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Nerdy Show Book Club :: Episode 14 :: A Handmade Tail

As we brace ourselves for our forthcoming dissection of the disturbingly relevant Handmaid's Tale, we first divert into greener and more peculiar pastures by talking about the other things we've read. Join Cap, Denika, Brandon, and Jess as they unload on a wide expanse of literary explorations. Discover a genre specifically about faeries being dicks, explore the world of video game translation and The Legend of Zelda to a point of fascinating minutia, learn what's the opposite of Death Note,...

Duration: 00:41:44

Episode 297 :: The Orville Vs. Star Trek: Discovery

This season of television you've got choices when deciding where to boldly go. Option A: Seth MacFarlane's The Orville; a Galaxy Quest-style, Roddenberry-fueled sci-fi comedy. Option B: Star Trek: Discovery; a darker slice of Trek set in the new movie continuity. Option C: BOTH?! Join Cap, boR, Trench, and Doug as we weigh the pros and cons of both series. The very fact that we have two high-caliber, space-faring shows at once after such a long time without anything Trek-flavored is hitting...

Duration: 01:25:20

Nerdy Show Interview: Careless Juja and the World Tour That Wasn't

VGM is a strange genre. For starters, it's a genre consisting almost exclusively of covering other people's music - but the difference between a random band covering a random song and Video Game Music is substantial. VGM focuses on rearrangement of music, sometimes drastically so; often uplifting the source material to previously unrealized heights. So quality VGM is a very special thing - for lovers of video games and instrumental compositions alike. Even more special is the rare occasion...

Duration: 00:42:21

Nerdy Show Update :: September 2017

Our workloads and life are all feeling fatigue from the Hurricane Irma monkey wrench. We'll resume our regularly scheduled programming next week. In the meantime, here's some updates about the latest happenings behind the scenes.

Duration: 00:03:28

Episode 296 :: The Hunker Games

We survived Hurricane Irma! Venture to the "dirty side of the storm" and thrill as we describe all our first world inconveniences of sassy trees, migratory bird flight plans, power outages, and copious hunkering. It turns out while we were keeping clear of windows and raking endlessly, some cool media came out. Hear our thoughts on Seth MacFarlane's spin on Star Trek and Galaxy Quest, The Orville. We also explore how Stephen King's IT measures up against the classic, Tim Curry-fronted 1990...

Duration: 01:05:12

Nerdy Show Interview: Chamber Band - Time Traveling Through 36 Questions & Governor's Square

Chamber Band have made it their mission to emotionally disarm you while exploring beloved nerd worlds. In their debut record, Deities, they cheekily adventured through Dungeons & Dragons, in Careers they braved The Hunger Games, and now in Governor's Square they're taking on H.G. Wells' The Time Machine and The Invisible Man. However, in all cases it's best you check your preconceived notions before venturing further. Love, loss, and existential but infinitely relatable quandaries await...

Duration: 00:53:13

Nerdy Show Review: Twin Peaks - The Return

Looking for a spoiler-free review of Twin Peaks - The Return? Well sorry, folks - there's no such thing. Tune in to the first couple minutes to hear the broadest of discussions of our thoughts on the revival series, and then buckle up. After we cross the spoiler wall you're going to want to have seen all of the series or the strange desire to be even more confused than the average Peaks fan. This summer we took a vacation, more of a road trip really - we spent more time than expected in...

Duration: 00:46:00

Episode 295 :: The Immortal Iron Fish

Do you want to be a master of martial arts fish-ticuffs? Well, you'd better look somewhere else, friend! We've got zero good advice and only the dregs of the nerd world to feed on. We're pop culture catfish! Join us as we nom through the goop of our geek lives. Learn about the fruits of Brandon's plant harem, Doug's difficulties with Deep Space Nine, Cap's strange adventures prepping for the second series of The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, and boR's burning hype for the new season of...

Duration: 01:07:21

Nerdy Show Review: Amazon's The Tick - Season 1 - Spoiler-Free

The biggest, boldest, bluest name in superhero comedy is bounding back into your life! This week Amazon unveils the first season of The Tick (or half of it anyway). Ben Edlund has returned to his cyan creation with the incomparable Peter Serafinowicz in the title role alongside a cast of up-and-comers. Join Cap, Tony, and Doug as we celebrate the Ticks that have come before and discuss the finer points of what this new spin on an old favorite does differently. In this spoiler-free review,...

Duration: 00:20:35

Nerdy Show 294 :: Carbon Nano Toobin'

Global warming getting you down? Just go carbon nano toobin', brah! We discuss a surprising new science that could eat CO2 and spit out the multi-use material of the future: carbon nanotubes. Blind and unchecked science and capitalism have got us into this mess, and it turns out they might save us too. We're full of summer fun science facts! Join us as we explore the games we've been playing - such as Splatoon 2 and Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - as well as share our thoughts on Disney's...

Duration: 01:29:09

Nerdy Show Update :: August 2017

Hey folks! No episodes for the next couple weeks while we travel and sort out surprise summer shenanigans! However, if you're craving entertainment - all is not lost - this is an exciting week! Out today we have an all-new episode of Dungeons & Doritos. As of this episode, the series is on a hiatus of an undetermined length as explained in our recent D&D Update. We do have one more D&D project to fill the gap though - a second "D&D Q&A"! Send in your questions for the cast or characters to...

Duration: 00:04:43

Nerdy Show Interview: Marc With A C Gets Shock Treatment

Before there was "reality TV" there was Shock Treatment - a side-step sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show that confounded fans and slipped in under moviegoers' radars in 1981. No sweet transvestites here, just Brad and Janet trapped in a televised torture chamber that looks eerily like America in the 21st century. The film faded into obscurity, where it would've languished were it not for some die-hard fans, among them the lo-fi musician and familiar voice here on The Nerdy Show...

Duration: 00:56:37

Nerdy Show Interview: 40 Years of Cerebus the Aardvark with Gerhard

Cap celebrates 40 years of a comic book milestone: Cerebus the Aardvark. It's an independent comic that took the world by storm, changed the industry forever, and broke bold new ground with its hilarious and heart-rending story. The series was written and drawn by Dave Sim with background artist, Gerhard. Together they chronicled the life of this ill-fated aardvark with Sim drawing the characters and Gerhard anchoring the cartoon animal into immaculately rendered environments. This...

Duration: 00:56:37

Episode 292 :: Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em

If you're jonesin' for some unfiltered geek conversation, well pal, you've come to the right podcast. Light up with Nerdy Show as we share some smokin' film, game, TV, science, and comics news and reviews. Brandon shares sublime experiences in space parking in Elite Dangerous: The Legendary Edition, Y.A.s Queen Denika delivers an impromptu Nerdy Show Book Club and shares her adventures at Kennedy Space Center, boR delights in Diablo necromancy, and Cap uncovers exciting news about an...

Duration: 01:30:33

Nerdy Show Interview: Curse Words with Charles Soule and Ryan Browne

There's only one man (and a koala) standing in the way of Earth being enslaved by a magical realm: his name is Wizord, and he's kind of a dick. That's Image Comics' new fantasy-comedy Curse Words in a nutshell, and if you're not on board already, after this magical mystery tour, you will be. Join Cap and Aaron live at HeroesCon for a saucy chat with series creators Charles Soule (Lando, Swamp Thing) and Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts) about their hazardous writing process and the...

Duration: 00:56:09

Episode 291 :: Moogfest (and E3) Walk With Me

The summer is already off to a breakneck start for both pop culture and your beloved hosts. Hosts like boR, Nicky, Jon, and... what was that other one? They used to be on the show quite a bit... oh, Cap! Our fearless leader has returned from their travels hither and thither and brought with them eclectic tales. Learn about Cap and Jon's experiences at Moogfest - a combination science and technology conference and music festival. Hear about encounters with transhumanist presidential...

Duration: 10:05:41

Nerdy Show Update :: Come See Us at HereosCon!

Come see Cap, Doug, Aaron, and Bryan at HeroesCon this weekend. Awesome panels and a new Lightning Dogs book await! (We're at booth AA-100)

Duration: 00:03:02

Nerdy Show Microsode: Cracking Open The Dresden Files

When The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast isn’t unloading on the latest geek news and happenings, we’re diving deep into super-specific discussions and interviews. When it comes to series that deal with magic and folklore, some of the most provocative stories are set in modern times: Buffy the Vampire Slater, Supernatural, Harry Potter... and one other cornerstone of that genre that somehow we've never talked about on Nerdy Show: Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files. The novels, the...

Duration: 00:32:57

Nerdy Show 290 :: American Nerds

More In the realm of nerd podcasting, some older powerhouses are fading away, while others are gaining power through new followers. They'll do whatever it takes to entertain you and stay fresh in your mind. Dive into this crazy world with only boR, Brandon, Doug, and Denika as your guides into the world of American Nerds! With little to no explanation as to why, you'll embark on a mission to the sun, play a few rounds of Gwent,...

Duration: 01:30:40

Nerdy Show Microsode: Console Clunkers & Spoofing Star Wars with Palette-Swap Ninja

Cap and Brandon are joined by Palette-Swap Ninja, an obscure nerd band that recently made a big splash when they combined two pillars of 20th century pop culture into one unbelievable concept album. Dan Amrich is a game journalist turned Ubisoft community developer and Jude Kelley is a research scientist who repairs old arcade machines. With our collective powers combined, we're unleashing a nerd podcast of an unrepellable magnitude. First up, we take on the listener-requested topic:...

Duration: 01:12:56

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