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Nigel Harris (as Stuart Russell) was part of the late seventies team on the Mi Amigo working also on the Ross Revenge in the eighties and nineties. He stayed with Caroline for many years becoming the very last programme controller when the ship was still at sea. A trip to Israel and the Voice of Peace followed and then with offshore radio all but over, Nigel went to Invicta and now works at KMFM in Kent. He has been involved with Caroline since being in his teens and still continues to present Caroline programmes from Maidstone having been there since the start of satellite programmes. When not on the radio Nigel enjoys his other passion of playing the church organ and plays at his local church in Sittingbourne. He also played several times in Rochester Cathedral and once left the Ross Revenge when she was anchored on the Medway and went straight to Evensong in the Cathedral. Ambitions include a dive on Titanic and a ride in a hot air balloon but a fear of enclosed spaces and heights may just prevent them happening. Often asked which ship was his favourite, the answer is the Mi Amigo because of its history and homely feel but then the Ross Revenge is only a smidgen behind and he loves them both. Nigel can be heard on Caroline on Saturday afternoons and other times when needed.



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