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Join Darren, JJ, and Randy every Wednesday night as they discuss the future of money today! Show topics include international news about digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash, as well as traditional markets and fiat currencies. Monetary & economic policy, blockchain news, and technological innovations round out the topics. http://NeocashRadio.com




Musiconomi Update Interview with David Werba

JJ interviews David Werba from Musiconomi for an update. David was last on the show back in June. Having built and run the Musicoin blockchain the team is moving on to possibly the Ethereum blockchain with MCI being an ERC20 token. They have partnered with Cofound.it for the token sale. Interested individuals can register and be a part of the presale by following this link. Find out more about the Musiconomi platform and roadmap by visiting their website.

Duration: 00:30:03

Ep 219: Scam Warnings About Bitfinex, Tether, and Empire Card

Scam alerts! There’s a fishy smell coming from BitFinex and USDTether. Spammers attack Bitcoin cash. Darren shares his Bitcoin cash analysis. JJ interviews founders of Santiment and Centra. Overstock is doing $50K/week in Bitcoin business. Plus late breaking news: Empire Card ICO may be a scam! Visit http://neocashradio.com ===== Tips appreciated! BTC Address: 1MmFwDeZPgxJ4GyzbfmZVLJv3aZcpxSfR5 ETH Address: 0xe4689EF88F239C6eed1Ff262876e2499495c1617 DASH Address:...

Duration: 00:24:57

Centra Card interview with President Sam Sharma

In this special episode of Neocash Radio JJ interviews Sam Sharma the co-founder and president of Centra. The Centra Card is a cryptocurrency based debit card that will allow users to spend Bitcoin, Dash, Ether, ERC 20 tokens, Ripple, Zcash, Monero, and Litecoin. US customers would receive a VISA card and international customers would receive a MASTERCARD -- the Centra Card would be linked to a wallet app which could be loaded with crypto. Sam describes his personal experience with crypto...

Duration: 00:20:25

Santiment Interview with Founder Maksim

In this special episode JJ interviews Maksim Balashevich the founder of Santiment. Having recently held a successful token sale based on the Ethereum blockchain Santiment is building a platform for cutting-edge data feeds covering cryptocurrency markets similar to what you might find on the Bloomberg Terminal. Maksim describes his history with traditional stock trading and how he discovered Bitcoin. A recurring theme is his focus on gauging trader and market sentiment. The Santiment...

Duration: 00:46:52

Ep218: SegWit to Activate, Crypto ICOs Raise More Than VC, First Look at Centra Card

SegWit signaling is finished, activation set for August 21, 2017. We check up on Bitcoin Cash. Open Bazaar Alpha is Released with a colorful video. Jelurida IGNIS token sale adapts on the fly. JJ published an interview with the founders of the Swap Protocol this past Monday. ICO funding for crypto projects will soon surpass Venture Capital funding. Fidelity is at the head of the pack by integrating crypt holdings. Wikileaks now accepts Zcash for donations. Introducing Centra to the debit...

Duration: 00:40:00

Swap Protocol Interview with Don Mosites and Michael Oved

I interviewed the co-founders of the Swap Protocol and learns about the latest news: AIRSWAP! Don Mosites and Michael Oved speak about their discovery of cryptocurrencies, what led to the creation of the Swap Protocol and what it's like to work at ConsenSys in Brooklyn, New York. We step through the process implemented by swap to enable peer-to-peer atomic exchanges of Ether and ERC20 tokens. Finally we discuss a new development AIRSWAP and the AIR token ICO! AIR will be a membership token...

Duration: 00:39:49

Ep 217: Bitcoin Cash Is Born!

Bitcoin Cash is born! BCH mining difficulty drop explored. Will Coinbase customers sue over Bitcoin Cash? Neocash Crypto Radio Russia launches! St. Petersburg competes to be Russia's crypto capital. On hack anniversary, Bitfinex announces Ethfinex plan. AMD shares take flight as miners rent 747s to ship graphics cards. Six out of ten corporations prefer the blockchain! All this and more on episode 217 on August 2nd, 2017 Visit http://neocashradio.com Tips appreciated! BTC Address:...

Duration: 00:30:21

NeoCash Radio на русском 2017-07-30

В этом выпуске: особенности Сегвита, предстоящий хардфорк биткоина и запланированное отключение нью-гемпширских автоматов по продаже биткоинов. Mы ведем передачу из нью-гемпширского города Манчестера. В студии с Вами Юрий Полозов и Майкл Якубович.

Duration: 00:06:36

Ep 216: Bitcoin Hard Fork August 1st, Russia Embraces Crypto, Happy Birthday to Ethereum!

Bitcoin hard fork expected August 1. Crypto universe prepares for life with two Bitcoins, BTC and BCC. Lots of news from Russia. SEC rules that DAO tokens were securities. White hat hackers return 95% of fund taken in Parity wallet exploit. Large Bitcoin mixer Bitmixer shuts down. Man uses TenX debit card to pay toll, buy fast food with Bitcoin. Delaware governor signs landmark blockchain law. New Hampshire blockchain exemption law takes effect next week. Ethereum Enterprise Alliance adds...

Duration: 00:29:44

NXT, ARDOR, IGNIS ICO Explained! Interview with Lior Yaffe from Jelurida

In this special episode I interview Lior Yaffe the co-founder, managing director, and senior developer at Jelurida. We discuss an overview of NXT, ARDOR, and the upcoming IGNIS ICO. To find out more click on the links below: ICO pagehttps://jelurida.com/icoNXT Forum -https://nxtforum.org/NXT Chat Slack channel -https://nxtchat.slack.com/Jelurida Public License -https://www.jelurida.com/jplNXT Wiki -https://nxtwiki.org/wiki/Main_PageNXT community site -https://nxt.org/Ardor marketing site...

Duration: 01:00:02

The Tokes Platform Interview with Michael and Gabriel

JJ interviews Michael Wagner and Gabriel Allred. We explore The Cannabis Revolution, powered by the Tokes Platform, it is a cannabis business and social movement using cryptocurrency and blockchain based technologies to further cultural acceptance of marijuana legalization. We start out at the beginning with what inspired the idea and talk about the many parts of the Tokes Platform. Most legal cannabis businesses are unbanked given the disconnect between the States and Federal government...

Duration: 00:34:42

Ep 215: Bitcoin Might Be Saved, McAfee Makes Bold BTC Bet, Millions Lost in CoinDash ICO Heist

Will BIP 91 Miner Activated Soft Fork save Bitcoin? John McAfee makes bold BTC bet. $10 million lost in CoinDash ICO heist. BTC ATMs plan temporary shutdown beginning July 31. Apple approves DASH. The foul smell of federal crypto legislation. Is Wells Fargo a bad actor or just incompetent? Parity multi-sig wallet exploit leads to huge losses. Ethereum EIP proposes difficulty bomb delay. Free State Bitcoin Shoppe opens in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Visit http://neocashradio.com Tips...

Duration: 00:38:46

Bancor Protocol Interview with Eyal Hertzog

JJ interviews Bprotocol Foundation Council member Eyal Hertzog in this special episode of Neocash Radio. Eyal gives a brief history of his crypto experience and we discuss the BNT token and how it got started. The BNT token sale was an intense time; we talk about what it was like behind the scenes at Bancor HQ. We discuss the large number of contributors, the price floor, and the BNT smart token contract. We also discuss the Constant Reserve Ratio, development plans, use cases and...

Duration: 00:39:50

Ep 214: Verizon Breaches Data, First Look at IOTA and Metal, Darren’s First Pull

Verizon data breach: were you exposed? JJ untangles the IOTA plan. Dash gets closer to scaling. Mark Cuban will gamble on Unikrn ICO. Legislators learn blockchain basics. Metal rewards fiat to crypto conversions. Waves hooks up with Deliotte in Russia. Crypto now available at Austrian post offices. Neocash evolves to reach wider audience. A show update and more! All this and more on Episode 214 on Wednesday, July 12th, 2017! Visit http://neocashradio.com Tips appreciated! BTC Address:...

Duration: 00:32:01

Sorin Amzu Interviews Ofir from 99Bitcoins

This past week in episode 213 I mentioned how we are looking to collaborate with more people around the world. Well this is the pilot episode of that effort! I’d like to introduce Sorin Amzu, a podcaster from Romania and crypto-holder. Sorin has two other podcasts in Romaninan: Startups Romania and Banii Vorbesc. Sorin is interested in doing more english podcasts and working with Neocash Radio. In this pilot episode Sorin interviews Ofir Beigel -- blogger and owner of...

Duration: 00:25:14

Ep 213: South Korea Hack Attack, Buying Soap with Altcoins, Plus How Can We Educate the Crypto-Curious?

South Korea hack attack. Will SK legislature regulate crypto? Switzerland goes Fintech friendly. EOS: Hype or Hero? Monaco fixes flaw and reissues tokens. PorcFest soap merchant accepts crypto. DASH unveils new depository "dips." The hosts ask for your suggestions and feedback. All this and more on the Neocash Radio podcast, episode 213 — Wednesday, July 5th, 2017! http://neocashradio.com Tips appreciated! BTC Address: 1MmFwDeZPgxJ4GyzbfmZVLJv3aZcpxSfR5 ETH Address:...

Duration: 00:20:23

Ep212: Top Coin May go to DASH, Token Sale Triumph and Turbulence, Cars and Crypto-volatility

Token sales bring triumph and turbulence. Dash lays out roadmap for success with focus on fundamentals. Vitalik is alive and tweeting. TenX sale tops goal of 200K ETH in 7 minutes. The hosts discuss issues with Coinbase and other factors impacting recent price swings. Darren and Pedro enjoy PorcFest while JJ stays home and talks music, marijuana, and crypto. JJ compares the evolution of cryptocurrencies to cars. A teenager becomes a Bitcoin millionaire. All this and more on episode...

Duration: 00:37:31

Cannabis Crypto: Coming Soon to a Marijuana Store Near You?

Marijuana policy expert Matt Simon joins JJ to talk crypto and cannabis. Will crypto play a major role in emerging legal cannabis markets? If so, will cannabis-themed currencies light the markets on fire? PotCoin sponsors Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea and jumps in value. Tokes lays out ambitious plan blending crypto, cannabis, and public advocacy. Visit http://neocashradio.com for more podcasts! Tips appreciated! BTC Address: 1MmFwDeZPgxJ4GyzbfmZVLJv3aZcpxSfR5 ETH Address:...

Duration: 00:25:28

Interview with David Werba from MUSICONOMI

David Werba joins JJ to talk about Musicoin and the upcoming ICO for MUSICONOMI. MUSICONOMI aims to be a total solution for artists and musician from song sharing to ticket sales. Having demonstrated a functional proof-of-concept with Musicoin the team is seeking funding to accelerate development. Check out http://neocashradio.com for more great interviews as well as our regular show! Tips appreciated! BTC Address: 1MmFwDeZPgxJ4GyzbfmZVLJv3aZcpxSfR5 ETH Address:...

Duration: 00:28:39

Ep211: Crypto Law Rundown, Bancor Record Token Sale, the Flippening

Nvidia and AMD look to offer mining-only GPU cards. Proposed updates to U.S. and E.U. laws may enact draconian obligations on crypto users. Nevada protects blockchains/smart contracts and shields them from taxes. Illinois eases the red tape for crypto startups. Indian banks partner with Microsoft Azure to implement blockchain solutions. The flippening watch and what happens next. Bancor token sale raises record funds. A diversified crypto fund is launching in Zug, Switzerland. VXLabs shows...

Duration: 00:31:27

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