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Another school shooting in an American town: How do we stop it?

Alicia talks with Dr. Deborah Osgood, and expert in human behavior about the recent school shooting in Florida, and what steps could be taken to stop this from happening.


The 2018 Olympics: Who is competing from your town?

Alicia talks about the excitement of the Olympics, as well as spotlights a few athletes you might not know yet that are competing. Guests: Victor Fernandez - Eerie, Pennsylvania Paul Kardasz - Ocala, Florida


Pats vs. Eagles: Who will win the Super Bowl? - NewsCycle

This week, Alicia talks with reporters from the Philadelphia area, and New England as fans prepare for a big weekend in football. One reporter has been in Minneapolis for the week covering press conferences ahead of the game. Everyone shares their predictions. What's yours? Guests: Tom Moore - Bucks County Courier Times, Philadelphia Kevin McNamara - The Providence Journal, Rhode Island Ryan O'Leary - The Portsmouth Herald, New Hampshire


The government shutdown looms: Who in middle America is affected? - NewsCycle

Alicia takes a look at the government shutdown, who it affected during the 3 days,and also who will be affected if it happens again. WIll another shutdown take place on February 8th?


Transgender rights in America - NewsCycle

Transgender rights in America is was states and federal legislators are talking about, but where does one persons rights end, and anothers begin? Alicia talks with a reporter from New Hampshire on a current bill being discussed as well as a reporter from the Providence Journal regarding an election campaign. Guests: Alex LaCasse - The Portsmouth Herald, New Hampshire Jacqueline Tempera - The Providence Journal, Rhode Island


Immigration in the spotlight: What is going to happen to those effected by DACA?

Host Alicia Preston talks with a reporter from Washington DC about DACA, what it is, and what's happening administratively. Also, Alicia talks with a reporter on the Seacoast of New Hampshire that has spoken directly with the so called, "dreamers" and what the dismantling of DACA might mean for them. Guests: Jessica Wehrman - Washington DC Correspondent for the Columbus Dispatch - OHIO Judi Currie - Reporter for The Fosters Daily Democrat - New Hampshire


Swatting: Just how dangerous is this new trend?

On Decemeber 28th, 2 people were playing an online game of Call of Duty, when a disagreement over what has been reported as $1.50 lead to one of the players calling in the police over an alleged hostage situation. This is an example of what is now being called, "Swatting". Alicia talks with reporters who covered a situation that occurred in Hopesdale, MA, and a columnist from California who's family was a victim of "swatting" Guests: Christopher Gavin - Milford Daily News,...


Free Speech on college campuses: What are the rights and roles of higher education - NewsCycle

Limiting free speech to protect thoses offended by hate speech to cleansing campuses of christmas decorations, Alicia talks with reporters from The Providence Journal and Columbus dispatch about the rights and roles of higher education institutions. Guests: Jenn Smolla - The Columbus Dispatch Mark Reynolds - The Providence Journal


Net Neutrality: Is this the internet armageddon so many fear?

Net Neutrality was repealed by the FCC Comission this week, and its stirring up lots of questions. Alicia talks with reporters from Wicked Local in Eastern Massachusetts, and The Mail Tribune in Medford Oregon about what Net Neutrality is, and what local providers see as the ripple effect.


The Holidays and Stress: How do we deal with it? - NewsCycle

The Holidays are here. With it comes all the shopping, holiday gatherings, visitng family, and cooking and more. Also with the holidays comes the stress of all of these things. Alicia talks with Dr. Elaine Heffner, a psychiatrist who talks about why there's stress, and how to manage the holidays differently, as well as Chance Hoener, a reporter, from the Morning Sun in Kansas, who simply just doesn't know what to get his mom for Christmas.


Sexual Misconduct: Is America in the midst of an awakening? - NewsCycle

Dozens of women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct again men in powerful position across America. Is America in the midst of an awakening? Alicia talks with Editors, Publishers, and reporters from Alabama, Minnesota, Michigan, and Ohio discussing the local reaction to the allegations being brought forth with Al Franken, Roy Moore, John Conyers, and state level officials in Ohio. Guests: Drew Taylor - Reporter from Tuscaloosa News, Alabama Lisa Drafall - Senior Group...


Income Inequality: What effect is it having on American families? - NewsCycle

With the tax reform bill making headlines, Alicia discusses income inequality. Who is to blame? Can anyone fix it? What effect is it having on American families? Guests: Mark Ferrenchik - Reporter for the Columbus Dispatch Rita Price - Reporter for the Columbus Dispatch Jessica Wehrman - Washington D.C Correspondent for the Columbus Dispatch Jack Torry -Washington D.C Correspondent for the Columbus Dispatch


Guns in America - NewsCycle

With two massive shootings in just over Month, host, Alicia Preston talks to reporters and editors from different parts of the country regarding gun legislation, state and local reaction, and what's being implemented or changed following the attacks. Guests: Darell Rowland - Public Affairs Editor of The Columbus DIspatch, Ohio Chris Gavin - Reporter for the Milford Daily News, Massachusetts Nathan Crabbe - Opinion and Engagement Editor of The Gainesville Sun, Florida


Pit bull attacks: Is it the breed or the owner? - NewsCycle

Pit bull attacks are happening everywhere in America. Alicia discusses some of the attacks, the reactions of the communities, what the towns and cities are doing to prevent them, and what's involved in breed specific legislation. Guests: Wendy Victoria - Managing Editor for The Northwest Florida Daily News Mia Johnson - Co founder of