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Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.

Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.
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Featuring PodVader and the SuperFans. A weekly check in with the people who know their NFL teams the best, the fans. And the occasional guest.






NFL Week 6. You Think You Know, But You Don't Know

The Next Fan Up crew is back to take on week 6. Have we achieved parity? Becuase it seems like our bottom 10 teams knock off some of our top 10 teams every week. The Steelers and Chiefs have a big time clash, Deshaun Watson continues to shine, and the Patriots defense continues to threated to give our show an explicit tag. Somone needs to ask Aaron Rodgers if State Farm covers broken collar bones. Upsets abound, no team is save, and Eli Manning is still making the same face. Find out why, on...

Duration: 01:28:24

The Bearded Lady Is Week 6 in the NFL - 10/12/17

Lots of talk about facial hair this week but it's Week 6 in the NFL and PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles), Kevin (Cowboys), Andy (Dolphins) and MJ (Falcons) to preview all the latest happenings. But first... Jerry Jones had some interesting things to say regarding players that take a knee during the National Anthem. We don't get into the politics of it (we did that 2 weeks ago - check out the archives on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, We do...

Duration: 01:54:14

Stephania Bell on Women Sports Reporters, Concussions & more - 10/11/17

Welcome to another Wednesday interview podcast with PodVader. This week, Pod talks with Stephania Bell, co-host of the ESPN Fantasy Focus Football podcast. Plus, Nick (Panthers) and James (Eagles) provide an in depth preview of the Thursday Night Football game between Philadelphia and Carolina. Please subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn or Aha Radio. Send us your emails: Tweet us @nfupodcast | |

Duration: 01:04:44

Week 5. Time to Stick a Fork in Some Teams

The Next Fan Up crew recap the week 5 action. Who is ready to have a fork stuck in them? Definitely the Giants. 49ers too. Big Ben? What about JJ Watt? Bad play and injuries may be a factor. What about the Rams hopes for an NFC West title? Or even the curse of Podvader on the Jaguars? The Raiders as a superbowl contender? Plenty of things to write off at this point. Plus some good teams! Email Online at Follow @nfupodcast

Duration: 01:30:43

Woman Know Sports Too, Deal With It - 10/05/17

Another exciting week in the NFL is upon us and PodVader has Neil (Redskins), Kevin (Cowboys), Andrew (Dolphins), James (Eagles), Josh (Lions) and Patrick (Patriots) to preview all the games. Rob (Bills) makes a cameo too. But first... Cam Newton just won't grow up and says something stupid about women sports reporters. This is all Kevin needed to jump back off the Newton train. Is this also an issue of athletic entitlement? Next up, the guys talk about the major injuries impacting several...

Duration: 02:11:28

Would You Like Some Cheese with That Whine? - 10/3/17

Another interview edition of the Next Fan Up podcast. Join PodVader as he recaps the BlogTalkRadio Fantasy Expert League with his latest opponent, Kevin from The Fantasy Football Guys. Plus, James Yarcho from stops by to help preview the Thursday Night Football game. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn (ask Alexa to play the latest episode) and Aha Radio. Leave us a review. Share with a friend and enjoy!!! First up, Kevin (@tffg on Twitter) from The...

Duration: 00:43:47

NFL Week 4, Where the Truth Comes Out

The NFU crew is back, recapping all he games from week 4 in the NFL. A marquee matchup on Foxboro goes down to the wire, while a team everyone thought had a chance to go winless continues to fight. The NFC West is in the hands of the Rams, and our Cowboys fan is raging into his beer. Plus, are the overtime rules a problem? Are the Seahawks back? Are the Giants going to win a game? Who let the Bills be in first place? So many questions, and a few answers to be had. This is Next Fan Up! Find...

Duration: 01:22:18

There's Politics In Football - Deal With It - 9/28/17

We tackle a very important issue in this week's episode of Next Fan Up - politics and football. PodVader is joined by James (Eagles), Kevin (Cowboys), Andy (Dolphins) and Josh (Lions) to discuss what happened in week 3. But it's more than just what happened - it's why it happened. It's why politics and football should be a thing. It's about protesting. It's about hearing the messages. It's about opening your mind and stop using sports as an escape from the real world things that need to be...

Duration: 02:19:04

Patriots Today or Matt Chatham Guests - 9/27/17

It's not the latest edition of Patriots Today, but Matt Chatham and PodVader certainly go in depth on the issues the New England Patriots are facing. Welcome to Next Fan Up! Be part of the conversations we have by emailing | Tweet @nfupodcast | Matt Chatham (@chatham58 on Twitter, stops by. Pod talks to him about the lack of defense not normally associated with the defending Super Bowl champions. He also plugs his recent...

Duration: 01:01:18

Week 3 Recap. We Are Just as Confused as You Are

The Superfans come together to make sense of a crazy week of NFL action. There's London blowouts, the greatest Thursday Night Football game of all time, come back wins, pick sixes from Hall of Fame Quarterbacks, and big play. Oh the big plays!. No way to summarize it, you just need to listen! Email us Online at Follow @nfupodcast

Duration: 01:45:28

Might Want to Listen in Parts or the Week 3 NFL Preview - 9/21/17

Not going to lie. This is a long one. PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles), Kevin (Cowboys) and for a bit, Andy (Dolphins) to preview Week 3. Before they jump into the previews, they touch on some headlines including the players looking for a month to be dedicated to activism. Goodell's contract should be renewed and DeMaurice Smith renewed as the NFLPA head (Neil is NOT a fan). And "big fat" Eddie Lacy dealing with his weight struggles in a public forum. SuperFan Battles...

Duration: 02:21:30

Ross Tucker and the State of NFL Olines - 9/20/17

It's a mini-reunion of sorts. PodVader talks with his old pal, Ross Tucker, on the show today. He also has an interview with Jay from Razzball (not related, but great first name). Then he breaks down the Thursday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. But first, by popular demand or @HeavyseT330 on Twitter demand, Ross Tucker (@RossTuckerNFL on Twitter) joins Pod to discuss the state of the offensive line in the NFL. Is this a player problem or a...

Duration: 00:40:22

Week 2 Recap. Where Everyone is Terrible! (Except Several Teams are Not)

The whole NFU crew is here to recap an action packed week two. Major NFC east games, an angry New England vs a team without a defense. Two NFC West teams with no offense. Colts threaten the unthinkable (a win without Luck). Lots to cover, good thing you've got the Superfans!

Duration: 01:33:41

Next Time Kevin Should Have Some Coffee or the FULL Week 2 NFL Preview - 9/14/17

We've got another long one here - but is it really long if we're talking about football? PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), Greg (Steelers), James (Eagles), Kevin (Cowboys), Ken (Chargers) and Josh (Lions) to run through all the picks and previews in Week 2 of the NFL. But first... The Chicago Tribune had an interesting piece on the state of offensive line play in the NFL. It's been bad, but who is really to blame for the issue? Is this a player issue or a coaching issue? How bout them...

Duration: 02:09:40

Disappointing Start To the Season or Week 2 in the NFL - 9/13/17

We've got news to react to as Week 2 in the NFL kicks off. David Johnson, running back for the Arizona Cardinals, needs surgery on his wrist and will be out at least 8 weeks (could be more). We bring in Dr. Jones (not a medical doctor), the Cardinals SuperFan, to react. He sees doom and gloom in the future for the Cards. Much of the season will be riding on the re-signing of Chris Johnson. He's not interested in one of those Patriots running backs (Pod had to ask). At the 19minute 26...

Duration: 00:54:23

Week 1 is Here! Recap 9/11/17

Justin (Seahawks) and the Next Fan Up crew are back! They recap every game played so far. What do the Colts look like without Luck? Can the Seahawks win in Lambau? Can a team that doesn't have Burfict get 4 penalties for unneessary roughness? The answer to all this on more, as Next Fan Up returns! Email us, Follow @nfupodcast Online at

Duration: 01:12:59

Taking Shots At the Poor Teams of the NFL or Week 1 Preview - 9/7/17

PodVader is joined by Neil (Redskins), James (Eagles) and Kevin (Cowboys) to run through the previews for all the games for kickoff weekend in the NFL. Be sure to subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, Aha Radio or your listening app of choice to never miss a show. Three shows a week: previews on Mondays, interviews on Wednesdays (and Thursday Night preview) and all the Sunday games on Thursdays. SuperFan Battles this week include: Raiders/Titans, Seahawks/Packers, and...

Duration: 02:14:46

That's Not A Winning Formula or Chiefs vs. Patriots - 9/6/17

The first interview edition of the podcast in the 2017 season. PodVader will present interviews every Wednesday through the season to compliment the weekly previews (Thursdays) and recaps (Monday mornings). This week, it's all about Week 1. Josh Brisco (@jbbrisco on Twitter), host of Roughing the Kicker podcast and Almost Entirely Sports on ESPN Kansas City, acquiesces that the Chiefs will lose this first matchup. But Pod wants to go somewhere else first - Patrick Mahomes. Josh is excited...

Duration: 01:00:01

Seahawks Make an Upgrade, and Updates Around the League

Justin (Seahawks) and Andrew (Jets) talk deep about the blockbuster trade involving Andrew's Jets sending Sheldon Richardson the Justin's Seahawks for Jermaine Kearse and a 2nd round pick. Once that is inspected and digested the guys turn their attention to the other 30 teams. Each team gets checked in with now that everyone has cut down to 53. Who's better? Worse? Wasting picks on kickers? Listen and find out! Email Follow @nfupodcast Online

Duration: 01:16:00

Last Day of Meaningless Football = Last Day of August - 8/31/17

We're one week away from the kickoff of "real" NFL games and are so excited, we couldn't stop talking. Join PodVader, Neil (Redskins), Kevin (Cowboys), James (Eagles) and new SuperFan Josh (Lions) as they go through the schedule for Week 4 of the preseason but don't preview any games. Instead, they discuss the deep roster players the SuperFans don't want to see cut and make some bold predictions along the way. They also tackle some timely stories. Vontaze Burfict's suspension is reduced,...

Duration: 02:13:00

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