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Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.

Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.
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Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.






Superbowl Spectacular

Superbowl Time! The big game just wrapped, and we are here bringing you thoughts direct from Eagles and Patriots Superfans. There were big hits, controversial calls, and hella Tide commercials. We second guess the coaches, and somehome summons the ghost of the Ryan Brothers. Then, we talk production, everyone bags on Chris Collinsworth, and ask if anyone saw Pink sing at the beginning. We finish with Halftime talk, and commercials, becasuse why not? Follow @nfupodcast Email @nfupodcast...


Go Pats! or Fly Eagles Fly! or the Super Bowl Preview - 2/1/18

The Super Bowl is finally (almost) here! PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles) and Patrick (Patriots) to break down all the matchups! But first... There is no "but first" in this show - it's the Super Bowl! What can we expect when the Patriots have the ball? How does the Patriots Special Teams play into their offensive game plan? How will they stop the Eagles RPO? Who are the XFactors? What will the final score be? All the matchups broken down to the underwear Pod will be...


The 3rd Annual NFU Gambling Preview!

James and Josh are here to bring your our annual betting guide. Whether it's your office pool our you are hoping to strike it rich in vegas, these superfans will tell you the way. Find out about prop bets, parlays, and making it up as you go. Plus, we are joined by Chris Cichon of SiriusXM/WTOP 103.5 in DC for his takes. Trust me, this is not a show to miss. Email Follow @nfupodcast Online at *Obey your local gambling laws!


One More Week Until the Super Bowl - 1/28/18

Still have a week before Super Bowl 52 featuring the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles), Josh (Lions) and Andy (Dolphins) to talk about some of the other things happening in the NFL. But first... Get your razors now for that post-victory shave at The guys start the show by discussing the relevance of the Pro Bowl. The joke of a game that even kids don't care about vs how much weight being a "Pro...


Super Bowl Guest Stars Galore! - 1/25/18

Pod broke out the rolodex for this week's show and decided to do an all guest star appearance of the Next Fan Up podcast. But first... Seriously, get yourself a few shave kit at 6min - Russell Baxter, @BaxFootballGuru on Twitter,, writer and contributer for Fansided Russell and Pod go waaaaay back to the early days of ESPN. Pod reveals where he got all his wonderful stats from...Russell Baxter. They talk about the conference championship games and...


Championship Week is Here

Josh (Lions) runs the Next Fan Up crew though the Conference Championship games. Patriots vs Jaguars. Vikings vs Eagles. Only two will remain. Expect to hear joy and sorrow, questionable calls, and a whole lot of football. Can't wait! Email Follow @nfupodcast Online at


Is This a Math or Football Podcast or The Conference Championships - 1/18/18

Welcome to the penultimate week of the NFL season and it's 3 podcasts rolled into one. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles) and Kevin (Cowboys) to preview the NFL Conference Championship games. They also discuss the latest coaching news and even take a preliminary look at the NFL draft. But first... Get your razors from 9:00 - Jaguars/Patriots ... Ryan vs Patrick 1:03:00 - Vikings/Eagles ... Joe vs James 1:44:00 - Coaching news and rumors, plus a look...


The Bunk and Hooey Show or NFL Divisional Playoffs - 1/11/18

Welcome to the next round of the NFL playoffs. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles) and Kevin (Cowboys) to preview the four games. They also talk about the latest coaching changes and draft prospects, but first... Per Josh's request (he emailed us, get your best razors from 7:45 Falcons/Eagles - MJ vs James 33:00 Titans/Patriots - Pod vs the World 43:45 Jaguars/Steelers - Ryan vs Greg 1:04:40 Saints/Vikings - Chris vs Joe 1:33:25 -...


Wild Wild Wild Card, The Playoff have Begun!

We've got 4 game in this exciting Wild Card Weekend. Who's moving onto the divisional round? We talk about Cam Newton's alleged concussion, Tyrod Taylor's very real concussion, and Cam Jordan giving people concussions. Matt Ryan and the Falcons are trying to make it back to the Super Bowl after their devastating loss last years. Meanwhile the Rams are back for the first time since the 2000's, the Bills in for the first time since the 90's. Plus, we find out if Blake Bortles can carry a...


NFL Wildcard Weekend 2018 - 1/4/18

Our first playoff preview of 2018. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), Rob (Bills), James (Eagles), James (Texans) and Andy (Dolphins) to preview all the games and talk coaches. But first... Get your shave on! Go to for a FREE trial set (pay for shipping, but it's worth it) 9:25 - Titans/Chiefs featuring Chris (Saints) and Nick (Chiefs) 28:08 - Falcons/Rams featuring MJ (Falcons) and Jarrod (Rams) 50:00 - Bills/Jaguars featuring Rob (Bills) and Ryan (Jaguars)...


Week 17, the Final Week of the Regular Season

The Next Fan up Crew are back with a New Years Eve Edition! We run down all the games in the leage. Can the Patriots be stopped? Who is out of a job? What are our final thoughts on 2017 in the NFL? Plus, new head coach rumors, draft position thoughts, and a winless teams. What more could you ask for? Email Follow @nfupodcast Online at


Looking Ahead to 2018 or Week 17 in 2017 - 12/28/17

Happy Holidays everybody. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), Rob (Bills), MJ (Falcons) and Patrick (Patriots) to preview all the games in Week 17. The guys give equal time to all 32 teams, looking ahead to what each team should be doing for 2018. And there's no "but first". They kick off with the Bears/Vikings and don't stop until they finish with the Cardinals/Seahawks. If you enjoyed the show, we hope you leave a review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Tune In, Aha Radio or Spreaker....


NFL Week 16, Christmas Eve Antic

It's a special Christmas edition of Next Fan Up as the ghost of Superbowl hopefuls Past (Justin - Seahawks), Present (James - Eagles) and Future (Rob - Bills) check in with their thoughts. We go deep in the Seahawks vs Cowboys and the Bills vs the Referees (with a special guest appearence by the Patriots). Then it's rapid fire, as we check in with thoughts on every game from this weekend. It's a short and sweet one. Presented unedited, uncut, and at times unhinged. Follow @nfupodcast Email...


The Worst NFL Podcast or Week 16 Previews - 12/21/17

Welcome to the Worst Edition of the Next Fan Up podcast. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles) and Rob (Bills) to preview all of Week 16 in the NFL. But first... Just like Jordan Reed, you should get a shave kit from The SuperFans don't react to the Pro Bowl selections per se, but they do react to an article from Bleacher Report discussing the 5 worst players at every position. James mentions that some of the players aren't starters - also injured...


Last Day of Meaningless Football = Last Day of August - 8/31/17

We're one week away from the kickoff of "real" NFL games and are so excited, we couldn't stop talking. Join PodVader, Neil (Redskins), Kevin (Cowboys), James (Eagles) and new SuperFan Josh (Lions) as they go through the schedule for Week 4 of the preseason but don't preview any games. Instead, they discuss the deep roster players the SuperFans don't want to see cut and make some bold predictions along the way. They also tackle some timely stories. Vontaze Burfict's suspension is reduced,...


Who Need Preseason Anyway? 8/28/17

Nick (Chiefs), Rob (Bills), and Dr.Jones (Cardinals) talk about some of the injureis from this all important week 3 of the preseason.Then they discuss why we have a preseason, and how it can be improved. They finish with a quick look at their respective teams. Follow @nfupodcast Online Email


Preseason Week 3 Preview

Nick (Chiefs) and a whole squad take us through all of week 3 in the preseason. This is the most important week, and there is a lot to watch for. Will the Seahawks line survive? Will Kirk deliver? Who is the QB in Chicago? Or Cleveland? Or New York? There's a lot to look for, and we've got the goods! Email us, Follow @nfupodcast Online


8/21/17 How to Watch Preseason

Justin (Seahawks), Rob (Bills), and Tom (Bears) bring you up to speed on the return of Jeremy Zuttah to the Raven, and the addition of Rey Maualuga to the Dolphins. Then, we check in on how our teams are doing this preseason. We wrap up with an in depth look on how to take a production look at preseason games. What should you watch for if you really want to know what's happenning with a team? What can you take a way from the broadcast view? All this, plus a look at Jay Cutler only a Bear...


NFL Preseason Week 2 Preview - 8/17/17

It's been a rough week but we provide a little escapism to the world of the NFL previewing all the games of Week 2 in the preseason. It's PodVader, Neil (Redskins), James (Texans), James (Eagles) and Kevin (Cowboys). We kick off with the Thursday games and then it's chronological. Friday/Saturday starts around the 16min mark. Sunday/Monday starts around the one hour 11min mark. Check out all the written previews at our website: Email the show (especially if you...


3rd Annual BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Football Expert League Draft

The greatest collection of independent, fantasy football podcasters join forces to compete against one another for the 3rd year in a row. And this year's is even bigger - 14 teams and .5 point per reception scoring. Here's the link to follow the league on Here are the participants in their draft order: Joel - The Fantasy Insiders Chris - The Keepers, FanRag Sports Doug - Brandon (filling in for sister,...


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