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Three friends come together after they're busy week to get disappointed by the headlines of the world as told by a fourth friend

Three friends come together after they're busy week to get disappointed by the headlines of the world as told by a fourth friend
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Three friends come together after they're busy week to get disappointed by the headlines of the world as told by a fourth friend








Ep. 28

This week we return to old form with discussions of classics, smart cities and the news. Also the debut of our new game show (warning it doesn't go well)

Duration: 01:27:53

Episode 27: Hurricast

This week a skeleton crew discusses Hurricane Harvey, University expenses, then we get into a heated debated about what games are like other games, how much we still hate League of Legends and a sneak preview of a blockbuster episode next week.

Duration: 01:17:26

Episode 26: Birthdays!

This week we discover earth is a zoo, China has a cyber court, Hackers strike again (I guess), Nick Cage is the best, we hate League, and Trump is a nightmare.

Duration: 01:19:56

Episode 25: Robot Butler

This week we miss QMac by way of AI, John's Godhood, Jaime hating Star Wars and a delicate hand talking about Taylor Swift, Google and size contests

Duration: 01:32:09

Episode 24: SPACE CORPS!

This week we try really hard... like we honestly try to get to talking about Colin Kaepernick but fail miserably as we invent Sports Ball the hottest new sport since sports. We imagine space nukes and Iron Space Man, The Wall of the future. We also talk about spooky movies, netflix behind our friends back and Warframe not being Destiny. Oh and The news of how hard it is to keep a job at the White house today and LEAKERS EVIL LEAKERS!

Duration: 01:14:02

Episode 23: What Happens In Club Penguin

This week's special guest Danny breaks down Club Penguin and T2. We Discuss the 3 tenets of South Carolina, the internet, our fearless leader, the realness of teleportation, the fakeness of Global Warming and whether guns make video games better

Duration: 01:12:35

Episode 22: Your Generous Donation

This week get ready for our first on the road show by talking about the usual fake news and smoking guns while we rank the new Spider Man movie and the solar wall is back!

Duration: 01:00:59

Episode 21: Clean Coal?

This week we tackle lasers, riots, bromance, clean coal and meme wars all while we introduce a new segment that not everyone cares for.

Duration: 01:16:51

Episode 20: John

This week we talk to John about John. What does John like. What does John care about. What is John into. What is a John.

Duration: 01:33:28

Episode 19: Hype!

We apologize for the late upload, we had some connection issues This week we discuss our current culture, we follow up on Qatar and the GOP, we discuss Trump's mixed signals and our cyber future

Duration: 01:05:32

Episode 18: Caramelized Bacon

This week we go international as we talk about Qatar, Britain and Russia. We ponder history repeating itself in the Trum-Russian investigation while John gives a banking lesson and Elon Musk really wants you to go to Mars.

Duration: 00:58:43

Episode 17: Awakened Coordination

We discuss serious topics like religion and news, what news you might ask. Oh I keep forgetting but I think it's coordinated FAKE NEWS

Duration: 01:38:46

Episode 16: All Trump All The Time

This week we discuss treason, glowing orbs, wall ideas, how to shakedown in 2017 and top secret typos.

Duration: 01:17:56

Episode 15: Pop Culture Quiz

This week AK and QMac try talking about something other than politics. This time we discuss spoilers and how silly they are, also DC and Marvel's cinematic universe. We also touch on how weird Square Enix is right now and E3. Finally we talk some T.V as some big show are coming back from HBO and Netflix and just how no one will shut up about Better Call Saul.

Duration: 02:07:11

Episode 14: It Used To Be Permanent

We discuss our rights, the rights of sex offenders, the rights of Turkey and Fox. We talk Real and Fake Science about the end of the world, whether its seed vaults or ice fuel or the internet. Finally Trump has a stressful post some ethically questionable decision last week and we try to empathize

Duration: 01:39:46

Episode 13: Head Transplants & Black Hats

We apologize for the delay in posting the episode this week we had multiple audio files that needed to be rerecorded and merged. This week we discuss the future of 27 hour head transplant surgeries. Q mines the past week; from new laws to airline fight clubs to elections and science. Jaime takes us on a tour of a future where Asia is independent and bloggers are saving our cyber butts. Finally John breaks down Trump's master plan to end the Russian investigation (spoiler: it doesn't work)

Duration: 01:31:10

Episode 12: A Team Effort

On popular demand it's your favorite host QMac and guest AK. We try to be exciting and fresh about local elections. We also discuss the trinity of Bill Nye, Ja Rule and Kim Jung Un. Bring up week old Obama and Syria news. Our man Trump finally did something so we give him some slack... kinda. This all in a foolish attempt to counter argue all the outrage being thrown around nowadays.

Duration: 01:49:39

Episode 11: The Man Of Confusion

We talk about our sickness. John and Jaime defend white people in a messy conversation about messy conversations. We eventually kinda find time to rush through the news as our journalists tell AK how dumb he is about Global Warming, Europe and throwing fire festivals. Happy Loyalty Day!

Duration: 01:16:46

Episode 10: Out At Sea On Earth Week

Let us start by apologizing for the audio quality this week. We had to start quickly because we were all late and didn't have time to check the mix We talk about comedy justice, science justice and white justice. You know the things people think are pretty much figured out but just like the earth is flat man, its all a conspiracy!

Duration: 01:29:24

Episode 9: Honey I Shrunk The Podcast

As our numbers thin out QMac takes the lead to tell us we got an Armada and that Trump is reaching the Final Showdown. Also John explains easter, AK predicts World War 3 while teasing WWminus1 and Jaime is sleeping

Duration: 01:16:49

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