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016: Exposing Your Art. Social Media. Art on Internet. + chat w/ Edward Li (Twitchy Finger Games)

I talk about what it's like to announce a new project to the world in the new age of social media. Then I chat with Edward Li of Twitchy Finger games about Hong Kong and indie game development. Want to know more about Edward Li / Twitchy Finger? Interested in donating to 3 Summits for Nepal? Want to know more about Ninesquirrels? Discord: Website:...


015: Nepal. Trekking. Charity. Schools. + Chat with Jwalant Gurung (Crystal Mountain Treks)

This is a very different episode - I'm talking about my trip to Nepal, and my involvement in the 3 Summits for Nepal charity. Then I chat at length about Nepal and 3 Summits for Nepal with local Nepali entrepreneur Jwalant Gurung, owner of Crystal Mountain Treks, and founder of 2 Summits for Nepal. This is something very near and dear to me, and a bit of a departure from my usual rants about video games and whatnot - I hope you'll indulge me. Interested in donating to 3 Summits for Nepal?...


013: The Notification Episode + Chat w/Carlos Hernandez (Too Much Gaming)

I respond to another discussion on my Facebook - this time about the quality of F2P gaming. Then I have an in depth discussion of the Philippine game industry and game media with Carlos Hernandez of Too Much Gaming. An absolute "must listen" for people interested in games in the Philippines. Want to know more about Carlos? Website - Podcast - Want to know more about Ninesquirrels? Discord:


012: The Selfmade Episode + Chat w/Kris Antoni (Toge Productions)

I have a long response to the people on my Facebook about the concept of the "Selfmade man" and my experiences in travelling in Indonesia. Then I have a very involved chat w/ Kris Antoni from Jakarta about starting and running Toge Productions, makers of the Infectionator series, and one of the most successful independent game studios in Indonesia. Want to know more about Kris? Twitter: @kerissakti Toge Productions: Want to know more about Ninesquirrels? Discord:...


011: The Ignorance Episode + Chat w/ Pablo Bairan(

I talk about the joy of ignorance, and how sometimes it's critical to the process to put your experience aside. Then I have a wonderful chat with Pablo Bairan from the Philippines about the Cosplay in the Philippines. If you've ever wondered what that was all about, this is probably the best explanation I've ever gotten about the lure, joy, and mechanics of cosplay. Want to know more about Pablo? Want to know more...


010: The Community Episode + Chat w/ Vincent Carrella (The Serpent Box)

Chris talks about community, and what it means to belong to something. He also digresses a great bit about Japan, the 1980's, whisky, and Reddit. Then we have a long chat with author and photographer Vincent Carrella about what it means to follow your dreams, what you sacrifice to be a working artist, and what success means. It's one of the most honest interviews I have ever had, and a must-listen for aspiring makers of things. Want more info about Vincent and what he makes? Photography...


009: The Fear Episode + Chat w/ Bhama Roget

Chris talks about overcoming fear, and getting through the wall that stops most people from succeeding. It's shockingly relevant. Then we chat with Bhama Roget, comedian, voice talent, and actress, known for her roles in Laggies, Eden, and the award-winning web series Wrecked. She's also the voice of the Awakening and Dana Knightstone game series, and Seattlites know her as the crazy Bartell shopper. You can check her out now on YouTube @ The Bhama Show - and see her performing at comedy...


008: The Immigration Episode + Chat w/ Gabby Dizon (Altitude Games)

I have a very frank and rather foul-mouthed rant about whats happening around the world concerning immigration and race relations, and how it affects the entertainment industry. Then I have a far more pleasant chat with entrepreneur, game developer, and businessman Gabby Dizon about founding and running Altitude Games, in Manila. We talk about production, virtual offices, working fromhome, working with investors, and growing a game studio. Lots of great information inside! Want more info...


007: The Pain Episode + Chat w/ Renegade Pige (Your Average Livestreamer)

We're going out on a limb a bit in this episode. I talk at length about my colon, the pain of IBS, and wonder who else out there is dealing with pain they can't talk about in polite company. Then I interview Renegade_Pige, a livestreamer form the Twitch network about the dark seamy underbelly of the world of livestreamers and influencers. So. Much. Salt. Wanna know more about Pige? Follow his stream at Wanna see Ninesquirrels live in Twitch?...


006: A Long Chat w/ Gwen Guo of IMBA Interactive

Chris takes a brief respite form his rants, and steps aside to let Gwen Guo of IMBA Interactive in Singapore talk. We discuss gender roles in Asian business, dealing with anxiety, developing a freelance client base, networking, and much, much more. Highly suggested for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers looking for inspiration. Want more info about Gwen and what she makes? Website: Email: Gwen’s Twitter: @gy_gwen


005: The Productivity Episode + Interview w/Ian Gregory (Witching Hour Studios)

I have a serious think about the whole purpose of this podcast, productivity, and how it relates to entertainment. Then I have a long talk with Ian Gregory of Witching Hour Studios about Singapore, Race, Culture, his new game Masquarada, and his secret life as an Uber driver. Website: Masquerada: (or just grab it on Steam!) Withing Hour Twitter: @witchinghourSG


004: Feb 22, 2017. The Failure Episode + Interview w/Ariella Lehrer from Legacy Games

I get all mellow and talk about my failures. then I hate it, delete it, and do it again. Because I am meta like that. Then I talk at length with Ariella Lehrer about her 30+ years of success in the game industry. For anyone interested in the ups and downs of being in the creative industry for the long haul... this is your episode. Want to know more about Ariella Lehrer? for her blog! for all her games! Crayola Color Blaster on the App store!


003: Feb 19, 2017. The Outrage Episode + Interview w/Yan Marschal of Sanuk Games

I get all serious and stuff about my trip to the Topography of Terror in Berlin, and we talk about outrage. Then, when everyone is good and depressed, we chat with my good friend Yan Marschal about surviving as an indie developer.


002: Feb 17, 2017. The Berlin Episode + Interview w/Jessica Tams of Casual Connect

I talk about Berlin, the perils of making assessments w/o context, and we interview Jessica Tams of Casual Connect and learn all about game conventions and bootstrapping a successful business.


001: Feb 3, 2017. Hello World! I went to PAX South!

Short intro episode discussing why I am doing this and what future podcasts will be like. It's the Hello World of podcasts. Also, I discuss my trip to the US for PAX South and... well, Trump.


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