THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED (1970)

Writer/director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador only made two feature films and in this episode we cover the first. THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED is a carefully paced tale of sexual repression and murder in an all girls school and if that makes you think of a much more famous European genre film from a few years later you might be onto something. As we go through this film we point out some of the movies that seem to have been influenced by THE HOUSE THE SCREAMED as well as a couple of movies that might...

Duration: 01:57:16

Beyond Naschy #19- WHITE COMANCHE (1968)

In 1968 westerns were being churned out by the dozens in Europe. The huge success of Sergio Leone's Dollar films had stoked a fire for the genre that had been little more than cooling embers. When those Clint Eastwood star making movies helped turn a samurai film into Italian gold every European producer with access to horses saw a fortune in them thar oats. Just sign up an American (or Canadian) star (or two, if cheap enough), build some clapboard shacks, strap on six-guns and ride, baby!...

Duration: 02:16:15

NaschyCast #52 - DOCTOR JUSTICE (1975)

The NaschyCast returns with a French produced gem from the 1970's. Paul Naschy's role in this action adventure is pretty small but the film is well worth seeing for the rest of the cat and the fun story. DOCTOR JUSTICE is based on a series of French comic books that were very popular at the time. Dr. Benjamin Justice is an humanitarian doctor and works for the WHO (World Health Organization) tackling medical problems all over the globe. He is an expert of judo (6th dan), ju-jitsu and...

Beyond Naschy #14 - THE VAMPIRES' NIGHT ORGY (1974)

Major spoiler warning! We talk about the entire film this time out, all the way through to the ending image - I just had to! And man - this episode sprawled out of control! With great joy, Troy and I cover the Spanish Horror gem THE VAMPIRES' NIGHT ORGY but the verbal side trips stretch the show to a length I am slightly sheepish to see. But maybe the long running time is a good thing? Maybe providing a nearly three hour long podcast is appreciated! I hope. At any rate, we start out...

NaschyCast #51 - WAX (2014)

After a couple of non - Paul Naschy months we come back with a posthumous Naschy film released just last year. Although this may be the Naschy movie with the least amount of Naschy in it, we are thrilled that the legacy of his career is still inspiring young Spanish filmmakers. WAX is a variation on the old 'wax museum' classics of old with a heaping helping of modern sensibilities thrown in for good measure as a young television journalist is locked in a supposedly haunted building for...

Beyond Naschy #13 - MURDER MANSION (1972)

After several attempts, Troy and I have finally braved the hellish ice storm weather of February and now bring you a new Beyond Naschy episode! It wasn't easy. After years of speaking about MURDER MANSION in passing, we at long last discuss the film at length even if we may set a new NaschyCast record for conversational tangents. Seriously- we talk a bit about the HIGHLANDER film series as well as the TERMINATOR movies and Joe Lansdale stories before we launch into a navel gazing...

NaschyCast #50 - ROJO SANGRE (2004)

With this episode we reach a true milestone -we have now covered fifty of Paul Naschy's films over the past five years! It hasn't been easy and it hasn't been perfect but we are proud of this accomplishment and we hope everyone sticks around for year six. When we started this show we knew this film would mark the end of an era as it is the best of the movies Naschy made in the new millennium. It is a well made, slick and sharp horror film that brings all of his genre story obsessions to...

NaschyCast #49 - MY FRIEND, THE VAGABOND (1984)

It's December and its time for a new NaschyCast! For years we've thought it would be interesting to have a Christmas themed show for this month. Sadly, we've never been able to arrange it but this Holiday season has us finally deliver such an episode and it's an accident! That's right- Mi Amigo el Vagabundo turns out to be a kind of Christmas film. Yes! Synchronicity exists. Or at least blind luck. Anyway, we talk about this soft-hearted family drama written and directed by Paul Naschy and...

Duration: 02:12:04

Beyond Naschy #9 - RETURN OF THE BLIND DEAD (1973)

Has it really been two years since we covered TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD? That is far too long! It is with great pleasure that we return to the land of the living dead Templar Knights! For the second of Ossorio's fantastic Blind Dead films we examine the two different cuts available on Region 1 DVD and then ponder the deeper social commentary buried within the story. Really? Only for a little while. We mostly chat about the casting choices, the relative beauty of the female actors, the...

Beyond Naschy #8 - THE AWFUL DOCTOR ORLOFF (1962)

The sharp eyed listener will notice an odd numbering or this episode so I must explain things. As we move in our fourth year of the Nschycast we are going to be occasionally spreading our wings wider to embrace more Spanish Horror than ever before. We started doing shows we called Beyond Naschy a couple OF years ago to cover some of the great films of the genre from Spain - TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD, HORROR EXPRESS, etc.- as well as lesser know examples - I HATE MY BODY, CUT THROATS NINE. We...

NaschyCast #41- THE TRANSSEXUAL (1977)

In my opinion, unusual is an overused word when discussing Cult Cinema. It is often employed to describe films of any type with little regard for just how far outside the lines the filmmakers tried to color. I don't consider most movies very unusual because is have bathed in every kind of cinema I can find for so long that for me (and I suspect for most Cult Film Fans) unusual is the norm in our regular viewing. Is CHAINED HEAT (1983) more or less unusual than THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN...


THE NIGHT OF THE EXECUTIONER was the last film Paul Naschy directed before his decision to helm EMPUSA in 2010. By the 1990s he knew the most fruitful days of his career were behind him and I'm sure the opportunity to be back in the writer/director/star position was exciting. He explains the dual genesis of this tale of vigilante justice in this autobiography so its clear that he felt inspired to create the film even if, in the end, it is a bit too much like other movies in the genre. Troy...


When we started this podcast entered on the works of Paul Naschy I had no idea it would take us to some of the places we have gone. I never expected to delve into an acidic view of religion and human nature filtered through a Medieval tale of ribald wickedness (EL CAMINANTE); a dark but funny look at modern Spanish society (NAKED MADRID); or a sympathetic look at a real life killer (THE FRENCHMAN'S GARDEN). None of those subjects were on my radar but even they seem like a natural extension...

NaschyCast #38- A DRAGONFLY FOR EACH CORPSE (1974)

We are back and episode 38 brings us back to the roots of our fascination with Naschy's work - the 1970s! Yes! We cover A DRAGONFLY FOR EACH CORPSE (1974) with all the joy of old friends reuniting after a long separation. Naschy plays a tough Italian cop ruthless in his devotion to his job and lucky enough to be backed up by a smart, resourceful wife played by the fantastic Erika Blanc. This is the only film the two made together and considering how well their scenes play its a damned...

NaschyCast #31.5 - LORNA THE EXORCIST (1974)

For the first time in many moons we bring you a .5 episode. We have always used these non-Naschy shows to highlight Spanish horror films of note and often there is a connection to the films of Paul Naschy. In this case there isn’t a direct association but we decided to cover LORNA THE EXORCIST for different reasons - not because of its Spanish born director Jess Franco but because of its lovely star- Lina Romay. When Miss Romay passed away earlier this year Troy and I were stunned, as were...

NaschyCast #30 - TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF (2004)

You got your werewolf in my soft-core pornography! No- you got your soft-core pornography in my werewolf! Or something like that. Episode 30 takes us to the Hollywood Hills where we encounter lots of hot naked women, lesbian sex, a Daninsky descendant, a fantastic painting and a pretty bad film. The 21st century was not a good period for low budget werewolf movies and this ‘final’ Waldemar Daninsky film is no exception. Shot in English TOMB OF THE WEREWOLF is one of our few chances to hear...

NaschyCast #29- DEATH OF A HOODLUM (1975)

Episode #29 focuses on a lesser known Naschy crime film that turns out to have quite a bit in common with a couple of other of his non-supernatural thrillers. Even with several familiar elements the film turns out to have more than a few surprises in store for us including some shocking slow-mo violence. I guess the influence of Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH was still playing out in the mid-1970s - and I have no problem with that! In this one Naschy plays a hearing impaired thief with a nasty...

The Bloody Pit #1 - 10 Favorite Movies

Don't be alarmed! We will return to our regularly scheduled NaschyCast soon. Think of this as a bonus show previewing the official off-shoot podcast. This is the first episode of the new podcast and I must say I'm excited to be bringing this to you. The plan for this show is for each episode be on a different subject depending on whatever the participants want to discuss. For the first show I've decided to do a short, solo piece about my ten favorite movies. This will let listeners know...
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