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A group of bears just talking about random stuff, the conversation can and will go everywhere and without logic.




NTBears Episode 31

Welcome to Episode # 31 - This week we've got Brian, David, Kevin, Vinnie and Sharkweek with special guest PB (Pussy Blaster). This week is Summer Vacation fest 2017. Sharkweek and PB talk about their Myrtle Beach trip "The Beach" / "Redneck Rivera". Brian and David talk about their trip to Toronto, Ontario (Canada) for Pride 2017. Kevin and Vinnie talk about their trip to Maggie Valley and redneck fest 2017. Let us know some topics you'd enjoy us to talk about or feel like commenting on...

Duration: 01:06:43

NT Bears Episode 30

Welcome to Episode # 30 - This week we've got Brian, David, Kevin, Vinnie and Sharkweek with special guest Suki. We talk about all sorts of stuffs. Brian and David's memorial weekend in ATL (and how amazing Uber Eats is), some behind the scenes stuff about the podcast. We talk about Meryl Streep and how she can do no wrong (and would win an Oscar for a "Fart in a Jar"). We also delve into the world of Furry's (Suki is one) asking all sorts of inappropriate questions and getting...

Duration: 01:23:25

Next Tuesday Bears featuring Sharkweek Episode 29!

Welcome to Episode # 29! We've got David, Brian, Vinnie, Kevin and Sharkweek! Joining us this week Spark and Ducky! So umm, yeah, this week we imbibe in ways we haven't before. Reminder of the solar eclipse on 8/21/17! I apologize if I'm a little (a lot) annoying this week (David). Anyhow it's a hell of a week, as you'll soon hear, we don't realize that some peoples mics aren't on. We talk about some movies we want to see, the TV shows we're enjoying. Then we dissolve into giggling school...

Duration: 01:43:08

NT Bears Episode 28

Welcome to Episode # 28! This week we've got Kevin, Vinny, Brian, David and SHARKWEEK! We start with instructions on how to properly clean your toilet.... yeah.. Then we start the show! David talks about the Summer Solar Eclipse on 8/21. Then we continue with the End of the World talk and lay into Him who is not to be named... No not Hastur, Trump. We've got a lot to say as well so strap in. We also talk about how we give our dogs pills and Kevin tells the story of he was once Old McDonald...

Duration: 01:37:23

NT Bears Episode 27

Welcome to Episode # 27! We're back from our winter break and we've got Brian, David, Kevin, Vinnie, SHARKWEEK and special guest Mavis. Unfortunately we ended up losing a bit of the beginning (Blame Vinnie). We talk about our Holiday fun including cheese trays at the bar and how it's not a good idea, Kevin and Vinnie are outed to Vinnie's parents and we learn a little hair dressing history. We talk about the yellow elephant in the nation and travel plans. Mavis talks about her trip to...

Duration: 01:03:11

NT Bears Episode 26

Welcome to Episode # 26! This week we have Kevin, Vinny, David and Brian with special guests, Ducky, Spark, Fluffy and newbie Shaft. This was recorded soon after the presidential election and well, we had a lot to say. We also had a wonderful meal and the alcohol was flowing. Fluffy tells his story of how he was unfriended in real life (not just Facebook). Ducky starts his own business (contact us if you want his hands on you ;). The election and its results, as well as where we're going...

Duration: 01:33:45

NT Bears Episode 25

Howdy, Episode number 25 is here. So with Summer ending and Autumn beginning, we got busy, sorry for the long break. But we're back and this episode we've got Brian, David, Kevin and Vinnie with Special Guest (Official/Unofficial Permanent 5th Chair) SHARK WEEK! We talk about our favorite costumes and what we're wearing this year. Brian and David recount their recent trips - Mountain weekend, Minnesota for David's Birthday, Jennifer Nettles in Concert and Henry Rollins spoken word tour. As...

Duration: 01:11:59