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Nashville Girl Geek Dinner Podcast #4: Jennifer Dutton

In Episode #4, we are joined by Jennifer Dutton, a graphic designer on the path to becoming a software developer. Jennifer made her way to Girl Geek Dinner through her to desire to better understand software development and expand her capabilities as a designer. What ensued was her decision to go back to school, and landed at the Nashville Software School, attending the part-time evening coding bootcamp. In today’s interview, we get to hear more about Jennifer’s story and wisdom she has...

Duration: 00:34:27

Nashville Girl Geek Dinner Podcast #2: Kate Dore, Financial Blogger

Welcome to Nashville Girl Geek Dinner’s mini-series podcast! In our second episode, Nashville Girl Geek Dinner sat down with Kate Dore, music industry professional turned social media/ internet marketer and financial wellness blogger and consultant. What makes Kate’s story particularly special and unique is learning how Nashville Girl Geek Dinner was an instrumental part of her finding the confidence and courage to leave a world she knew to one that allowed her freedom to explore her...

Duration: 00:36:31

Nashville Girl Geek Dinner Podcast #1: Beck @ Eventbrite

In our first episode, we sat down with software developer, Beck Cronin-Dixon, of Eventbrite. We discuss Beck’s journey into software development, her arrival into the United States, her passion for giving back to her community through active mentorship, and words of wisdom for other developers embarking on this career. While carving out a career in software development can be daunting scary, Beck found through intentional networking and seeking out mentors who recognized her desire to grow...

Duration: 00:35:10