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Next in Nonprofits interviews nonprofit leaders and service providers to keep you up to date with the best ideas in social good.




CommunityGiving with Steve Joul

CommunityGiving is the new entity launched to help grow and support community foundations and community giving in their service areas. The website describes their work: “Together we unite foundations in Alexandria, Brainerd, Willmar and the Greater St. Cloud area under a single framework to create efficiencies that maximize the impact of our donors.” Steve Joul is the President and CEO of the new Community Giving, but comes to the role with many years of experience as leader of the...

Duration: 00:45:45

Ecotone with Tim Roman

Tim Roman is a co-founder and partner at Ecotone Analytics, “a data analytics company working with clients who want to manage, monitor, and measure their social or environmental impact.” Ecotone helps charities and social good organizations understand their impact and structure visual communication to increase support. Host Steve Boland joins Tim to talk about nonprofits extrapolating their long-term impact, showing just who benefits from charities doing good work, and why philanthropic...

Duration: 00:44:03

Analyze This with Kevin Church

Analyze This! is “a Twin Cities meetup group for data science practitioners and enthusiasts to collaborate on practical, real world problems. Each quarter, a business or organization presents a specific issue that requires data science expertise.” Kevin Church is a data scientist and a co-founder of Analyze This!, and joins host Steve Boland in discussing the role of analyzing data in driving charitable donations, charitable outcomes, and future engagement in nonprofits. There are many...

Duration: 00:44:56

Diversity and inclusion with Jonathan Palmer

Jonathan Palmer is the executive director of the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, and a seasoned nonprofit leader in a diverse community. Jonathan recently served on a panel at the Charities Review Council meeting on diversity and inclusion in nonprofit leadership. Host Steve Boland joins Jonathan for a conversation about moving past commitment to action in changing the course of nonprofit leadership, defining some terms, and being ready to be uncomfortable along the way. More...

Duration: 00:44:30

The Givers with David Callahan

David Callahan is founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy, a site with a mission “To pull back the curtain on one of the most powerful and dynamic forces shaping society. Every day, our team of editors and reporters is digging into how foundations and major donors are giving away their money, and why.” David has written a new book, The Givers, about “wealth, philanthropy and power in a new gilded age.” Host Steve Boland asks David about the rise of extraordinary new amounts of wealth,...

Duration: 00:44:41

Crowdfunding with Robyn White

Robyn White is the associate director of digital marketing for the University of Minnesota Foundation, and part of the team which brought URaiseMN to life. The custom-built crowdfunding platform allows the University to contain costs, increase data collection, and offer more options to people who want to use crowdfunding tactics to support the wide-range of giving at the U of M. Host Steve Boland joins Robyn to talk about when and how to build a custom platform, what motivates...

Duration: 00:43:00

Monicat Data with Jasmine Russell and Kurt Blomberg

Monicat Data is “a data management and research agency specifically focused in bringing strategic data to design, visual, & performance artists & art supporting organizations.” Monicat provides research panels, analysis and so much more for organizations in the arts and supporting the arts. Jasmine Russell and Kurt Blomberg join host Shannon Forney for a conversation about what is measured now, what categories of measurement are possible, and how both art and data influence each other....

Duration: 00:43:00

Content marketing with Robert McGuire

Robert McGuire is the owner and managing editor of McGuire Editorial Content Marketing Services, which is “a very specialized content marketing agency that sticks to content strategy and content writing services. We develop high-quality, authoritative, well-edited and well-aligned content.” McGuire Editorial has created a series of posts for nonprofits called Give to Get, and emphasizes how charities can take advantage of the ideas behind creating and sharing relevant, shareable and...

Duration: 00:46:29

Umbra Search with Cecily Marcus

Cecily Marcus is the curator of the Givens Collection of African-American Literature at the University of Minnesota, and one of the team behind the new Umbra Search “makes African American history more broadly accessible through a freely available widget and search tool,; digitization of African American materials across University of Minnesota collections; and support of students, educators, artists, and the public through residencies, workshops, and events locally and...

Duration: 00:43:05 with Abby Feuer

Abby Feuer is the Vice-President of Marketing and Community for, whose mission is to “make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the tools and experiences they need for a great education.” The services has roughly 40,000 classroom projects available for funding at any given moment, and has now raised over $500,000,000 for schools since the site was started. Abby joins host Steve Boland to talk...

Duration: 00:43:27

The Giving Code with Open Impact

Alexa Cortes Culwell and Heather McLeod Grant are co-founders of Open Impact, which “partners with exceptional leaders to envision, design and accelerate the work of social change.” Part of their work evolved into the research and creation of the report The Giving Code, which examines the data and impact behind the incredible wealth creation in Silicon Valley and the contrasting needs of those communities and the charities that serve them. Steve Boland joins the co-authors to talk about...

Duration: 00:46:23

EscrowUP with Paul Koenig

EscrowUP is a new initiative of SRS Aquiom to benefit charities during a mergers and acquisitions process. These business deals often require large amounts of capital to be set into escrow, and there’s a potential benefit to charities from the use of those funds during that time. Paul Koenig, Founder and CEO of SRS Acquiom, joins host Steve Boland to talk about this new model, how it can benefit charities, the avenues for nonprofit participation, and how all these ideas align with goals...

Duration: 00:39:58

Gizra with Adam Stewart

Adam Stewart joins host Steve Boland talk about nonprofit organizations doing technology planning and outreach using open-source tools and working with content management systems and planning. Stewart is the Chief Technology Officer of Gizra USA, and shares his thoughts on the “Gizra Way” of moving charities to more user-centered experiences using the Web. The conversation includes when not to execute a new idea (hint: if the users don’t want or need it), how to think about technology...

Duration: 00:44:56

Fundraising Report Card with Zach Shefska

Zach Shefska is the Director of Fundraising Report Card, which provides data visualization of donor activities over time. The tool is available for free, with opportunities to add functions and features. Host Steve Boland joins Zach to talk about why nonprofits can benefit from using data visualization to learn more about existing donors, how new donors can move up the engagement ladder, and next steps in these evolving services. Fundraising Report CardEngagement ladder

Duration: 00:44:35

Art sustainability with Shannon Forney

Shannon Forney has joined Next in Nonprofits as Creative Consultant. Shannon brings a wealth of experience to her new role, including background as a practicing artist and as a program administrator for the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Shannon joins host Steve Boland to talk about about the long-term sustainability of art funding, local art impact on community development, the creative placemaking movement and more.

Duration: 00:45:41

TruArtSpeaks with Tish Jones

Tish Jones is the founder and executive director of TruArtSpeaks, which “cultivates literacy, leadership and social justice through the study & application of Hip Hop culture. TruArtSpeaks was recently awarded a Knight Cities Arts Challenge grant to create a Saint Paul Youth Poet Laureate program. Tish joines host Steve Boland to talk about the creation of TruArtSpeaks, the first fundraising efforts before the formal corporation, why “doing the work” comes first and much more. TruArtSpeaks

Duration: 00:41:24

MALL with Katherine Smith-Flores

The Minneapolis Art Lending Library (MALL) “provides exposure for artists, builds ongoing support of the arts, and shares the joy of art with all members of our community through the free lending of artwork.” Director Katherine Smith-Flores joins host Steve Boland to talk about the how the Library came into being, the mission of lending art and supporting artists, the business model for a new nonprofit and more. Learn more about Next in Nonprofits and additional episodes at...

Duration: 00:40:27

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack with Allyson Fryhoff

Allyson Fryhoff is a the Senior Vice President of Sales at, the nonprofit services arm of Salesforce. Charities have been using technologies for data management for years, and now is announcing a new level of enhancements and service – the Nonprofit Success Pack. Allyson joins host Steve Boland to talk about this new layer of services, helping nonprofits to move toward integrated impact measures. Data integration, client data...

Duration: 00:28:56

MarketSmart with Greg Warner

Greg Warner is the founder and CEO of MarketSmart, a platform to help nonprofits do major gifts and donor work using data, surveys and social connection. Greg joins host Steve Boland to talk about how charities have prospected in the past, how the MarketSmart tools change that conversation, and what the future of new individual donor relations can evolve using these tools. MarketSmart

Duration: 00:45:10

Emerge Social Enterprise with Beth Palm

Beth Palm is the new Director of Social Enterprise for EMERGE, a nonprofit community development organization in Minneapolis. Many nonprofits have been exploring social enterprise as a way to supplement revenue and meet new mission goals, and EMERGE has also added entrepreneurship as a new component to employment development and mission work. Beth and host Steve Boland talk about the barriers to entrepreneurship as a means of self-sufficiency, leveraging partner organizations in this...

Duration: 00:43:07

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