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Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.

Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.
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Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.






NFL Week 14. Massive playoff implications. Massive injury.

The NFU crew is recapping week 14. Massive injury new in Philly. Huge implication in the NFC and AFC West. Signicifacant concussion conversation in Texas. Tremendous snow if Buffalo. Bigly points in Pittsbugh. And a salty Bears fan. What more can you ask for? Follow @nfupodcast Email Online at

Duration: 01:27:31

PodVader As Next Browns GM Improves This Podcast - 12/7/17

There really isn't one word to describe this edition of the podcast. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles), Kevin (Cowboys) and Andy (Dolphins) to react to all the latest NFL news. But first... When looking for a holiday gift or just something to say you're sorry, try Suspensions were upheld for Rob Gronkowski and JuJu Smith-Schuster, but George Iloka's was overturned. The SuperFans react and some admit they like to see some gladiator type football....

Duration: 02:08:33

A NFC South Showdown - 12/6/17

All about that Thursday... Chris (Saints) and MJ (Falcons) break down all the matchups in a critical NFC South matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons. Playoff implications all over this one. Who will win and why explained by those who know best, the SuperFans. And then PodVader chimes in with his 2 cents - a valuable 2 cents as he's the leader in the Pigskin Pick Em. Don't forget your holiday gifts from Reach out via email: |...

Duration: 00:21:46

Week 13, Time to Mix up the Seeds

This is a huge week. Chiefs are looking to bounce back against the Jets. We see the first start in San Francisco for Jimmy G. Primetime has the #1 team in the NFL making the difficult trip to Seattle. How is the benching of Eli in New York going to go(you can probably guess). All the games from Sunday are on the table, and there is a lot to cover. Good thing we've got the superfans to do it! Follow @nfupodcast Online at Email Buy Harry's Razors!

Duration: 01:38:28

Kickin' the Triskaidekaphobia or Week 13 in the NFL - 11/30/17

Hello again everybody. This week, PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles) and James (Texans) to preview Week 13 in the NFL. But first... Get those shaving holdiay gifts now at The guys answer an email sent to Josh had some questions about some bad teams, a list with a Trevor on it and pies. Next, the guys tackle the debate running through the @nfupodcast timeline of who's the best WR in the NFL right now: Julio Jones or Antonio Bryant?...

Duration: 02:29:57

Egging Ben McAdoo's House - 11/29/17

Benched! PodVader talks with Kevin Moore from The Fantasy Football Guys about the BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Football Experts League. Plus Neil (Redskins) and Kevin (Cowboys) preview the Thursday Night NFC East clash. But first... Get your holiday gifts at Eli Manning won't be starting for the New York Giants this Sunday. Instead it will be Geno Smith under center. Neil and Kevin discuss the implications and what's next for Eli and the Giants. Around the 11:30 mark, Pod...

Duration: 01:10:00

Week 12 Game Recaps, and is Julio Jones the Best WR in the NFL?

The Superfans recap the critial week 12. Playoffs are in sight, and these games are incredibly important. Plus, is Julio Jones the best(yes)? Should we rename Aquib Talib to Two Chainz instead? Can Blair Walsh make a kick? We've got some QB drama in San Francisco, as Jimmy G makes his long awaited debut. There is a lot to get to, so let's get started! Follow @nfupodcast Email Online at

Duration: 01:28:18

Kickin' the Tryptophan or NFL Week 12 - 11/23/17

Hope you all enjoyed your turkeys - now to the turkeys that preview all the NFL games. This week, PodVader is joined by James (Eagles), Nick (Chiefs) and Monty (Raiders) to preview Week 12. But first... Buy your guy the perfect holiday gift - The guys discuss a couple of coordinators fired in the AFC West, then they run through the semi-finalists for the Hall of Fame. Do you agree with their takes? | @nfupodcast on Twitter |

Duration: 01:57:46

The Thanksgiving Holiday Special - 11/22/17

PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins) and Kevin (Cowboys) to preview the three games featured on Thanksgiving Day in NFL Week 12. They discuss the holiday from a foreign perspective. They put all the holidays into a Power Ranking list and discuss what are the best pies. But first... Get those holiday gift sets for your fella... The first game to kick off the previews is the SuperFan Battle between Joe (Vikings) and Josh (Lions). Tune in around the 11min mark for...

Duration: 01:04:27

NFL Week 11. Blowouts and Backups

The Superfans talk week 10, where it seemed like every game had either a blowout or a backup QB. Who would have guessed in the preseason that the Rams vs Vikings would be the most important game of the week? Or that the Patriots and Raiders was a guarenteed snooze fest? We did have a a duel between Carson Wentz and Dak Prescott which turned out to be a... disappointment, at least as far as quarterback play is concerned. Still, every game at this point in the season counts for quite a lot,...

Duration: 01:25:12

Hola Mis Amigos or NFL Week 11

Big week of football with games that have major playoff implications. PodVader is joined by James (Eagles) and Rob (Bills) to preview all the games in Week 11. But first... Get some holiday shopping for your guy: Tyrod Taylor was benched by the Buffalo Bills for rookie, Nate Peterman. Pod says this is a "Cleveland Browns" thing to do. Rob disagrees. Other headlines: Jerry Jones has conduct detrimental to the league; Tashaun Gibson provides the Browns with bulletin board...

Duration: 02:09:58

The Bears Are Not Jar Jar Binks - 11/15/17

May the Force be with you! PodVader lives out a dream and talks Star Wars with a Star Wars podcaster. Plus, Chaps (aka Matt, Titans) helps preview Thursday Night Football featuring the Tennessee Titans and the Pittsburgh Steelers. But first... Get those Christmas presents for your favorite shaver - Pod talks with Dan Zehr (@mrzehr on Twitter), founder of the Coffee With Kenobi podcast ( Dan shares how he takes on the intellectual point of view...

Duration: 00:44:39

Week 10 - The Pretenders Begin to Fall

It's another big week of football, as the NFL hits week 10. The Patriots are looking like the team we thought they would be. The Falcons and Cowboys duked it out to see if we could say the same about them. Case Keenum contintues to add to the QB intrigue in a surprising Minnesota team. And the Texans, without Watt, Watson, or Merilus, are about as good as you'd expect. All that and more on this Week 10 edition of Next Fan Up! Try Harry's razors! Follow @nfupodcast...

Duration: 01:34:42

Time for Concussion Protocol or NFL Week 10 - 11/9/17

Fewer SuperFans this week but just as chock full of opinion as ever. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins) and James (Eagles) to discuss the latest news in the NFL, give out some mid-season awards and preview all the games in Week 10. But first... Want a FREE shave? Sign up for a free shave kit from Harry's - just go to The guys start out with the latest news: Martellus Bennett cut from the Packers; Vontae Davis cut from the Colts; Jerry Jones threatening a lawsuit...

Duration: 01:57:11

Welcome to the NFL, Rookie - 11/7/17

It's a day earlier because it's a little bit longer. In this episode, we revisit the 2017 NFL Draft and rank the rookies' performances just past the midway point of the season. But first... If you'd like to try out some FREE razors, give Harry's a try. Sign up for a free shave kit at and help out the show! PodVader hosts the SuperFan Battle to preview Thursday Night Football. Justin (Seahawks) and Dr. Jones (Cardinals) break down all the matchups. The Seahawks...

Duration: 02:03:14

Week 9 Recap. The Unstoppable Second Year Quarterbacks

The Superfans are back, with recaps of all the weekend action. Let's be real, there's at least a 90% chance the NFC will be represented in the Superbowl by a team with a second year quarterback. Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, and Dak Prescott (in that order) are having their way with defenses from all across the NFL. Can anyone stop them (no). Also, our 49ers fan gets to say his peace on the Jimmy G trade. Trust me, you want to hear that. Neil and Justin are reuinited and it feels so... bad....

Duration: 01:38:32

The Education of a Jamoke or Week 9 in the NFL - 11/2/17

The trade deadline has passed and we're at the midway point of the season. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles), Kevin (Cowboys) and Justin (Seahawks) to preview all the latest news and games in Week 9. But first... The newest way to listen to the show is via! Download their app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store or anywhere apps are found. Search our show, subscribe, leave us a review and Enjoy! The guys start by recapping the trades made at the...

Duration: 02:10:07

Playoff Contenders in Fantasy and the NFL - 11/1/17

We present 2 guests for the price of none this week. PodVader talks fantasy football with d-Rx of Plus Tyson Rauch of Let's Talk Jets jumps in the SuperFan Battle to preview the Bills/Jets on Thursday Night Football. But first... Excited to mention a new way to listen and subscribe to the podcast.! They also have an app available for Apple and Android devices. AND they have an Alexa skill - just ask Alexa to enable the Spreaker skill and then ask her to play the...

Duration: 00:48:39

NFL Week 8, The Good Teams Start to Separate

The Next Fan Up crew brings your weekly recaps. It's finally time to talk about who's really the best teams in each conference. Who are the real contenders? Plus, a shootout in Seattle, a shutout in Tampa Bay, and a shoutout to our Steelers fan. There were some unimpressive wins, and a few teams impressive in losing efforts. Like us, share us review us! Follow @nfupodcast Email Online at

Duration: 01:37:42

My Team Is Going To Win - See You Next Week - 10/26/17

This was a fun one everybody. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles), Kevin (Cowboys), Andy (Dolphins) and Rob (Bills) to preview Week 8 in the NFL. But first... The guys hit on the latest topics during a slow news week including: Dont'a Hightower out for the season; Martavious Bryant disgruntled in Pittsburgh and benched; Cam Newton walks out of a media conference...again; Bears trade for Dontrelle Inman; who are the trade targets for the SuperFans on the show? At the 33min...

Duration: 02:15:53

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