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Episode 26 - Growing Up, Aging Badly, Creepy Things We Do, and Brad's Birthday

The boys honor Brads birthday by getting grumpy being negative and realizing theyre getting older not better Also Sometimes Manny stops by because there was cake

Duration: 01:20:13

Episode 25 - Bomb Cyclones, Snow Stories, Drinking and Getting Plowed

The boys kick off 2018 with a bang discussing the bomb cyclone blizzard snow stories fuzzy drinking memories and destroying Brad for having his area plowed

Duration: 01:21:56

Episode 24 - New Year's Balls, Reflecting on 2017, Video Games and Donahue

The boys close out their first year on the air by remembering the crappiest parts of 2017 hoping for a funnier 2018 and remembering Uncle Ray his weird exgirlfriend and Phil Donahue

Duration: 01:31:13

Episode 23 - More Christmas Wishes, More Holiday Cheer, and a Blatant Ripoff of the Dad Joke Game

This week the boys are joined by Sometimes Manny who helps them get into full holiday spirit They discuss some Christmas planning share some Star Wars sentiments and play the Dad Joke game badly

Episode 22 - Our First Discussion of Christmas, Our Second Discussion of Craig's Birthday, and Our Thousandth Discussion of The Last Jedi

The boys are feeling festive We reminisce about Christmas past revisit Craigs birthday present and pontificate about the future of Star Wars

Episode 20.5 - Craig's Birthday, Random Topics, Bus Travel and a Very Short Roast

The boys are back to discuss all the topics they missed in our other more organized episodes This includes bus trips hooker hotels Mexican jungles the Justice League movie and more Buckle up kids

Episode 19 or 20 - Pipe Dreams, Seasonal Wishes, and Another Game Show

The boys leap headfirst into the holiday season discussing Christmas light shows drinking at a monastery dreams and wishes money and finally another game show Its as ridiculous as it sounds

Episode 19 - Black Friday, Cabbage Patch Dolls, and Killing What's Left of Brad's Dignity

The boys come back after a huge holiday meal ready to discuss Black Friday bad seasonal traditions and another bad admission from Brads questionable past

Episode 18 - Thanksgiving, Celebrity Behavior, and Rethinking the Holidays

The boys are back to give thanks for a good year reflect on Thanksgiving past throw a little shade at asshole celebrities and discuss a better way to spread out holiday cheer all year round

Episode 17 - Reflecting on RI Comic-Con, Geek Culture, and Joey Fatone

This week the guys reflect on their trip to RI ComicCon the nature of comic book conventions Blist celebrities pop culture nerd culture and the magic that is Joey Fatone

Episode 16 - Talking Trash with Landfill Charlie

The boys are back with the shows first guest at least the first guest that wouldnt have already been in Mikes basement Landfill Charlie visits NTS Studios and sheds some light on salvage sanitation sewers and steering clear of his fathers belt Also no one discusses politics religion or Kevin Spacey but we want the SEO so we mentioned it here anyway

Episode 15 - It's Halloween! Horror Movies, Stupid Pranks, Trick or Treating, Perverts Like Kevin Spacey and More

The boys are back to discuss all things Halloween from horror movies and pranks to parenting and perversion Plus they get into the best and worst from Mikes epic Halloween party and dive into Kevin Spacey not like THAT and the ongoing Hollywood scandals

Episode 14 - Childhood Stupidity, Changes in Parenting, and Why Today's Children are Soft

Brad Craig and Mike are back with a show that brings us down memory lane They discuss Mike and Craigs awesome childhoods Brads slightly sheltered childhood todays kids vs our generation parenting fails and more

Episode 13 - The New Star Wars Trailer, Old Star Wars Memories, Ongoing Star Wars Problems, and Uncle Ray

The boys return this week with an honest but stupid take on the new Star Wars trailer predictions for Star Wars The Last Jedi old movie memories Craigs Uncle Ray and movies that shouldnt inspire you to have sex in the theater parking lot

Episode 6 - Comedy, PC Culture and the Rise of Butthurtedness [PROPERLY UPDATED EDITION]

This week Craig Mike and Brad share a few passionate thoughts on the current state of comedy why things were better before everyone connected online and how PC culture might be sending comedy in a very bad direction

Episode 12 - Dead Celebrities, Phony Grief, Meaningless Mourning and why Social Media Makes Fake People Worse

The boys return and have a serious chip on their shoulders about celebrity deaths and how social media makes fake people faker encouraging these phonies to pretend theyre lifelong fans crying about how these celebrities music and movies changed their lives forever Liars all of them Also we discuss Craig discovering lube at work

Episode 11 - Three Guys Discuss Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine, Free Speech and Steven Seagal

The guys return on Sometimes Mannys birthday and immediately get into the week that was Craigs trip to NYC the death of Hugh Hefner hiding pornography Steven Seagal and much more

Episode 10 - Three Guys Vent About a Bad Episode, White Women, New York City, Late Night Shopping, iPhones and More

The boys are back to form this week and boy does it feel good Rather than lamenting the last episode Mike Craig and Brad get it all out covering white women bad jokes Craigs trip to New York Apple fanboys soccer moms annoying kids and a million other things Catharsis beers laughs its nice to be back kids

Episode 9 - Three Slackers Discuss Hurricanes, Stupid People, Skunks, Joke Stealing and Ill-Fitting Suits

The boys had a rough week but manage to muster up enough energy to talk about the week in review Hurricanes initial show feedback Psycles album release skunks spraying dogs Ragu and outdated suits are just a few of the topics they cover this time around

Episode 8 - Three Punks Discuss Travel, Music, Guilty Pleasures and the Death of Rock 'n' Roll

The boys meet up to recap their recent travels then debate modern music They also admit to guilty pleasure songs get their first caller and have more women in the basement than ever before Also Brad closes the episode by talking too much again and we hear the new single from hard rock heroes Psycle
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