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Why the good life isn’t the easy life

There is a big difference between the “easy” life and the “good” life. The truth is, success does not make life easy, as a matter of fact the problems can get bigger. Have you ever wished for your problems to go away? Well, check your pulse. If you’ve got a heart beat your wish simply cannot come true. Even when we find success, new problems will emerge. This is true for relationships, marriage, business, finances, jobs, etc. The goal is not to escape problems, but rather be like Joseph who...


Moments that change everything

What if one moment could change the circumstances in your life? What if there was a way to recognize these moments? With God, it only takes a moment to change everything. In this message Pastor Alex talks about God moments in life and how to recognize them. God moments are moments that can radically change the circumstances in our lives, and the more we can be ready for them, the more change we experience.


Take the elevator!

Sometimes life presents opportunities, or elevators, that can take us higher with little effort required. When an elevator opens in your life, jump in! In this message Pastor Alex begins with the second half of the story of Joseph, the good years. In just a few short moments Joseph went from being a slave to living like a prince. Life presented Joseph an opportunity, an elevator, and Joseph had the wisdom to jump in and go up. And the good news is, you can too!


How to turn haters into lovers

The most foul, ungodly, hatful man can be changed. Haters can become lovers, watch to see how. In this message, Pastor Alex shows us in the Word the process of going from being a hater to a lover, an enemy of Jesus to disciple of Jesus. The principles in this message reveal the process every believer goes through in their spiritual development. From conversion to changing the world, every believer must take the same journey one way or another.


Are you on a cruse ship or rescue ship?

Everyone want’s to be part of something bigger than themselves; this is as big as it gets... In this message, Pastor Alex shares the DNA of New Life church. Bringing people closer to Jesus is the central vision of New Life Church and the ultimate goal of every relationship in a believers life.


2017 #noregrets

Whether 2017 was good, bad, or anywhere between, understanding one essential principle can make 2018 the year you’ve always dreamed of having. From not losing weight, not increasing your income, or just giving up on your dreams; in this message our New Life youth pastor, Pastor Anthony, shares the absolutely essential principle to learning from 2017. No matter how 2017 went down, it’s time to hit the reset button and make 2018 the greatest year of your life.


How Your Missing Christmas

Ever need to take a vacation from your holidays? It’s common to be very busying during the holidays, but being busy can distract us from the meaning of Christmas.


Is your soul damaged?

How do you know if your soul is damaged? And how do you fix it? In this message Pastor Alex continues his series about stress, discussing the indicators and solution to a damaged soul. Don’t let the holiday season pass without giving attention to your soul!


O Come, All Ye Stressful

Are the holidays stressful? Maybe it’s family? Or perhaps finances? Well, I bet you’ll feel a whole lot better after hearing this… Odds are, the holidays nowhere near as stressful for us as it was for Mary on the first Christmas. In this message Pastor Alex shows us that even the first Christmas was stressful. Sometimes stress isn’t a bad thing, it’s God expanding us. Other times stress can come from resisting God. Let’s learn what we need to know about stress and how to handle it.


The Secret Key to Promotion - Joseph Part 9

Want to go from bottom to boss? Anybody can do it if they know the secret! The fastest route to promotion is solving problems. In this weeks message Pastor Alex shows how Joseph was royally promoted because he solved other peoples problems.


Some Day, Your Friends May Save Your Life - Joseph Part 8

Even when the world turns against you, the relationships you've built can save your life and elevate you to your dreams. We've all heard that it's not what you know, but who you know that counts. In this message, Pastor Alex explains why Joseph going to prison was the mercy of God, how Josephs character saved his life, and how relationship can be the catalysis for seeing your dreams become reality.


Do Time - Joseph Part 7

Escaping prison may seem like a good idea, but sometimes it's best to just do time. Seasons of life can feel like prison. Joseph was literally thrown into prison for something he didn’t do. In this message Pastor Alex points out that Joseph could have escaped prison, but rather remained faithful and reaped a huge reward.


A Pack of Lies, About You! - Joseph Part 6

Lies and false accusations can lead us to prison, literally! But when the truth come out, where will you be standing? Lying and false accusations are pure evil, and everybody has lied and been lied about. In this message by Pastor Alex, he shares wisdom from the Word about what to do in the face of false accusations and how to end up in the penthouse despite it all.


She's a BAAAAAD Kitty | Part 5

How do you react when temptation comes knocking at the door?


When Nothing Works

When you hit rock bottom, you've got nowhere to go but up. Addiction, debt, divorce, abuse, etc. can make you feel like a prisoner of life. In this message, Pastor Alex shares from the story of Joseph what to do when life takes you where you don’t want to go. Joseph was taken into slavery, but the way he responded rose him to royalty.


Betrayal Hurts Like Hell

You can't turn off your emotions when you've been betrayed. You can choose to be a victim or a winner. Pastor Alex shares from life experience the devastating impact of betrayal and how to come out a winner on the other side.


The Power of Dreams

Dreams are like an invisible energy that help us over come years of adversity. Do you have dreams? You might find yourself stuck in a rut. You dare to dream then suddenly...