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Cliff Feigenbaum: GreenMoney Turns 25 – The Evolution of Sustainable Business & Impact Investing

Founder and Managing Editor Cliff Feigenbaum launched The GreenMoney Journal in 1992 and in 2013 was named “One of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business” by Trust Across America. In 2015 and again in 2017, Cliff was named one of the “Leaders in CSR & Sustainability” by Corporate Responsibility (CR) magazine. He has also received numerous nominations for the SRI Service Award. GreenMoney is one of the world’s leading sustainable business and impact investing media brands with...

Duration: 01:03:52

Shareable Turns the Page with "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons"

Neal Gorenflo is the Executive Director and co­founder of Shareable, a nonprofit solutions news outlet that covers the latest social innovations in resource sharing, new economy, and cities. He is a speaker, consultant, and writer on sharing cities, the sharing economy, and the future of work. He is the co­editor of the new book, “Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons.” As a leader in the sharing movement, he advises mayors, communities, and organizations around the world how to...

Duration: 00:43:04

Kris Lin-Bronner

Kris Lin-Bronner is Strategic Adviser and CSR Manager for Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, the top-selling brand of natural soaps in North America. She is responsible for overseeing and managing many diverse projects under the umbrella of sustainability and social responsibility. Kris advises the Special Operations Team and affiliated Fair Trade projects on financial and operational matters, provides integrated risk assessments on new business ventures, and works to institutionalize Dr....

Duration: 00:38:03

Gregory Landua: This Is Your Brain on “Regeneration”

Gregory Landua, co-author of the pioneering book, Regenerative Enterprise, is the co-founder and CEO of Terra Genesis International. Terra Genesis International (TGI) is a dynamic global team of Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture and Business practitioners and leaders working to support leading companies to transform their negative impact into regenerative effects. Gregory has studied marine and terrestrial ecology and evolutionary biology in the Galapagos Islands, translated for...

Duration: 01:05:03

Ed Whitfield

Ed Whitfield is Co-­founder and Co­-managing director of the Fund for Democratic Communities. He is a long time social justice, anti ­ war and community activist. After graduating as a Presidential Scholar from Little Rock Central High School in the late 60s, he went on to Cornell University where he became the leader of the Black student organization during the period of struggle for Black Studies. Ed is deeply involved in theorizing and promoting the development of cooperative...

Duration: 00:27:39

Kevin Egolf: Supporting Small Farmers Through Sustainable Farmland Finance

Kevin Egolf is an impact investing professional focusing his efforts on socially responsible farmland investing. His passion for sustainable agriculture and extensive finance background naturally led him into the growing impact investing field and towards impacting agriculture. Through Iroquois Valley Farms, a leader in triple bottom line impact farmland investing, and Local Farms Fund, a land access venture for early stage farmers in the NY Foodshed, Kevin helps investors achieve...

Duration: 00:35:17

Raising the Bar: Native-American-Owned B Corp Tanka Bar Restores Land, Lives, Livelihoods, & Culture

Cofounded by CEO Karlene Hunter and President Mark Tilsen, Native American Natural Foods is based on Pine Ridge Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota (Oglala Lakota County). The company's line of Tanka products is based on the traditional Lakota recipe that powered Lakota Sioux warriors for centuries. The company's first product, launched in 2007, Tanka Bar, was the first snack bar to combine meat and fruit for the national market. The company was created to help combat obesity and diabetes on...

Duration: 00:37:45

Rebecca Adamson: Indigenous Self Determination & Principles Benefiting Both People & Business

Rebecca Adamson, an Indigenous economist, is Founder and President of First Peoples Worldwide, the first US based global Indigenous Peoples NGO, which makes grants and provides technical assistance and advocacy directly to Indigenous-led development projects. Ms. Adamson has worked directly with grassroots tribal communities, both domestically and internationally, as an advocate of local tribal issues since 1970. She established the premiere US development institute, First Nations...

Duration: 00:51:34

Tyler Gage: Fully Alive – Using the Lessons of the Amazon to Live Your Mission in Business and Life

Tyler Gage is an entrepreneur, author and speaker who uses wisdom from the Amazon and start­up success to bring innovation and inspiration to growing organizations. Tyler has spent the last 12 years studying with indigenous elders in the Amazon rainforest, venturing far from his suburban roots at the age of 20. After graduating from Brown University, Tyler turned down a Fulbright grant to start RUNA, a social enterprise that makes energizing beverages with guayusa (pronounced...

Duration: 00:45:04

Mark Eckhardt: Redefining Capitalism with Something in COMMON

Mark Eckhardt is CEO at COMMON – proud members of the movement that is redefining business. COMMON is a creative accelerator and community that catalyzes and promotes products and ideas that take care of the planet and all the creatures on it. Prior to joining Alex Bogusky, Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg at COMMON, Mark was a principal at UFUSE Visionary Strategy Management, a global consulting firm devoted to unleashing creativity and helping creative entrepreneurs produce outstanding...

Duration: 00:48:56

Paul Hawken on Drawdown – The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed for Reversing Global Warming

Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, author and activist who has dedicated his life to environmental sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. Among the environmental movement’s leading voices, and a pioneering architect of corporate reform with respect to ecological practices, his work includes founding successful, ecologically conscious businesses, writing about the impacts of commerce on living systems, and consulting with heads of...

Duration: 00:54:50

Jonathan Lewis: The Unfinished Social Entrepreneur

Jonathan C. Lewis is a life-long social justice activist and accomplished social entrepreneur and the founder of MCE Social Capital, an innovative social venture that leverages $110 million of private capital to finance tiny business loans to deeply impoverished people, mostly women, in 33 countries in the developing world. He is also founder and president of Opportunity Collaboration, an annual strategic business retreat for 450 senior level anti-poverty leaders from around the globe....

Duration: 01:05:15

Daniel Goleman: Mindfulness, the Dalai Lama, and How You Can Be a Force for Good

Dr. Goleman is an internationally known psychologist who lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses. Working as a science journalist, Goleman reported on the brain and behavioral sciences for The New York Times for many years. His 1995 book, Emotional Intelligence (Bantam Books) was on The New York Times bestseller list for a year-and-a-half; it is available around the world in 40 languages, and has been a bestseller in many countries. Goleman...

Duration: 00:43:02

Sheryl O’Laughlin: How to Grow Your Business Without Losing Your Heart

Sheryl O’Loughlin is a serial entrepreneur and author of Killing It! An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Head Without Losing Your Heart (Harper Collins, December 2016). She has served as the CEO of Clif Bar, where she led the concept development and introduction of Luna Bar. In Sheryl’s three years as CEO, the company revenue doubled from $100M to $200M. She then went on to co-found and serve as CEO of Plum Organics. Plum was sold in 2013 to The Campbell Soup Company. She was the...

Duration: 00:44:06

Frederic Laloux: Reinventing Organizations for the Next Stage of Human Consciousness

A former Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company, Frédéric Laloux holds an MBA from INSEAD, and a degree in coaching from Newfield Network in Boulder, Colorado. He has traveled widely and speaks five languages fluently. Frédéric Laloux works as an adviser, coach, and facilitator for corporate leaders who feel called to explore fundamentally new ways of organizing. His work draws on two strands: his deep understanding of the inner workings of organizations, and his longstanding...

Duration: 00:35:25

Sarah van Gelder: The Revolution Where You Live

Sarah van Gelder is the co-founder of YES! Magazine and author of The Revolution Where You Live: Stories from a 12,000 Mile Journey Through a New America (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2017). Sarah speaks and writes regularly about solutions journalism, grassroots innovations, and social change movements. She is also the editor of Sustainable Happiness: Living Simply, Live Well, Make a Difference, and This Changes Everything: Occupy Wall Street and the 99 Percent Movement (both with Berrett...

Duration: 00:37:08

George Siemon: How Organic Valley Became a $1B, Mission-Driven Coop

One of the nation's foremost organic agriculture advocates for nearly two decades, George Siemon is best known for his leadership in organizing farmers and building market support for organic agriculture. In 1988, Siemon joined a group of family farmers in Wisconsin to found the Cooperative Regions of Organic Producer Pools (CROPP). More commonly known by its brands Organic Valley and Organic Prairie, CROPP has grown to become the largest organic farming cooperative in North America....

Duration: 00:37:19

Deborah Frieze: How to Create Healthy, Resilient, and Inclusive Communities

Deborah Frieze is co-founder and managing partner of the Boston Impact Initiative, an impact investing fund that partners with businesses and organizations throughout Eastern Massachusetts to create systemic shifts in opportunities for urban communities. Deborah is co-author with Margaret Wheatley of “Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now,” an award-winning book profiling pioneering leaders who have walked out of organizations and systems that...

Duration: 00:42:44

Mathis Wackernagel: Using the Ecological Footprint Metric as a Compass to the Next Economy

Mathis Wackernagel is CEO of Global Footprint Network and co-creator of the Ecological Footprint — a resource accounting tool that measures how much nature we have, how much we use, and who uses what. This data-driven accounting metric works like a bank statement, documenting whether we are living within our ecological budget or consuming nature’s resources faster than the planet can renew them. Mathis completed a Ph.D. in community and regional planning with Professor William Rees at the...

Duration: 00:45:51

Tom Steyer: Climate Change, Trump, and How to Create Prosperity for All Americans

Tom Steyer is an active citizen, business leader and philanthropist working to ensure that everyone shares the benefits of economic opportunity, education, and a healthy climate. Tom’s dedication to public service is greatly inspired by his wife, Kat, the co-CEO of Beneficial State Bank in Oakland. They founded the nonprofit community bank in 2007 to provide loans to the underserved in California and along the West Coast. In 2010, Tom and Kat pledged to contribute most of their wealth to...

Duration: 00:28:18

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