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Creators on Creating – EP17 - Nerd On! The Podcast

Welcome to Episode 17 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Creators on Creating Take a deeper look into your favorite podcast host’s lives. In this episode, the nerds take a moment to share their love and struggles with their passions that ultimately brought them together. From making a game, creating an alternate for therapy, reviving […]

Duration: 01:03:59

Rick and Morty – EP16 - Nerd On! The Podcast

Welcome to Episode 16 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Rick and Morty The Nerds are coming at you from the universe C-137 to break down the cartoon that was less cartoon and more cultural phenomenon, Rick and Morty. A dash of Back to the Future, a dollop of Justin Roiland’s comedy, and an injection […]

Duration: 01:02:56

Destiny 1 & 2 – EP 15

Welcome to the final episode of 2017 – Episode 15 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Destiny 1 & 2 This week The Nerds discuss their Destiny… experience. How did it take so long to have THE Destiny episode when the crew includes a resident Destiny expert? Ali (AKA Future Foe) leads the Nerd On! […]

Duration: 01:10:16

BONUS: 2017 – A Year In Review

Welcome to a special year-end episode of Nerd On! The Podcast – 2017 – A Year in Review Winter has come and the end of another year is upon us. With it comes the reflection on the lessons learned of the year…or a look at the year’s nerdiest stuff. The Nerds quickly outline some of […]

Duration: 00:28:01

Star Wars: The Last Jedi – EP14

Welcome to Episode XIV of Nerd On! The Podcast – Star Wars: The Last Jedi ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS*** A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. again. Four nerds adventure deeper into the galaxy known as Star Wars with the new addition of The Last Jedi. Did we love it? Did we […]

Duration: 02:22:36

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – EP13

Welcome to Episode 13 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Star Wars: The Original Trilogy A long time ago, in a podcast far, far away… Four nerds ventured into the galaxy known as Star Wars: The Original Trilogy to discuss what they loved about the original saga and the importance of these films. They cover […]

Duration: 01:27:22

The Nightmare Before Christmas – EP12

Welcome to Episode 12 of Nerd On! The Podcast – The Nightmare Before Christmas What’s this?! Something’s up with the Nerds this week. For the first episode of December 2017, the hosts discuss the classic The Nightmare Before Christmas. The discussion includes such ghoulish topics as harkening back to when they first saw the film, […]

Duration: 01:07:50

Stranger Things – EP11

Welcome to Episode 11 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Stranger Things ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS*** Nerds don’t lie. The Nerds visit Hawkins as they discuss Stranger Things Season 1 & 2. Who wears the grump crown this week? Why are you keeping this curiosity door to The Upside Down closed? Open up and listen […]

Duration: 01:15:04

Justice League – EP10

Welcome to Episode 10 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Justice League ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS*** You can’t podcast the world alone! The Nerds go all in and discuss in-depth the Justice League movie. This includes the characterizations of DC’s greatest, the filmmaking shakeups, and comparisons to the MCU and prior iterations. The hosts each […]

Duration: 02:00:53

Movies R Us – Our Favorite Films – EP9

Welcome to Episode 9 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Movies R Us We pick up with our fearless Nerds in a conversation about their favorite films, including the ones that had profound effects on them and the ones that gave them their first cinema Nerd Ons. And we are excited to announce that we […]

Duration: 01:17:39

Thor: Ragnarok – EP8

Welcome to Episode 8 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Thor Ragnarok ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS*** By Odin’s Beard! The Nerds discuss in-depth the movie Thor Ragnarok. This includes the character’s journey through the MCU up to the film in question. Be prepared to ride the Bifröst for a Spoiler Rich look into what they loved […]

Duration: 01:17:15

BONUS: BlizzCon 2017

Welcome to a special episode of Nerd On! The Podcast. Our very first BONUS episode. Our fearless hero Nerd, Corey, returns from the land of Anaheim to tell us his tale from the event known as BlizzCon 2017. The story includes exciting news from the developer on upcoming expansions and content for games, such as […]

Duration: 00:36:06

Interview with Jeff Nimoy – Show Running Digimon, the forgotten Trigun, Naruto, Bleach, hilarious impersonations and much much more – EP7

There’s a first for everything and in this episode, the Nerds welcome their very first guest! Emmy-award winning director, writer, and VO actor, Jeff Nimoy joins and gets personal! From telling stories about show running Digimon, his relationship with Leonard Nimoy, right place right time opportunities, Trigun, Bleach, Naruto, and hilarious impersonations… there’s something for everyone! […]

Duration: 01:09:49

Zombie Pirates – THE HALLOWEEN EPISODE – Horror/Thriller Films and Video Games, Things That Scare Us That Shouldn’t and Our Zombie Apocalypse Plans – EP6

Welcome to Episode 6 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Zombie Pirates! Boo! Welcome to our spooktacular terror-rific Halloween Episode! In this episode, our ghoulish nerdy hosts discuss the things that go bump in the night. More specifically – Horror/Thriller Movies and Video Games, Things that scared them but probably shouldn’t have, their zombie apocalypse plans […]

Duration: 01:13:06

#notmyspiderman – The Spider-Man Movies with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield & Tom Holland – EP5

Welcome to Episode 5 of Nerd On! The Podcast – #notmyspiderman Our fearless nerds adventure into the lands of disagreement. The topic? The Spider-Man movies. Fists fly and blood is shed. Okay, maybe not. Let’s just say, this is a very heated discussion on everyone’s thoughts on the Spider-man cinematic trials and errors. What did […]

Duration: 01:06:34

Episode 4: The Blade Runners

Welcome to Episode 4 of Nerd On! The Podcast – The Blade Runners ***THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS*** The nerds discuss in-depth the movies Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner 2049 (2017). The conversation includes love for both films, the original’s influence, but also their qualms. Is Deckard a replicant? How much blood CAN you put on Ryan Gosling’s face? […]

Duration: 01:22:43

Episode 3: Rubber Lips & Rubber Nips

Welcome to Episode 3 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Rubber Lips & Rubber Nips The hosts express their love for Batman: The Animated Series (1992 to 1995). The series not only changed the world of Batman but changed the animation industry as well. Filled with tangents on other Batman related subjects, including Comic Book […]

Duration: 01:07:06

Episode 2: Video Games R Us

Welcome to Episode 2 of Nerd On! The Podcast. We pick up with our fearless nerds in a conversation about their favorite video game franchises and their most current thoughts about the games that affected them the most. Be sure to subscribe and follow the show for all future posts… Twitter – @nerdonthepod Facebook – […]

Duration: 01:12:33

Episode 1: The Tree of Nerdom

Welcome to Nerd On! The podcast you didn’t need but you deserve. For the first episode, the guys discuss the roots of their Tree of Nerdom, as they say. (Do they say that?) Pop culture topics include everything from their first screen names, video games, cartoons and movies they grew up loving, the age old … Continue reading "Episode 1: The Tree of Nerdom" The post Episode 1: The Tree of Nerdom appeared first on Nerd On! The Podcast.

Duration: 00:49:42