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Wisdom and insight on the process and magic of music from some of the best people I know, songwriters.

Wisdom and insight on the process and magic of music from some of the best people I know, songwriters.
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Wisdom and insight on the process and magic of music from some of the best people I know, songwriters.






Episode 18: Karen Drucker – “Songs & Swimming”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 18! (Episode 3 | Series 3) Okay! So – this episode is one that has been in the making for a long time now. When I first started this show, I always had it in my mind that I would have this guest on. In fact, off the air, most […]


Episode 17: Charlotte Eriksson – “Let Yourself Live”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 17! (Episode 2 | Series 3) Lots of exciting stuff going on in my world – more guests coming on the show. More ideas on how to make the show better. So much good stuff! I am very excited about the guest for this episode. Why? Well, this is a […]


Episode 15: Laura Berman – “Patience, Songwriter”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 15! (Episode 5 | Series 2) I’m not saying that I don’t have fun with every episode but the fun part about this episode is that this guest, I have actually had the pleasure of meeting in person and working with. I mixed live sound for her and her husband [...]


Episode 14: Erika Luckett – “Trust Yo’self!”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 14! (Episode 4 | Series 2) I want to first apologize for the delay with this episode. I have been working on my debut album, RISE IN LOVE, and it has taken up quite a bit of my time, which is, of course, very cool. ALMOST DONE. ON WITH THE [...]


Episode 13: Johana – “Just Go With It”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 13! (Episode 3 | Series 2) AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Okay, not really…maybe a little. I met this guest a little over a year ago when we both participated in a artists retreat and concert with Faith Rivera (Episode 6). I remember hearing her songs and thinking, “Wow, [...]


Episode 12: Gary Lynn Floyd – “Right Place, Right Time, Right Now”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 12! (Episode 2 | Series 2) In the last episode’s post, I mentioned that it has almost been a year since the first episode was posted. Well…it’s been a year! Boom! How cool is that?! On with the episode! This guest has been in the grapevine of my life for [...]


Episode 11: Kelly Corsino – “Let It Be”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 11! AKA Episode 1 of Series 2. Can you believe it? NTNS has been going for a year. Well, almost a year. August 29th will be the official year anniversary. Thank you so much for listening and being here on the journey. On with the episode! A couple years ago, [...]


Episode 10: Levi Kreis – “At The End Of The Day…”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 10! The final episode of Series One. Woo! It seems that I have to say this for every episode and perhaps I should stop repeating myself but for now I will do it anyway – I am very excited about the guest for this episode. He is incredibly authentic. I [...]


Episode 9: Jami Lula – “God, Praying, & Being On Call”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 9! I have to admit that I have been putting off this episode a bit. I have wanted to get this particular songwriter on the show since I started the show almost a year ago. I respect him immensely not only as a singer/songwriter and musician but as a person. [...]


Episode 8: Daniel Nahmod – “Speaking My Language”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 8! Another great episode with another great songwriter. This is a man that I truly respect and admire because he makes his living as a songwriter. He is extremely busy with family (including a 16 month old baby, Jude), producing albums for not only himself but for other artists (like [...]


Episode 7: Ernie Halter – “Perfection Sperfection”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 7! This has to be one of my favorite episodes! I can’t even tell you how excited I am for the guest of this month’s episode. A few years back, I was wandering about the internet, listening to music on Pandora and this man’s song, “Whisper” came on my speakers. [...]


Episode 6: Faith Rivera – “Be Open”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 6! The very first episode of 2013. What?! Sorry for the delay of getting this episode out there. Like I said in my last episode – it has been a busy month. I got married and went on my glorious honeymoon in Ireland. I almost didn’t come back. I am [...]


Episode 5: Phil Cody – “It’s Only a Song”

Hey Guys! Welcome to Episode 5! The last episode of 2012. What?! It’s been a busy month! I am now officially married! Woo! This is a very special episode as I am honored to have the guest join the show. I sat down with songwriter, Phil Cody. Just to name a few of Phil’s accomplishments: [...]


Episode 4: Karen Mitchell – “It’s In The Blood”

Hey Guys! YES!!!! EPISODE 4!!! First of all, thank you so much for listening. Like I say at the end of the episode – no matter how you are listening (iTunes, Stitcher, or the Website) Thank you for listening. Sorry the delay on this episode–Guess waht! I’m getting married! What?! Yup, I am getting married. [...]


Episode 3: Amy Steinberg – “Words. Words. Words.”

Hey Guys! Woo! Episode 3! Due to the wonderful world of technology, I am so happy to bring to you this episode. This episode is a special coast to coast addition. This is the first time that I even talk to Amy. I was told about her by several of people close to me and [...]


Episode 2: Doug Lebow – “The Muse is Never Late”

Hey Guys! Here we are! We made it… EPISODE 2… Can you believe it? It seems just like last month we were on Episode 1. Wait a minute!!! Oh Josh, You and your silly antics… Alright! So, this episode is a very cool episode. I have to say that I was truly excited when [...]


Episode 1: James Mellon – “Unfinished Songs”

Hey Guys! So here we are! Episode 1 of “New Thought, New Song.” A Podcast! I am very excited about this episode because I got to sit down with one of my spiritual teachers and mentors, Rev. James Mellon. Of all the things he does – Philosopher, Spiritual Teacher, Award-winning Broadway Actor, Self-Help / [...]