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Gov. Sununu Says He's Met With 100+ Businesses, But Won't Name Them

Governor Chris Sununu says he’s more than made good on a key campaign promise: That he’d personally meet with 100 out-of-state businesses in 100 days. “We spoke to businesses all over the world, I believe the number is 127, business in the first 100 days, so we met our goal quite exceedingly, and we still have quite a backlog.”

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Made in New Hampshire: Manufacturing's Rise and Fall in Manchester

A century ago, Manchester, New Hampshire was known for just one thing: the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company. “Amoskeag at one time, at its peak, around World War I, was more than 17,000 employees,” says John Clayton, executive director of the Manchester Historic Association and a longtime New Hampshire journalist. “So if you consider the scale of the city, at least half of the people who lived in this community worked for Amoskeag.”

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N.H. Senate Votes 12-11 To Adopt Right-To-Work

The New Hampshire Senate has narrowly approved a bill to limit the power of unions to charge non-members for representation. Related: Click here to see a New Hampshire Right-to-Work explainer The debate of right-to-work was a essentials a formality in the GOP-controlled senate, but lawmakers still took two hours to air long-familiar arguments about what the law would mean for NH. “Passing this law will ensure we have more jobs in this state. Passing this law will ensure we have higher...

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Garnet Hill at 40: No Longer a Family Business, Still a North Country Staple

In 1973, twenty-somethings Grant Dowse and his wife Pegge Kirschner were coming back home to Franconia from Europe and they were in love – with flannel sheets. There were flannel sheets in America, but the ones they’d slept on in Europe seemed so much nicer. Higher quality. And they came up with the idea to import them. They named the company after a hill not far from their home, which was a former sugar house that lacked running water. Pegge’s brother, Buddy Kirschner, still marvels at...

Duration: 00:06:03

N.H. Economic News Roundup: Winners and Losers

We examine winners and losers in today's Granite State economy. We look at differences between northern and southern New Hampshire, residents with college degrees and without, and the future of various sectors such as technology, health care and manufacturing.

Duration: 00:55:50

Since it's early days, hip hop have critiqued oppressions both political and economic - while flashing their own wealth and bravado. Donald Trump became a symbol of the latter, but recent mentions of him in hip hop have become much less positive during his campaign for president in the 2016 election. Plus, a few years ago, one of America's most beloved snack cakes was in danger of disappearing forever - until investors swooped in and saved the day. What started out as a rescue mission...

Duration: 00:50:04

7.19.16: Twinkies, Couch Potatoes,

A few years ago, one of America's most beloved snack cakes was in danger of disappearing forever - until investors swooped in and saved the day. What started out as a rescue mission quickly evolved into a business strategy, and resulted in substantial changes to the brand. Today, preserving the mythical, magical Twinkie. Plus, awareness of mental health issues is on the rise, but it's not limited to people. We'll speak with an expert working with animals to resolve their mental health...

Duration: 00:44:16

N.H. Economic News Roundup: Wage Growth, Construction, & Housing Costs

After years of little to no growth in wages, Granite State workers may see their paychecks fatten. Spring has sprung for the construction industry,...

Duration: 00:56:34

N.H.'s Unemployment Rate Drops to Lowest Level Since 2000

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate fell to 2.6 percent in March – one of the lowest rates in the country, and the lowest for the state since 2000. But...

Duration: 00:00:40

Warm Winter, Slow Ski Season Takes Toll on N.H. Businesses

It hasn't been a great year for skiers or ski areas across the Granite State. But it's not just the mountains that suffered from the lack of snow.

Duration: 00:03:17

The 'Unprecedented' Battle for Market Basket, & the Lessons Learned

Even as this feud was still going on, back in the summer of 2014, experts on labor unions, corporate governance, and employee culture were noting just...

Duration: 00:56:38

10.20.15: The Point of Vanishing & Zappos' Office Experiment

Thoreau wrote, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.” His two years spent in solitude at Walden Pond left an indelible mark on the...

Duration: 00:44:37

Can New Hampshire's Newby Video Game Industry 'Level-Up'?

A group of game developers is looking to build a place for New Hampshire in the future of video games - and it starts with the new development hub known...

Duration: 00:05:43

N.H.'s Tax-Free Shopping May Hamper Some iPhone Buyers

Fans of Apple products will soon line up to buy the latest versions of the iPhone 6, which are available starting Friday. But if you haven’t already...

Duration: 00:02:58

Why N.H. Companies Are Feeling Pinched By Stalled Export-Import Bank Legislation

With re-authorization of the Export-Import Bank stalled in Congress, several New Hampshire companies say they are feeling the impact. New Hampshire’s...

Duration: 00:04:51

9.10.15: Race & Medicine, Writers on Moving to New England, & Airbnb in China

As one of only six black pre-med students at Duke, Damon Tweedy was mistaken for a janitor…just one of many humiliations from the predominantly white...

Duration: 00:44:31

From The Archives: In 1989, 'Datatech' Showed N.H. Fax Machines and Other "

Predicting the future of technology is never easy. The incredible capabilities of the smartphone in my pocket today were nearly inconceivable in 1989....

Duration: 00:06:43

Foodstuffs: Greenland Store A Culinary Trip to The British Aisles

In New Hampshire, it’s not easy to find a package of JG Coconut Mushrooms, or a jar of clotted cream, or a can of mushy peas. “Any dinner you would have...

Duration: 00:04:36

Foodstuffs: A Bakery Where Everyone Is Included

If a bakery does its work right, there will be something for every customer. Katie Johnson, the owner of From Scratch Baking Company in Wolfeboro, shows...

Duration: 00:03:45

N.H. Debates Business Tax Structure

Is it time for a business tax reboot? Some in New Hampshire say a comprehensive re-examination of our business tax structure is long overdue, given...

Duration: 00:50:04

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