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Financial News,Commentary,Powerful Interviews and Portfolio Building Ideas.

Financial News,Commentary,Powerful Interviews and Portfolio Building Ideas.
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Financial News,Commentary,Powerful Interviews and Portfolio Building Ideas.




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A Royal Whoopin’!

Click herefor this week's charts. The success of the shale revolution is a key factor in this week’s large declines in oil prices as well as wholesale gasoline. Royalty trusts were hit this week as oil process declined near 18 month lows. The prior warning on exploration and production master limited partnerships was based upon excessive debt. The royalty trusts with generally less debt and less in capital expenditure commitments could be, at some point, a bargain replacement for oil based...

Duration: 00:42:07


Click herefor this week's charts. US Dollar Index Spot Rate (DXY) - 5 Year OIL and COMMODITES SLAMMED! WTI Oil (CLX 4) - 1 Year Bloomberg Commodities Index (BCOM) - Year to Date SMALL STOCK CORRECTION Russell 2000 (RTY) - Year to Date BOND SECTION: THE GREAT UNRAVELLING: HUGE POTENTIAL PORTFOLIO MIGRATIONS, 401k’s and Mutual Fund Allocations THE DETHRONING OF THE OLD KING! LONG LIVE THE NEW KING? TRADABLE EVENTS FOR CONSERVATIVE INVESTORS? Pimco Girds for Redemptions as Gundlach Attracts...

Duration: 00:43:49


Click herefor this week's charts. Our experience indicates that investors appear to move from optimism to fearful anxiety relatively quickly when compared with moving from fear to optimism. Last week’s program was entitled Curiously Strong Progress based upon strong economic numbers and new index highs for the Dow 30 and the S&P 500 blue chip indexes. This week the markets quickly shifted to a fearful posture. The History of the “FEAR” index, implied forward volatility Bond Education:...

Duration: 00:43:16

Curiously Strong Progress

Click herefor this week's charts. New highs in the equity markets were echoed with continued progress in the United States economy. Jobless claims plummeted below expectations which telegraphs another drop in the unemployment rate. The strength and resiliency in the US economy has been remarkable in contrast to the extreme pessimism that was prevalent as recently as 2012. Alibaba? How will the benefits ultimately reach shareholders? With a maze of subsidiaries and offshore companies,...

Duration: 00:39:48


Click herefor this week's charts. During bull markets we seem to forget the basics of crisis management. Building more conservative allocations as equity prices move higher is a gradual way to “get out of the market.” In fact, selection of non equity assets based upon the cash flow being paid to the investor, provides a criteria that can be much more effective than wizardry that attempts to predict the future. A discussion of September 2001 provides insights for investors. Black Swan...

Duration: 00:41:15

A Curiously Strong Bull Market

Click herefor this week's charts. New highs on the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average corresponded to strong manufacturing index numbers showing accelerated expansion. Many investors are left nervously wondering how high the indexes will go before the next decline. Lessons for this week: Whole Foods Success Story and The Dangers of Overpaying Whole Foods Inc. (WFM US) from inception This Week’s Profit Report Alex Tollen, Certified Private Wealth Advisor and Director of Equity Trading...

Duration: 00:41:19

Nasdaq Index: Party Like It’s 1999!

Click herefor this week's charts. The wild story of the QQQ, Nasdaq 100 index contains important lessons for investors. Launched over 15 years ago in the 1999 technology boom, the shares opened at about $54 skyrocketing in less than a year to over $120. The index contains the 100 largest companies on the NASDAQ composite index ranked by market capitalization. The buying frenzy in the QQQ shares set the stage for a collapse to $20 in October of 2001. The index this week approached the $100...

Duration: 00:40:51


Click herefor this week's charts. Major Headlines This Week Impacting the Income Markets Europe Slowdown: German GDP contracted Q2, One More and it is a Euro ReRecession European Interest Rates Fall to Lowest in History U.S Treasuries Spike back to high prices/low yields for the year PIPELINES: “I think it’s a fertile field to do a little grazing.” Rich Kinder, CEO of Kinder Morgan and University of Missouri law graduate, announces Consolidation of Pipeline Assets: EPB KMP KMR KMI. Should...

Duration: 00:38:38

The Summer Swoon in Stock Prices

Click herefor this week's charts. On July 17th the Dow hit an all time high of 17,150. This week, the summer swoon in equity prices took the index below 16,400. While only a 4% setback, the result is loss year to date of about 1%. Anxiety levels have increased for many investors wondering if a severe correction is possible. While the answer is yes, it appears current conditions lack the ingredients to whip up a full scale crisis. Dow Jones Industrial Average (INDU) - YTD Good News in...

Duration: 00:43:47


Click herefor this week's charts. Oil’s Lurch Below 100 West Texas Intermediate crude headed for its biggest weekly decline in seven months on concern that demand will fall as refineries slow operations. Brent slid. Read more Argentina’s Default Argentine bonds posted the biggest two-day loss since 2008 as a committee ruled that the failure to pay interest will trigger $1 billion of credit-default swaps. Read more Russia’s Belligerence With the world watching if U.S. and European sanctions...

Duration: 00:40:49

All Time Highs! Again?

Click herefor this week's charts. The Standard and Poors 500 leapt to record levels this week. From the deepest correction point March, 9th2009at 666, the index has climbed 3 fold topping 1986 for the first time in history this week. Money Market Madness The SEC set the stage this week for institutional money markets to “break the buck.” The question for private client investors is how traditional money market sweep accounts will be impacted. This week’s program explores the mathematics of...

Duration: 00:44:48

Results Matter!

Click herefor this week's charts. Second quarter earnings announcements came fast and furious all week long providing intelligence on a stronger economy. Google Announcement Excerpt: Revenues and other information - Google Inc. revenues for the quarter ended June 30, 2014 were $15.96 billion, representing a 22% increase over second quarter of 2013 revenues of $13.11 billion. GAAP EPS (including impact from net income (loss) from discontinued operations) in the second quarter of 2014 was...

Duration: 00:40:53

2014 Top Surprises


Duration: 00:04:29

MGAM Mid-Year Updates

Click herefor this week's charts. 2014 Remarkable Financial Market Activity Municipal Bonds The unexpected drop in U.S. Treasury interest rates in the first of half of the year corresponded to appreciation in municipal bond prices. Impressive capital gains from our year end tax free trading package and long term municipal bonds holdings have contributed to this year’s performance. Historically low inflation, Federal Reserve commentary, institutional equity rebalancing, allocation mandates,...

Duration: 00:48:50


For this week's charts,click here. Featured Investment Intelligence GET SMART! Spencer McGowan Interviews Reed D. Walters MGAM Long Term Investment Themes Energy Infrastructure Water Healthcare and Wellness Emerging Market Ascendancy Real Estate Planning Tip of the Week Sometimes a radio commercial or cable TV ad will pitch a vaguely described investment that you “must know about” offering impressive returns with virtually no risk. These claims are red flags. This Week’s NWR Package...

Duration: 00:49:38

Bounced off the Ceiling! Where is the Floor?

For this week's charts, click here. Featured Investment Intelligence Where is the Floor? After making several new highs in May, the blue chip equity indexes appear to have bounced off a ceiling. Small cap US indexes appeared to be more vulnerable after the Russell 2000 downdrafts. Bond prices strengthened with yields falling to the lowest levels since June 2013 based on the 30 year US Treasury. Spencer McGowan Interviews Ryan “Birdman” Parrott MGAM Long Term Investment Themes Energy...

Duration: 00:41:30

The Strong Get Stronger. The Weak Get Weaker.

For this week’s charts, please click here. Featured Investment Intelligence The Strong Get Stronger Sandisk (SNDK), Great Memory Electronic Arts (EA) Calumet Specialty Products (CLMT) The Weak Get Weaker Tesla Motors (TSLA): A shocking decline! Whole Foods Market (WFM): It ain’t easy being green.” AOL Spencer McGowan Interviews Grant English MGAM Long Term Investment Themes •Energy •Infrastructure •Water •Healthcare and Wellness •Emerging Market Ascendancy •Real Estate Planning Tip of the...

Duration: 00:50:37

Dallas' Big Boom

For this week’s charts, pleaseclick here. NetWorth Radio Powerful Interviews Spencer McGowan Interviews Grant English MGAM Long Term Investment Themes Energy Infrastructure Water Healthcare and Wellness Emerging Market Ascendancy Real Estate Planning Tip of the Week Sometimes life hands you big surprises that affect your finances. On such occasions, your long-term investment or retirement strategy may need to be reassessed. This Week’s NWR Package Includes: Market Commentary MGAM Tactical...

Duration: 00:42:49

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