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Nerdibles is a comedic show which celebrates the art of being a "Nerd," provides the latest in Pop Culture news, and provides a unique look into topics that matter most to the rising Geek Nation. Hosted by Rich Rayne, Travis Jones, Kris Koller, and Ethan Benjamin.




196 Why JJ Why

This episode we are joined once more by Travis and Sebastian and we are talking JJ Abrams helming a Star Wars film. No its not a throwback show, its happening again.

Duration: 01:08:48

195 Star Wars Lost Another Director But XForce Finds One

This edition of Nerdibles, R.A. Mikey and Kris discuss the latest director to leave a SW film and possibly why, Disney releasing further details about their upcoming streaming service and what it means for your current streaming service, a new director for X-Force and we will quickly discuss the possible bankruptcy of the world's largest toy retailer and the monster box office for a clown. Then we will tell you which ten comic book collections released so far in 2017 belong in your library...

Duration: 01:24:42

194 Force Friday 2

This time we are talking about the good bad and ugly of Star Wars Force Friday round 2

Duration: 01:05:15

193 DCEU May Be Dead On Arrival

This episode we try to discuss the newest news regarding the DCEU. Theres a lot of talk about the multiple Joker films being produced, and which are connected to the DCEU and which are not. We try to figure out what the heck is going on. Also we get into a conversation of what movies we've seen and just how many times we saw them.

Duration: 01:46:55

192 Batman, Deadpool, Kirkman And Kenobi

This time we are talking Casey Affleck ruining the Batman, a Deadpool stunt becomes deadly, Walking Dead Producers want some money, and fans go crazy for Kenobi.

Duration: 01:14:01

191 Whedon's Justice For Thr League

This episode we discuss everything we know thus far about DC Films upcoming Justice League film.

Duration: 01:18:36

190 Summer Movies Sucess And Failures

This episode we discuss the 2017 Summer Movie successes and failures, and we try to figure out just what is happening to cause the decline in Box Office ticket sales.

Duration: 01:34:01

189 We Interupt This Weekly Show To Give Wrap - Up Comic - Con

This episode we wrap up Comic Con 2017, and talk about some of the weeks news.

Duration: 01:42:13

188 A Wretched hive of Scum Villainy

Welcome to a very special Nerdibles show. We are coming to you live from the Scum and Villainy Cantina in Hollywood California. This episode we have the fallout from D23, a special interview with Scum and Villainy founder J.C. Reifenberg, and later in the show Kris will take J.C. on in a Star Wars trivia contest.

Duration: 00:55:17

03SWD Star Wars DeClassified- Canon Bugs That Bug Us

This episode we discuss the elements of the Star Wars Universe that bug us the most. Let us know what bugs you the most about Star Wars.

Duration: 01:02:47

187 Spider - Man Homecoming Review Show

***SPOILERS*** This episode we discuss Spider-man Homecoming.

Duration: 01:24:25

186 Fan Theories Inhumans And Confusion OH MY

This week we discuss the importance of fan theories (and how the recent Spider-Man one sucks), the complex and confusing week that Sony and Marvel's respective Spidey franchises, the recent details in the ongoing Han Solo movie saga and our reaction to the recent Inhumans trailer.

Duration: 01:07:21

185 Solo Turmoil Transform(ers)Marvel's Watchmen

This week, Rich, Ethan & Kris discuss the firing and hiring of directors for the upcoming Han Solo film, Sony Pictures' Spider-Man spin-off films, the tepid reaction and box office for Transformers: The Last Knight, the possible HBO Watchmen series and the recent announcement regarding Marvel Comics' fall Legacy event.

Duration: 01:20:59

184 Much Ado About Nothing

This episode we are talking about the Bat Signal lighting up the Los Angeles Court House, Danny Elfman joining the Justice League, Dark Phoenix welcomes cast back, and we talk about our "favs" from E3 Expo.

Duration: 01:25:15

183 Wonder Woman Review

This episode we say good-bye to Adam West, discuss the Black Panther teaser trailer, and give our review of the Wonder Woman trailer.

Duration: 01:41:22

182 A Pirates Life For Me

This episode of Nerdibles we are reviewing Pirates 5, Wonder Woman gets DC’s highest Rotten Tomato rating since The Dark Knight, and Hasbro Launches a huge property crossover in August.

Duration: 01:28:21

181 I Choose You Boomy

This episode Kris, Rich, Ethan, Mike and Sebastian discuss the recent incident at Phoenix Comic Con and what it means for con security going forward; the reaction to the new Star Trek: Discovery trailer and why Trek fans are disappointed; the Memorial Day box office and possible franchise fatigue and Disney dominance and finally we discuss the state of terrible Marvel official release posters.

Duration: 01:28:59

180 I Hear Voices With Eric Bauza

This time on Nerdibles we joined by a very special guest, you may not know his name but there is no doubt you know his voice, or should I say voices. Please welcome the very talented Eric Bauza.

Duration: 01:07:35

045COMIC Comictating Issue 45 May 3

This week’s issue of Comictating for the week of 5/2/2017! In this episode we celebrate the return of Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan to the DC Universe with Bane: Conquest #1. We also tackle a might Marvel mountain with the release of Black Bolt #1, Jean Grey #1, and the Guardians of the Galaxy return hot on the heels of their upcoming sequel in Guardians of the Galaxy #1. Lastly they spy on the Earth in the midst of a Hydra take over in Secret Empire #1 and on that Dark Knight Detective and...

Duration: 00:40:31

179 A Show Ful Of Sht Part Duex Duex

179 A Show Ful Of Sht Part Duex Duex by R.A. Rayne, Kris Koller, Ethan Benjamin, Travis Jones, Sebastian Gordils, Mike Jezak

Duration: 00:44:24

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