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Nintendo Week recaptures all the fun of Nintendo in a weekly show, delivering news recaps, discussions, games, music, and more to create a show for all kinds of Nintendo fans, whether they're new or old, passionate or passing-by.






NW 089: Mario Odyssey, Metroid Prime, and E3 2017

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin as they join each other IN PERSON to discuss their experience at E3 2017, including Super Mario Odyssey, the Raving Rabbids, Splatoon 2, surprise Metroid games, and so much more. This week’s outro music is “Jump Up, Superstar,” by Mayor Pauline.

Duration: 01:02:54

NW 088: Catching Up and Our E3 Predictions

Join Colin, Alex, and Ben as they play catch-up from all of 2017 to discuss everything there is about Nintendo Switch and all its incredible games, followed by Alex and Colin’s E3 predictions. This week’s break music is Bulby’s 8-bit rendition of Hau’oli City’s theme from Pokémon Sun and Moon. This week’s outro music is “Super Mega Ultra Pipe House,” by DDRKirby(ISQ)

Duration: 01:07:26

A Message About Nintendo Week’s Future

Just letting everyone know what’s going on! Please understand.

Duration: 00:06:20

NW 069: Alolalolalolan Pokémon and Niantic’s Issues

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin this week as we discuss tons of recent Pokémon news, including a chaotic mess surrounding Pokémon GO and tons of new information about the Pokémon in Sun and Moon. Afterwards we introduce a new segment called “Dream Land,” where we share our hopes and dreams for new Alolan Pokémon like Gengar, Marowak, and tons more.

Duration: 00:49:42

NW 068: Tons and Tons and Tons of News (and NX)


Duration: 01:12:10

NW 067: All About the NES Mini | We’ve Got a Facebook Group!

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin this week for a mini episode of Nintendo Week all about the newly-announced NES Classics Edition. We cover the news of the console and our impressions, followed by a few discussions about the role it can play in the marketplace as Nintendo prepares to launch NX, the future of this “Classics” line with SNES and Game Boy, and whether it should have been able to connect to the eShop or Virtual Console in some way. And by popular demand, Nintendo Week now has a...

Duration: 00:15:05

NW 066: New Pokémon, Final Splatfest, Pikmin, and Birthdays | Pokémon GO and Nintendo Week’s Future


Duration: 01:23:20

NW 064: Zelda Spinoffs, Pokkén DLC, Paper Mario Remastered, and Actual NX News


Duration: 00:37:12

NW 063: Breath of the Wild and E3 2016

Join the Nintendo Week crew as Alex, Ben, and Colin discuss everything that is E3 2016. This week’s outro music is the version of “Gourmet Race” appearing on Kirby’s 20th Anniversary Soundtrack.

Duration: 00:58:15

NW 062: Sun & Moon, NX Supporting VR, Mario Kart DLC | Best Starter Pokémon (Glitz Pit)


Duration: 01:07:23

NW 061: Movies, Yooka-Laylee | What Zelda U Can Learn from Wind Waker, Dark Souls, and More

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin as they discuss Kimishima’s recent interview with Asahi Shumbin, where he discussed tons of information on Nintendo’s plans for filmmaking, mobile games, and the NX, as well as news on Yooka-Laylee, Hyrule Warriors, and more. After the break, we have a long Game Corner segment where we [...]

Duration: 00:52:06

NW 060: Splatoon Advice, GameCube Games | VC, Badges, and Mother 4

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin as we bring you an episode completely dedicated to subjects from our dear listeners. This week we introduce two brand-new segments: Trainer Tips, where we give you the best of our advice on troubles you face in gaming, and The Sacred Realm, where we pontificate on the subjects you want to hear us discuss. This week’s outro music is “If You Believe,” a gorgeous rendition of EarthBound Beginnings’ theme from Magicant, by several artists.

Duration: 00:38:21

NW 059: New Starter Pokémon, Mario in Minecraft, Nintendo’s New Slogan, and More

Join Alex, Colin, and Ben this week for an extra-long News Block, featuring long discussions on all of this week’s huge stories, including our first look at Pokémon Sun and Moon, Minecraft’s official new Mario content, news on Nintendo’s mobile games and E3 presence, a new Nintendo slogan for a new Nintendo era, and so much more. This week’s outro music is”The Destiny Infinite,” a remix of Pokémon’s Route 3 theme, by DarkeSword.

Duration: 00:39:42

NW 058: Splatoon Amiibo, 3DS Support, Retro Rumor | Pokémon Generations, Mario vs. Luigi

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin for an easygoing week on the show, with a light News Block and laid-back rounds of The Game Corner and Mystery House. This week we cover the new Splatoon Amiibo and lots of other topics, including the differences between Pokémon generations, Nintendo’s strategy to follow up Splatoon, Hyrule Warriors, Waluigi, and which Mario brother is our favorite. This week’s break music is Bulby’s 8-bit remix of Calamari Inkantation. This week’s outro music is “TEEM.ROKIT,” by...

Duration: 00:43:12

NW 057: Animal Emblem Apps, Financial Rundown | NX, Zelda, and Nintendo’s E3

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin as they sort through a mountain of news from Nintendo’s Investors’ Meeting, including new mobile games for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem and a ton of financial information. After the break, we discuss Star Fox Zero and its related animated short in the Game Corner and finish off the night with a long discussion segment on NX, Zelda U, and E3 2016, all of which Nintendo officially discussed. This week’s break much is an incredible 8-bit rendition of “Touch Fuzzy,...

Duration: 00:46:23

NW 056: Patents and Licensing | Zelda U, NX Ports, and Live-Action Pokémon

This week was filled to the brim with rumors, so join Alex, Ben, and Colin as we try to navigate the murky waters of this week’s news cycle. Before the break we talk about Bayonetta’s recent Smash Bros. controversies, the upcoming Mega Man cartoon, and much much more. After the break we head to The Gossip Stone to discuss several rumors, including whether NX is getting ports of four major Wii U games, Pokémon auctioning off its movie rights for a live-action film, and much more. This...

Duration: 00:59:34

NW 055: Nintendo X Capcom, Epic Rapp Battles | EarthBound ReBorn, How Nintendo Can Win Again (Mystery House)

Join the Nintendo Week crew once again as Alex, Ben, and Colin navigate the waters of being a Nintendo fan in these bizarre times. News includes Street Fighter’s producer wishing for a Nintendo crossover game, Nintendo’s whole new online infrastructure, and the recent controversies around Alison Rapp and her termination from Nintendo. After the break we check in on our recent gaming progress and then take some listener questions for the Mystery House, including subjects like a modern...

Duration: 00:51:40

NW 054: Nintendo’s NXt New Horizons

Join the Nintendo Week crew as Alex, Ben, and Colin discuss tons of recents news, including details on Pokémon GO, Marin in Hyrule Warriors, Sakurai’s latest Famitsu column, and a revolutionary new tech that could completely change Smash Bros. After the break, we discuss the touchscreen ideas presented by the recent NX controller “leaks,” because though they may be fake, the real deal may be very, very similar. We close off the episode with some questions from the Mystery House, including...

Duration: 00:49:52

NW 053: Catching Up — Zelda U, NX Leaks, Wii U Discontinued, Miitomo, and Too Much More

Join Alex, Ben, and Colin as they catch up on two weeks of Nintendo news, from updates on Zelda U to Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC, from Pokkén Tournament to Pokémon GO and a new Pokémon smartphone game, from Miitomo to my Nintendo, from possible NX controller leaks to a possible Wii U discontinuation, from rumors of Luigi’s Mansion 3 to deals on games that are free! After the break we take it to the game corner to discuss our experiences with three recent releases: Twilight Princess HD,...

Duration: 01:06:27

NW 052: Color Splash, SNES, and the Nintendo Direct | Beyond Good & Evil 2, Exclusive to NX

Join the Nintendo Week crew as Alex, Ben, and Colin discuss the latest Nintendo Direct from beginning to end, covering Paper Mario: Color Splash, Kirby: Planet Robobot, SNES games on the New 3DS, and tons upon tons more news. Then we dig into a few stories that came out this week, including the discovery of Twilight Princess Picross and a rumor Destructoid published that Nintendo is funding Beyond Good & Evil 2 as an NX exclusive. This week’s outro music is a bouncy light rendition of “Toad...

Duration: 00:49:19

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