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Nats Spada with rock, metal, hardcore, punk

Nats Spada with rock, metal, hardcore, punk
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Brighton, United Kingdom


Nats Spada with rock, metal, hardcore, punk




New Noise Rock Show // 01 Apr 2016

The latest show features new music from Thrice, Polymath, Wren, Primitive Weapons, Rideau, LIRR, Bardus and Mugstar as well as Thursday, Szyslak, Meek Is Murder, Norma Jean, Cave In, Full Of Hell, Oathbreaker, Soul Grip and loads more.

Duration: 02:03:18

New Noise Rock Show // 25 Mar 2016

New tracks from Hesitation Wounds, Culture Abuse, Kvelertak, Deftones, Architects, Cult of Luna and Like Rats as well as Body Hound, At The Drive In, Refused, Sad Blood, Helpless and Fuck The Facts.

Duration: 01:56:48

New Noise Rock Show // 11 Mar 2016

New music from Szyslak, Moodhoover, Dowsing, Hesitation Wounds, Architects, Primitive Weapons, Rorcal, He Whose Ox is Gored as well as tracks from Body Hound, Salt Wound, Put Down, Drowning, Magrudergrind, Gadget, Deafheaven and more.

Duration: 02:02:58

New Noise Rock Show // 4th March 2016

New music from Broadbay, Sioux Falls, Polymath, HECK, Wrong, Magrudergrind, Heiress, Slabdragger, Northless as well as Glen Foye, Touch? Amor?, Modern Life Is War, Defeater, Alpha Male Tea Party, Angry Gods, Ghold and more.

Duration: 01:57:36

New Noise Rock Show // 26 Feb 2016

New jamz from Broadbay, Simmer, Little American Champ, John Coffey, Angry Gods, Primitive Weapons, Slabdragger, Magrudergrind, Primitive Man and Netherlands as well as Meshuggah, La Dispute, Terra and more. Photography by Tom Roelofs (

Duration: 01:57:52

New Noise Rock Show // 19 Feb 2016

New tracks from Masts, I Love Your Lifestyle, Landscapes, John Coffey, Primitive Weapons, Mantar, Cult of Luna ft. Julie Christmas as well as tracks from Water Canvas, Meek is Murder, Meadows and Old Man Lizard.

Duration: 01:56:17

New Noise Rock Show // 05 Feb 2016

New jams from Deftones, Southtowne Lanes, Rope, Seven Sisters Of Sleep and Tombs as well as an exclusive track from Brighton band Grindhouse, who have an EP coming out called 'Kana Runu' on Slow God Records on the 12th February. Also music from Glassjaw, Departures, Put Down, Meek Is Murder, Harrowed and more.

Duration: 02:01:48

New Noise Rock Show // 29 Jan 2016

Latest show features music from Basement, Reuben, Body Hound, Crows An Wra, Meet Me In St. Louis, Grieved, Rope, Mantar, Deftones, Cult Of Luna, Conan, Melvins, Bossk, Bast and more.

Duration: 01:56:13

New Noise Rock Show // 22 Jan 2016

The show kicks off with At The Drive In as we are beyond excited about their return - also new tracks from Polymath, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Latitudes and Slabdragger as well as tracks from Glassjaw, Earth Moves, Twitching Tongues, We Never Learned to Live, My Project Ghost, Mare and Torche.

Duration: 01:52:39

New Noise Rock Show // 15 Jan 2016

Music from Birdskulls, Simmer, Broker, His & Hers, Higher Power, &U&I, Jungbluth, Fall of Messiah, Town Portal, Jesus Piece, Wildernessking, Tool, ?RABROT, Latitudes and loads more.

Duration: 02:03:35

New Noise Rock Show // 08 Jan 2016

First show of the year with a ton of Brighton bands (and gig listings) including H_ngm_n, Glen Foye, Water Canvas, Time Waster, Howls and Earth Moves as well as new music from Eight Bells, GIANTS, Terrible Love and Conan.

Duration: 02:09:22

New Noise Rock Show // 18 Dec 2015

On the show this week, music from Refused, Reuben, Pianos Become the Teeth, H_ngm_n, Death Index, The Armed, THROWERS, Harms Way, Conan, Baroness and a Christmas poem from Henry Rollins.

Duration: 02:01:03

New Noise Rock Show // 11 Dec 2015

Music from Glen Foye, We Never Learned to Live, Body Hound, Defeater, Frameworks, Group Of Man, Intronaut, Shining, Helpless, The Armed, Anacondas, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, Yanos, Cult of Luna and more.

Duration: 01:58:51

New Noise Rock Show // 04 Dec 2015

New music from Glassjaw, Baroness, Sikth, Slabdragger and Helpless as well as Converge, Body Hound, Up River, H09909, H_ngm_n and Intronaut.

Duration: 01:59:19

New Noise Rock Show // 27 Nov 2015

New music from Southtowne, Staghorn, Partisan, KRAK KRAK, Intronaut Svffer, Malfunction as well as Glassjaw, Baroness, Renounced and more.

Duration: 02:00:18

New Noise Rock Show // 20 Nov 2015

New music from Basement, Svffer, Malfunction, Broker and Old Skin as well as a few bands playing Mutations Festival on the 28th and 29th of November 2015 in Brighton including Chelsea Wolfe, OM and METZ.

Duration: 01:58:48

New Noise Rock Show // 30 Oct 2015

New music from Basement, Gnarwolves, Birds in Row, The Ocean, MONO as well as tracks from Glassjaw, Baroness, Earth, Oathbreaker and more.

Duration: 02:03:09

New Noise Rock Show // 23 Oct 2015

Music from John Coffey, Birdskulls, The Ocean, He Whose Ox is Gored and Chelsea Wolfe as well as an interview and takeover with Ryan Balch from Bad Math featuring Black Peaks, Wot Gorilla?, Body Hound, Arcane Roots and Hold Your Horse Is.

Duration: 02:08:59

New Noise Rock Show // 09 Oct 2015

New music from Loma Prieta, Counting Days, Old Man Lizard and Kowloon Walled City as well as an interview and takeover with Kez Whelan, Reviews Editor at Terrorizer Magazine and drummer and vocalist in Shrykull. The takeover features music from Dark Mother, Shrykull, NADIR, Carcosa, Nothing Clean, Groak and Dystopian Future Movies.

Duration: 02:14:30

New Noise Rock Show // 02 Oct 2015

Loads of new music on the show this week including Water Canvas, InTechnicolour, Loma Prieta and Deafheaven as well as music from John Coffey, Mutoid Man and Razoreater. We also have an interview and takeover with Alex from Holy Roar records.

Duration: 01:59:59

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