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Nerds At Drive Ins : Fire And Ice

On this episode of NADI we cover the 1983 fantasy film Fire and Ice. Mat and his guest host Cory cover all the joys of Frank Frazetta, Barbarian Batman, Ice Wizards, and fighting icebergs with axes! Check out the trailer for Fire and Ice here ( If you'd like to order Frank Frazetta merch or you want to see more of his amazing art check out Frazetta Girls on Instagram ( and the web...

Duration: 01:23:58

After Flick RoundTable Ghost in the Shell

This time we take a short break from the long form Podcast we had in the last episode of Nerds At Drive Ins to chat about a new movie, Ghost in the Shell. We cover our initial thoughts on the film while doing our best to keep it relatively spoiler free! Ghost in the Shell has been in fans crosshairs since the cast list was announced but should fans really be that mad? This podcast is brought to you by the team at Be sure to check out all the official NerdLifeTX channels for...

Duration: 00:35:18

Nerds At Drive Ins : Midnight Skater

On the inaugural episode of Nerds At Drive Ins Mat (NitroWeasel3k) and Nick (z3r0png) discuss the campy cult classic Midnight Skater! Midnight Skater was released in the early 2000's and filmed mainly on the Kent State University campus in Kent Ohio. Murders, Zombies, Drugs, and a Purple Ninja all culminate in a perfect campy horror classic that even non horror fans will appreciate. So weather you enjoy low budget cinema, zombie flicks, gory special effects, or just went to Kent State...

Duration: 01:27:17