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5 religious obstructions in progress - Ep 11 NNN

In this episode of Nature, Naskar & Neurons, Abhijit Naskar sheds light on the psychological elements that make religion an obstruction in human progress. Further Reading: Transcript: Religion - this is the term that every human being is very deeply acquainted with, and it has a lot of significance in the human society. More importantly, to some humans this term induces feelings of comfort and...

Duration: 00:04:05

5 facts about Heaven - Ep 10 NNN

In this episode of Nature, Naskar & Neurons, Abhijit Naskar reveals the biological truth underneath the claims of afterlife experiences. Further Reading: Transcript: A lot of people apparently have visited heaven - and yes they do claim so. And even though it sounds preposterous to rational thinkers, in reality their experiences are quite peculiarly true. Let me shed light on this matter on today's episode of...

Duration: 00:03:18

6 facts of Transcendence - Ep 8 NNN

In this episode of Nature, Naskar & Neurons, Abhijit Naskar clears the confusion surrounding the glorious idea of transcendence! Further Reading: Transcript: Human history is replete with incidents of an apparently divine state of mind. It is commonly what you's know as transcendence. And because it is a rarely attained state of mind, it induces of lot mysticism and confusions in the human mind. I am...

Duration: 00:04:09

4 examples of Human Stupidity - Ep 7 NNN

In this episode of Nature, Naskar & Neurons, Abhijit Naskar illuminates human stupidity with four examples. Further Reading: Transcript: Knowledge is something that can be backed up with reasoning. If an argument cannot be reasoned with then that argument has nothing to do with knowledge, rather it has to do with ignorance and bigotry. I am Abhijit Naskar and welcome to Nature, Naskar & Neurons. Today's episode is a...

Duration: 00:04:39

4 facts about Social Programming - Ep 6 NNN

In this episode 6 of Nature, Naskar & Neurons, Abhijit Naskar illuminates the issue of social programming and mentions four facts about it. Further Reading: Transcript: The human mind is a sponge that is relentlessly absorbing information from the environment. This ceaseless stream of information influences the mind and contributes...

Duration: 00:03:47

5 tricks for Healthy Relationship - Ep 4 NNN

Abhijit Naskar shares five interesting tricks to keep a relationship strong and healthy. Further Reading: Transcript: A pleasurable romantic relationship is something that everybody wants in this world, yet when they have it, after some time they begin to feel less and less pleased with their choices. But why? I am Abhijit Naskar, and you are...

Duration: 00:02:54

5 things to know about God - Ep 3 NNN

Nature, Naskar & Neurons, Abhijit Naskar sheds light on the idea of God and elucidates its rise in the human mind as an evolutionary mechanism. Further Reading: Transcript: Mankind has slaughtered more innocent lives throughout the ages in the name of God than for any other reason. So what is this God thing? Is it a delusion, a parasite, a poison or a placebo. I am Abhijit Naskar, and you are watching Nature,...

Duration: 00:03:06

6 things to know about Mental Illness - Ep 2 NNN

In this episode of Nature, Naskar & Neurons, Neuroscientist Abhijit Naskar clears the air around mental illness and gives two simple tricks to keep the mind well. Further Reading: Transcript: Every day I receive several phone calls and emails requesting advice on various mental issues. And what I see in those requests is a lot of misunderstanding about mental illness. So, in this video I'll mention six things that you need to...

Duration: 00:04:27

5 things to know about Consciousness - Ep 1 NNN

First Episode of "Nature, Naskar & Neurons" where celebrated Neuroscientist and Abhijit Naskar reveals five things about Consciousness. Further Reading: Transcript: As a Neuroscientist, one question that I encounter a lot is what is consciousness? So in this video I shall be addressing five things you need to know about consciousness. Number 1. Consciousness...

Duration: 00:03:16