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Nick & Kristen are a married morning show that is based in San Francisco, California. Sometimes they don't have time to talk about all the things they would like too on the air. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.

Nick & Kristen are a married morning show that is based in San Francisco, California. Sometimes they don't have time to talk about all the things they would like too on the air. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.
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San Francisco, CA




Nick & Kristen are a married morning show that is based in San Francisco, California. Sometimes they don't have time to talk about all the things they would like too on the air. So, they created this podcast to discuss what’s trending in the world and in their lives.




Psychic Medium Bill Phillips In Studio!

What is it like to talk to spirits? Thats something we had to know because we had Psychic/Medium Bill Phillips in studio today to talk about his upcoming reading that he is doing in Santa Clara. He has been on Dr. Phil and Access Hollywood and has helped thousands of people get over lost loved ones. He has a book out and is working on another one. When did he learn he could do this and what it is like inside his head? Really enjoyed talking with him and picking his brain. Find out how you...


Comedian Ron Funches Is In Town!

We love comedian Ron Funches! He is in town this weekend performing at the San Jose Improv for 4 shows. If you haven't seen his stand up you should check it out. He was also on one of our favorite shows "Powerless" and we had to get to the bottom of why it got cancelled.


We're Gonna Be On ABC 7!

A while back we went on a great trip to Napa to explore pretty much everything it had to offer. It was amazing! And it was all thanks to our friend Zahrah at ABC 7. She hosts a show called Days with Zahrah that airs on Sundays at 11:30am. We tried SO MUCH FOOD! And took a few tours of some great wineries. Well its going to air THIS WEEKEND! She stopped by the studio to help up remember all the cool things we did and tell about the great things coming up.


#121 Comedian Sinbad Stops By!

One of my favorite comedians Sinbad stopped by the station to talk about his upcoming stand up shows at Tommy T's in Pleasanton this weekend. But what we REALLY wanted to talk about was his former reality show and what happened and can we expect another one in the future.


Director & Actor Rob Reiner Actually Called Us!

You have most likely seen something with either Rob Reiner in front of the camera, or behind it. He has directed This Is Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride, Stand By Me and SOOO many other great movies. His latest one is LBJ about the president Linden B. Johnson who took over after JFK was assassinated in 1963. As a kid Rob hated LBJ but as he was making this movie he got to understand him a lot more and thats what led to him making this movie.


#120 Awkward & Informative (The Valentines Day Special)

We talk to 2 different kinds of experts on this weeks podcast. Dr. Sadie Allison is a Sex Expert and is often called "America's Pleasure Coach" so we get some good advice on what types of things you can do to spice up your marriage. Plus we talk to Dayna Johnson Etsy Trend Expert about the types of things you can find on Etsy for your loved ones. If you are worried about shipping times there is some great advice on how to make sure you get the items you order on time.


Inside Editions Deborah Norville Stops By Before Her Show Tonight

Inside Editions anchor of 23 years Deborah Norville is in the bay area today and tomorrow covering some local stories about a boys road to being the cup stacking champion, as well as talking with the people responsible for Pinks amazing performance on the side of a building. You can see Inside Edition on KRON-4 weeknights at 7pm.


#119 Podcast Within A Podcast

Nick is working on a new independent podcast and he wanted to test it out with Kristen first. After recording it he never planned on putting it in the new podcast so instead of letting it go to waste, here it is! He talks to Kristen about her 3 favorite songs of all time and they were pretty surprising. Get to know Kristen a bit better through her favorite music in this podcast within a podcast.


#118 The DNA Results Are In!

A few weeks ago we sent out our DNA to to see where we come from. Well we got it back and there were some shocking discoveries on both sides. Nick also decides that he is going to "Genghis Khan" the world.


Comedian Jo Koy Stops By

Comedian Jo Koy is in town for his 6 sold out shows at the Warfield here in San Francisco. While he was in town he decided to stop by and say hello. We talk about his journey to success from renting out his own theater to having to pretend he was Mexican. Plus he gives us great advice on how to spot a good Phillipino restaurant.


#117 What We Hated About Star Wars

*****SPOILERS***** We never usually use our podcast to talk about nerd things like Star Wars but we couldn't help ourselves. We have to talk about the new movie The Last Jedi. It's been bugging us! Do we like it? Do we hate it? We don't know! So after being encouraged to record this conversation by people who over heard us in the lobby, here it is.


#116 What To Look Forward To In 2018

2017 is finally behind us! So what can we expect from 2018? From civilians traveling to the moon to a royal wedding. The next year has some big things in store and we tell you what you can expect. Plus we make our new year resolutions for 2018.


#115 One Year Since The Accident

A year ago today is when Kristen fell off the back of a truck and shattered her knee. It was an injury that all of her doctors agree is one of the worse type of knee injuries someone can get. We recap her journey from the accident until today and discuss what next year is going to look like for her. We all want to know, how is Kristen's Leg?


#114 Christmas In The Bay

Not sure what to do during the holiday season in the Bay area? Don't worry, we got it covered. We talk to Jill from and she tells us all about the upcoming tree lightings and traditional shows that every local needs to see. Then we talk to Lisa from about some hidden gems and of the main road type things that are going on for people that have done all the traditional stuff.


Chatting With Jim Brickman

Legendary pianist Jim Brickman called into the show to talk about his brand new Christmas song with Five For Fighting.


#113 How Is Sonoma?

We asked the question this week, How is Sonoma doing? We took a trip up there and talked to Bill over at Deerfield Winery as well as some of our visiting neighbors from the north about their experiences. We wanted to find out how Sonoma is recovering after the fires.


Bark & Whine Ball

The 20th Annual Bark & Whine Ball is happening this Thursday. November 16th from 6:30-10pm at the San Francisco Design Center Galleria located at 101 Henry Adams St in San Francisco. Dine & Dance with your dog while raising funds for the first responders, military veterans & 4-legged friends. Buy tickets at


#112 Should We Join A Gym

We have made some changes to our podcast! We are putting actual thought into each episode and trying our best to explore the topic each week. For a first new style of podcasting we talk to Joey Vee and Sarah Groton about our options when it comes to if we have to join a gym or not to be healthy. Enjoy!


#111 Hello Hollywood!

We're back from Hollywood where Kristen lost her mind over Ricky Gervais. Plus we play tourist, talk to Kristen's psychiatrist friend and talk about the things we have given up on.


Hanging With Haley Reinhart

Haley Reinhart dropped by the KOIT studios today to talk about all the cool things she has going on. Not only is she performing tonight Great American Music Hall in San Francisco but she also has a new album out called Whats That Sound. Plus she is on a very popular Netflix cartoon! She is keeping busy and she took the time to chat with us today.


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