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Nerd Rage! We've all felt it. Whether its the latest in video games, movies, tv, comedy, tech or any other major news story pre-occupying the wonderful world of funtertainment, you can be sure our colorful cast of young 20-something college students hailing from New England most definitely has a strong opinion on it! Would you kindly give us a try? ;p (Any feedback is welcome! Tell us if you're liking the show at nerdragemediaman@gmail.com) End of Line...




Nerd Rage! Podcast Ep. 12! D23 2017 Walt Disney World Announcements!

In a very special post-D23 episode of the 'cast, Alex is joined by his cousins and fellow Disney super-fans Joe and Angela Bowker. Join them as they breaketh down the game changing announcements coming to Walt Disney World and Disney Parks over the next five years! Its the truth! Its actual! Everything is satis-factual!

Duration: 01:03:41

Nerd Rage! Ep. 10 6/19/17 E3 2017 Reactions and Breakdown!

It's the most wonderful time of the year again folks! No, not Christmas (its too mainstream), we're talking about E3! Join Mr. Alex as he breaks down all the biggest video game news and talks about what excited him the most at E3 2017! Who won the show? What was the game of show? We'll let you know1

Duration: 00:48:32

Nerd Rage! Ep. 11 Wonder Woman! Reactions and Reviewed!

Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman has taken the world by storm. Alex loved it and can't wait to share his reactions and break it all down for you. Folks you haven't seen girl power like this since the Spice Girls!

Duration: 00:23:31

Nerd Rage! Ep. 9 1/8/17 Reactions from CES 2017!

Join Alex and returning guest Matt Roy as they totally geek out over all the awesome things going on at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show! The future is almost here!

Duration: 00:47:19

Nerd Rage! Ep. 8 12/13/16 Our Holiday Buyer's Guide Spectacular!

Join Alex and his special returning guest, Mr. Matt Roy as they discuss all the awesomerific tech and gadgets you can buy this holiday season! Or don't! We aren't paid to plug this stuff anyway!

Duration: 01:05:00

Nerd Rage! Ep. 7 7/6/16 Captain America: Civil War! Reactions and Reviewed!

"AVENGERS Dis-ASSEMBLE!" In the 6th episode of the "Nerd Rage!" Podcast, Alex welcomes back good friend and Living Marvel Universe Encyclopedia Bryan Crawford! Join us as we rant and rave about Captain America: Civil War! Is it the best Marvel movie ever? The best comic book movie ever? Did it somehow make Batman V Superman look even worse by comparison? Tune in to find out!

Duration: 00:47:48

Nerd Rage! Ep 3. 6/12/16 The E3 2016 Pre-Show....Show

In the short awaited 3rd episode of the "Nerd Rage!" Podcast, Alex is (once again) joined by former PlayStation Lifestyle writer Kayvon Ghoreshi as they discuss all the likely news, rumors, hopes, and dreams of gamers everywhere on the eve of the greatest video game event of the year: E3 2016!

Duration: 01:07:59