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Chris and Tim are your buddies on a journey into the world of Minecraft. Answering your questions about the game and introducing you to new and interesting ways to play Minecraft through mods. Hosted by Chris Enns and Tim Murtaugh.






Minecraft Mods Explained

We explain basic Minecraft mod installation and then list off a bunch of great mods to start with - mods that aren't that complex or intensive but great ways to experiment with mods in your Minecraft gameplay.

Duration: 00:50:43

This is the End

We're off to kill the dragon, the wonderful dragon of Minecraft. Join Tim and Chris as they talk killing the dragon and winning the game and becoming the most powerful Minecraft player in your entire... house?

Duration: 00:46:12

Throwing An Eye of Ender Into the Ocean

Finding a stronghold so you can find the End Portal is our goal for this episode. We talk about a new book on Minecraft, answer a listener question about underwater temples and build a computer inside Minecraft.

Duration: 00:51:57

Be Okay with Dying Repeatedly

We take a break from our scheduled routine of surviving in Minecraft to talk about some of the more mundane tasks like farming, fishing, apples, and crafting rails and mine carts.

Duration: 00:52:16

Do Not Try This at Home with Real Cats

We talk enchanting and potions for this episode. It's a bit technical but hopefully you'll be inspired to try out crafting potions and enchanting your swords, pick axes and other tools. We also answer a listener question about golems and getting off a horse.

Duration: 01:04:35

Your Favorite Horse

We're on day 4 of our journey into Minecraft and we talk about the Nether - what to bring, how to get there, what not to bring and how to get out alive.

Duration: 01:02:29

$2.5 Billion Gets You Slimmer Arms

Mojang gets bought by Microsoft, Twitch gets bought by Amazon and we're only on day 3! Strip mining, walkabouts and books and enchantments are covered on this episode - plus we need your help naming things!

Duration: 00:57:49

What To Do On Day Two in Minecraft?

We talk about Minecraft v1.8 being released and what we find interesting about the update. For our main topic we chat about what to do now that you've survived day one and how achievements can help guide your way. And some awesome big builds to check out for some inspiration.

Duration: 00:57:23

Loading Chunks - The Basics of Minecraft

We cover the basics of Minecraft - why, how much, what do you need and why is it so popular? We open up the listener mail and answer a couple questions. We also talk Minecraft world news - Star Wars, Captive Minecraft and Herobrine.

Duration: 00:58:56

A Snapshot of a Podcast in Beta Form

We introduce ourselves, introduce the show, and introduce you to Minecraft. We cover a lot of Minecraft in general - future episodes will take a deeper dive look into specific topics: installing Minecraft, textures and skins, Xbox/PS3 vs iOS vs PC versions of Minecraft, and the goals behind playing Minecraft. Plus listener questions answered by us!

Duration: 00:55:23