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WH Chief of Staff John Kelly Confirms: Trump Is "Uninformed" on Immigration

Told you so. Ever since Donald Trump started talking -- on the campaign trail in 2015 & 2016 -- about building a 50ft high, 2000-mile long continuous "big beautiful wall" on the U.S.-Mexico, I and other informed sources said that it would never happen and that Trump, and his voters who were egging him on, were woefully uninformed. The border doesn't work that way. Now WH Chief of Staff John Kelly -- who used to be Homeland Security Secretary -- confirms it. Trump is in over his head on...

Duration: 00:14:59

Why Are Latinos Invisible in Media, Even In Immigration Debate?

First, a geography lesson. Most of the media emanates from NY and DC -- and people in those places don't understand the first thing about California, the Southwest, and the Mexicans/Mexican-Americans who make up 70% of U.S. Latino population. Those folks are still mired in a black-and-white paradigm, and that shows up in the media "brownout" -- the exclusion of Latino voices on news shows, even when the topic is immigration and certain "shit-hole" countries that get President Trump all...

Duration: 00:14:56

Democrats & Media Discover Outrage Over Deportations & Separating Families

It's surreal to watch the unholy trinity -- Latino groups/Democrats/liberal media -- rediscover their heartache and moral outrage over the sad case of 39-year-old Jorge Garcia, the married father of two and undocumented immigrant from Mexico who has lived in the US since he was 9 years old. Where were these people from 2009 to 2016 when the Obama administration deported 3 million people and divided hundreds of thousands of people? Like Felipe Montes, married father of three children who were...

Duration: 00:16:37

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was Correct About The Value of Empathy

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had it right more than 50 years ago that America was running low on empathy and understanding and tolerance of different points of view. People had to rise above the "narrow confines of (their) individualistic concerns" and worry about the interests of all humanity, Dr. King said. It was true then, and it's true now. In many ways, we are a much better country than we were in the 1960's. But not in this way. With regard to our national lack of empathy, we haven't...

Duration: 00:15:01

Trump Doesn't "Get" America, Built By Runaways From "Shit-Hole" Countries

I don't use the word "racist" often. I cringe when my friends say that the President Trump is a "white supremacist." I'm in the sensible center, and I'm comfortable there. But comments like these -- attributed to Trump by a US Senator, and not explicitly denied by the White House and anyone else with knowledge of the incident -- push me further to the Left, and require the harshest possible condemnation. Trump doesn't "get" the whole point of America. So how can he be expected to lead it?

Duration: 00:15:55

Lessons from "Immigration Week"

What a week for the immigration debate! ICE raids at 7-11's. Undocumented UC Berkeley student Luis Mora in detention. Trump's meeting at the White House with lawmakers. What did we learn from all this? That a lot of folks in the media are profoundly ignorant on a topic they feel passionately about and can't stop talking about. Also, Trump voters -- who are now outraged that the person they voted for is talking about comprehensive immigration reform -- should have learned what Obama...

Duration: 00:15:03

3 Things We Learned from the White House Immigration Meeting

The White House immigration meeting convened yesterday by President Trump was valuable and extraordinary. We learned a lot about three things -- the importance of transparency to the process, Trump's mental state, and the unfairness of the left/right media. Not everything that Trump wants in return for protecting DACA recipients will be good for the country. But meetings like this are a good thing, and Trump did a good job of defining and pushing his agenda. Anyone who said otherwise wasn't...

Duration: 00:15:06

Oprah for POTUS in 2020? Sure, Why the Hell Not?

Should Oprah Winfrey run for President in 2020? Would they beat all comers and emerge as the Democratic nominee? And in the general, could she win? Answers: Yes, Yes & Yes. And why not? After arguing for two-and-a-half years that celebrity was a qualification for high office and political outsiders were preferable to stale elected officials, are republicans now going to argue the opposite? Besides, Oprah will bring more people into the process and make politics great again. Stay tuned.

Duration: 00:15:00

Why Trump's $18-25 Billion Border Wall is a Bad Investment

A U.S.-Mexico border wall is a wildly expensive showy publicity stunt that won't stop illegal immigration, but will likely cause the smuggling cartels to double their prices. Trump wants $18 billion over 10 years, so he can build about 350 miles of new fencing and rebuild another 450 miles. What a bad investment. Here's a better way to spend just a fraction of that in a way that might actually do some good.

Duration: 00:15:38

Trump Only Has Himself to Blame for Jeff Sessions' Recusal & Special Counsel

President Trump values loyalty above all else -- from his employees, staff, even cabinet officials. It's a theme that is reinforced throughout Michael Wolff's blockbuster new book, "Fire & Fury." Well, Trump needs to show some loyalty in return. He can start with AG Jeff Sessions, who he blames -- unfairly -- for recusing himself and clearing the way for the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Nonsense. Trump has only himself to blame for that, because he over-used Sessions during...

Duration: 00:15:00

Wolff Book & Why It's Not Smart to Call Trump Dumb

A blockbuster new book by journalist Michael Wolff advances one of the favorite narratives of the left, the elites, the media, the intellectuals: Trump is an idiot, a dope, a moron. Well, life isn't a spelling bee, and neither is the messy process of getting elected president of the United States. Some respect, please. As a Never Trumper, I'm worried that all this snooty, high-brow criticism of the president as "not smart" will only help re-elect him. And that's just dumb.

Duration: 00:15:00

My Resolution For America Is To End Elitism

What's killing America? Income inequality. Political polarization. Illegal immigration. Different people will give you different answers to that question. My answer is this: Elitism. That's what is killing America. Half the country looks down on the other half; and then the half that is being looked down turns the tables and looks down on the other half. Conservatives act like they're more patriotic than liberals; liberals think they're better people than conservatives. This all needs to...

Duration: 00:15:02

The Challenges & Opportunities Facing Latino Journos

It ain't easy being me. But it is always interesting -- and challenging. My challenges include being 3,000 miles away from the media centers of NY and DC; being Latino striving for a voice in a black-and-white media paradigm; and being in the sensible center at a time when it seems so much of the political debate is dominated by the loudest and most extreme voices on the left and right. Still, somehow, I'm blessed with many opportunities. Chief among them: The chance to make people think.

Duration: 00:10:28

Democratic Sen. Al Franken Is Out After 8 Accusations, But For Wrong Reasons

Al Franken has announced that he is leaving the Senate, amid a flood of sexual harassment allegations. That's a good outcome, but it came about for the wrong reasons. It's about politics, and the concern by Democrats that they'll lose the chance to play the moral superiority card against likely incoming senator, Roy Moore, if they have their own lech on the left. That's nonsense. It should be about recognizing right from wrong.

Duration: 00:13:49

Trump Right To Recognize Reality of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital

Supposedly, the United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Yet, for the last few decades, the US has bent to the threat of violence from radical elements in the Middle East and refused to acknowledge the reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Why? Because Israel says so. Every sovereign nation has the right to choose its capital. Only Israel has been denied this prerogative. Today, President Trump got something right when he announced that the US is formally recognizing...

Duration: 00:13:19

More on Steinle Verdict, which was both a travesty of justice and an example of justice served

The aftermath of the Kate Steinle verdict -- which resulted in Steinle's alleged assailant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate walking out of a courtroom with nothing more than a conviction on a minor gun charge -- has been absolutely maddening. Politicians who don't have the guts to go after the problem of illegal immigration at the root by cracking down on employers want to instead punish local officials in so-called sanctuary cities. Idiots.

Duration: 00:15:31

How Donald Trump Broke the Democratic Party

Donald Trump spent 2016 breaking the Republican Party by revealing it to be run by elitists who lied to its voters, broke promises to its contributors, and strayed far away from its base. Then, as an encore, Trump has spent 2017 destroying the Democratic Party by distracting it with scandals and Tweets, living rent-free in the minds of the left, and keeping it from winning back its own voters by keeping it preoccupied with -- charges of racism, accusation of Russian collusion, and now...

Duration: 00:15:49

Verdict in Kate Steinle Case, Disturbing But Not Surprising

Conservatives, Trumpsters, and Immigration restrictionists are aghast at the acquittal in state court of the illegal immigrant who killed Kate Steinle. It's their own fault for going overboard in politicizing the case to push an agenda of cracking down on so-called sanctuary cities. It's also the fault of prosecutors who overcharged a case that was never going to make murder 1, instead of just offering the jury involuntary manslaughter from the start. Most of all, it's the fault of...

Duration: 00:15:32

Journos Should Not Attend White House Xmas Party

In an era when the media is under fire for its bias and bleeding out credibility by the day, real journos don't nibble on crab cakes and sip egg nog at the annual White House Christmas party. That event is not for us, but for lobbyists and loyalists. You can't be objective in covering folks you've just hobnobbed with. It doesn't work. Now CNN has said that its anchors and reporters are boycotting the fiesta because Trump has been disrespectful to the brand. So what? We shouldn't even be...

Duration: 00:12:36

Matt Lauer's Firing For Sexual Harassment Further Erodes Media Credibility

Then there was Matt Lauer, now formerly of NBC News. The wave of sexual harassment continues to hit the media. The latest casualty is Lauer, who was making more than $20 million per year as co-host of The Today Show before he was let go in response to an allegation that he sexually assaulted a colleague on a foreign trip. Expect more complaints about Lauer in the days ahead; NBC says this was likely not an isolated incident. Also expect more media figures to fall before this is over with....

Duration: 00:14:55

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