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Hosts Andrew and Steven welcome various funny guest hosts from all areas of life, and dive right into a random comedy show full of stories, improvisational comedy, and insanely funny skits.






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NERD 98: Everyone is Dead

Andrew, Steven, and Producer Will are joined by improviser Tom Olson, and Runway Renegades Ronnie Ryno for a hilarious, and fashionable extravaganza! Tune in to hear about a yearly, and one of a kind, fashion show for charity. Tune in for a surprise twist ending, and a one of a kind Hollywood Translator. Out of Context Clues: Runway Renegades, Fashion, Beyond Pink, Public Domain vs Fair Use, Eclipses, Ignorance, Helen Keller, Japanese Porn, Camping, Trespassing, Hobos, Vagabonds, Coke,...

Episode 97: O

Andrew & Steven welcome Jani and Burr Martin from the Burr Martin Experience podcast, found right here on Pants Pending Studios. Buckle up, because this is a wild ride. Many attempts to stay family friendly, foibles occurred. And everyone's new favorite segment, Hollywood Translator! Burr Martin Experience Produced by Will Gilman Out of Context Clues: Branding, Anniversaries, Dick Pics, Bill Clinton, Meetings, Robert Picardo, Merlyns, Sandemonium, Projects, dogs, bald, behind vibrators,...

Episode 96 Ladies Night: Not Ready To Tingle

Amanda and Marjorie are back, bringing in guest host Jackie once more, and they all welcome Jill Rupert for this romp through the willows. Tune in for your favorite all female show, and get some chuckles now! Out of Context Clues: Iron man Jill, Marjorie can't handle passive aggressive social media, Jill fights people who are know-it-alls, Jackie cannot understand why people still don't put helmets on their kids, Amanda advocates that children's clothes should not be labeled sexy And...

Episode 95: Vampire Babies

Andrew and Steven bring in a Pants Pending favorite co-host, Deece Casillas, as the all welcome Harry J Riley into the studio. Harry is an outstanding comedian, talented photographer, and one million other great titles. Make sure to check the rest of the show notes and follow all his things! Today’s out of context clues: Terrestrial Radio, Michael Bay, The Rock, Butts, The Divine Harry, Cats, film, Z-Nation, Snoop Dogg, Viola Davis, Lorenzo Lamas, WoW, Old people internet, we take live...

Episode 93: Globalists & Gay Frogs

Sorry it's a few hours late! All PPS crew tonight, because it was Independence Day and we are the only schlubs with nothing to do but podcast on a National holiday! Steven, Ash, Andrew and Will! "I started running experiments!" - Andrew Dresden "Pulling up a bit from later... for later... actually" - Andrew Dresden "Gnome" - Andrew Dresden "Shitty Moodie" - Ash Bateman Kennedy "Hun, I know I've said this many times, but it's Yes... And..." - Steven Bateman Become a Patron at...


Andrew and Steven welcome back, host of A Thousand Things To Talk About, Andrea Parrish to the show, as well as first time guest, Lexi Miller, an advocate and activist for the Trans community. In this episode: Renovation, lots of podcasting, Steven's hair (when he had some), Trans Panels, fun statistics, Steven asks dumb questions, Andrea asks great questions, freedom of speech, some politics we all should be involved in, fun facts about bathrooms, the Grey Goo Scenario, Guns,...

Episode 90: D4tification x3

Steven and Andrew are once again crossing over with D4tification. They bring in Erik and Khreegor for some good old geeky fun. We talk gaming, we talk twitch, and we learn a lot about what's to come from D4. Out of Context: Affiliation, Twitch, Asthmatic Donkey, Surprise! Games, Dead Cells, Jamaican Canadian, Reddit/Dark Web, Man At Arms, and YouTube. We also have quite the epic Amazon review, with an announcement about that as well. Become a Patron at Patreon.com/pantspending We are...

Episode 90.5: After Dark

Well, we accidentally release episode 90 the day it was produced, rather than the release date set with the schedule. Being that we don't want to leave you all this week without a new NERD show to listen to, even though you got an extra one two weeks ago, we stuck around the studio after our regular recording for an upcoming episode, and recorded a little something for you. Enjoy! Guests were Lexi Miller and Will Gilman. Become a Patron at Patreon.com/pantspending We are just like you,...

Episode 89 LN: Used Ghosts

Trina is disappointingly absent from this month's Ladies Night, but hosts Amanda and Marjorie bring in Jackie Slater to guest host, and the ladies welcome Kellie Power to the show. Stay tuned as the ladies lament and dramatize all the things. Out of Context: The Travis-Trina rivalry continues, Marjorie steals pets, food prep do's and don'ts, fucking emojis, Amanda's love for Latinos, and the weekly dramatic reading of Amazon reviews. "My hashtag has beards" - Amanda "I had to make angry...

Episode 87: Mt. Girlfriend

Join Andrew and Steven, as well as Ladies Night Marjorie, as they welcome newcomer, Alex Schwartzmeyer into the studio. Alex is a local improviser at our favorite improv theater, The Blue Door Theatre. Tune in this week for a lot of learning and laughs! Out of Context: Mills and Lumber, More wood, Imprama, drive by's, The Minor Destination, Boss Lady Jesus, Google Feud, and we review nothing! Video Version: https://youtu.be/gXq25FsPzTs Become a Patron at Patreon.com/pantspending We are...