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Conversations with musicians and other performers from one of the people who brought you Tanlines the band and Tanlines the twitter feed. I will never ask about the name of your band.

Conversations with musicians and other performers from one of the people who brought you Tanlines the band and Tanlines the twitter feed. I will never ask about the name of your band.
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Conversations with musicians and other performers from one of the people who brought you Tanlines the band and Tanlines the twitter feed. I will never ask about the name of your band.






70 - Jubilee

*ALARM EMOJI* Miami Bass episode of No Effects *ALARM EMOJI* Not exactly, but kinda, as my guest this week is Miami-adjace DJ/Producer Jubilee. We cover the South Florida rave scene, the Central Florida rave scene, and everything in between. And much much more. Jubilee's new album, After Hours, is out October 21st on Mixpak

Duration: 01:12:23

69 - Local Natives

I dropped in on Taylor and Ryan of the LA band Local Natives backstage before a show at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. Taylor and Ryan tell me about growing up together, playing music, changing their band name, and how their relationship and band have evolved over the years. email: web: twitter: @noeffectsshow

Duration: 00:53:11

68 - Cass McCombs

Mangy Love, out now, is Cass McComb's "somethingth" album. He doesn't know exactly. In our wide-ranging conversation, he tells me about growing up and living in the Bay Area, living out of his car in New York City, anti-folk music, anti-anti-folk music, rap music, choir music, how his band is like a halfway house, and much much more. Cass McCombs is a one-of-a-kind musician who is incredibly talented, prolific, and I am a huge fan of him. Please listen and then go listen to his music....

Duration: 00:58:54

67 - Fitz and the Tantrums

My guests this week are Michael 'Fitz' Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs of Fitz and the Tantrums. Fitz and Noelle share with me stories from their many years they individually spent struggling to find a career in music before breaking out with Fitz and the Tantrums. This episode is brought to you by Away. Head to and use promo code "noeffects" to save $20 on one of their fantastic pieces of luggage. email:

Duration: 01:00:34

66 - Empress Of

My guest this week is Lorely Rodriguez, the artist known as Empress Of. Lorely shares with me about growing up in Los Angeles with a musical/not-musical family, going to Berklee School of Music, how getting a laptop changed her life, and much much more. Plus another great Canadian border crossing story! This is part 2 of my live show recorded at Moogfest, in Durham in May 2016. Part 1, with Julia Holter, is also available right now. Email: Web:...

Duration: 00:39:23

65 - Julia Holter

Recorded LIVE at Moogfest 2016 in May 2016 in Durham, North Carolina! This is part one of two. Julia Holter joins me to talk about growing up in Los Angeles, having two planners, studying composition at the University of Michigan, performing at bookstores, at much more. Plus, the crowd is mic'd so you can hear when they laugh and compare it to your own reactions! Thanks to the great organizers of Moogfest for setting this up and recording it. email: web:...

Duration: 00:43:29

63 - Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara Quin are identical twin sisters from Canada who have been playing music as Tegan and Sara since the late 90's. They are gay women in their mid-30's who are now huge pop stars and there's no one quite like them in music. Our conversation spans their entire career, but a lot of it is about their early years, their ups and downs, their times apart from each other, and how they eventually built a huge community around themselves and their music. email:

Duration: 00:52:51

62 - Andrew Savage (Parquet Courts)

Andrew Savage from the band Parquet Courts joins me this week. Listen as he sails a Bob Seger reference way over my head, talks music school, what it’s like as a DIY band playing festivals and large venues, and much much more. Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

Duration: 01:08:39

61 - Julianna Barwick

Julianna Barwick's new album "Will" is out on May 6, 2016 on Dead Oceans. Listen to Julianna tell me about growing up in the church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, moving to New York, her early experiences doing music in Brooklyn and around the world, and how she made her new album "Will". Plus, her time as an intern for a very famous children's musician, and much much more. Julianna is a true one-of-a-kinder and I loved talking to her for an hour. I think you will too. email:

Duration: 01:10:37

60 - Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend, Baio)

Recorded at an AirBnb down in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2016, this is my great conversation with Chris Baio. Chris plays bass in Vampire Weekend and plays everything in his own project Baio. Chris is a super nice guy who is super talented and this is a super conversation. As always, we delve into early bands and how he started playing in Vampire Weekend. Also, he tells me about mixing his album in Malibu, living in London, and much much more. Plus, I go negative on the Chi-peps. Enjoy!...

Duration: 01:09:18

59 - Kristin Welchez (Dum Dum Girls, Kristin Kontrol)

Kristin tells me about her life before, during, and after being Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls, and her new project: "Kristin Kontol." Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

Duration: 01:03:38

58 - Nick Sylvester (GODMODE)

A fantastic double xl episode of No Effects this week with god in chief of the GODMODE Squad, Nick Sylvester. Before helming his own record label / management / production company GODMODE and producing albums for Shamir, Deerhoof and more, Nick was a teenage trumpet player performing at weddings and bar mitzvahs in Philadelphia. After that, he was a Harvard kid writing snarky album reviews for Pitchfork. After that, he was a writer for the Colbert Report for 4 years. After that, he started...

Duration: 01:42:25

57 - The Range

The Range is James Hinton and "Potential" is his new album, out March 25, 2016 on Domino Records. I spoke with James on an unseasonably warm February day in his apartment in Brooklyn. We talked about his open mic days, the movie Sliver, "reverse catfishing" in order to make his album, and much much more. Fun fact: there was a gas leak in James' apartment while we recorded this episode. I helped discover it right after we finished and saved his massive apartment building from burning down....

Duration: 01:08:37

55 - Pictureplane

HNY EVERYONE Starting off 2016, my guest is Mr. Travis Egedy, aka Pictureplane. We talk about being a history buff, being in a "conscious hip hop" group in New Mexico in the early 2000's and the golden era of the Denver DIY scene. Among MANY other things. Email: Twitter: @noeffectsshow

54 - YACHT

Claire Evans and Jona Bechtolt join me for one of my favorite conversations of 2015. We go over the many incarnations and affiliates of the band known as YACHT, what it's like to do music and so many other things, Jona's idea for a site that reviews YACHT reviews, their TV pilot, their lapsed URLS, and finally, their amazing personal journeys. email: twitter: @noeffectsshow

Duration: 01:12:33

36 - Molly Neuman (Bratmobile, ETC ETC)

A seminal episode of No Effects with my guest this week, Molly Neuman. Molly played drums in the seminal Riot Grrrl band Bratmobile. But wait, there is much much more. Molly's career in independent music also has included running the seminal punk label Lookout!, managing seminal punk artist Ted Leo, and being VP of seminal trade association A2IM. As always, my email is Get in touch!

Duration: 01:14:05

35 - Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend)

Almost 90 whole minutes of *somewhat* neuroses-fueled convo with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend! As always, my email is Enjoy!

Duration: 01:28:43

34 - Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest)

Couldn't be happier to share this episode with you guys--- my guest this week is Ali Shaheed Muhammad, DJ, producer, and founding member of A Tribe Called Quest !!! We talked about Brooklyn in 2015, Los Angeles in 1989, his own podcast "Microphone Check", touring, making music, and much much more. As always, my email is

Duration: 01:09:49

33 - Drenge

The band is called Drenge and they are two brothers named Eoin and Rory Loveless and they are from a place called Castleton, which is in Derbyshire, which is in England. They're young and on the way up and I do my best to relate to them and they did their best to relate to me, and it was an all around great time. As always, my email is

Duration: 00:50:23

31 - Kelela

I had a great conversation with Kelela and, fortunately for you guys, I recorded it. You can listen to that conversation right now in this week's episode of No Effects :) We talked about playing music in art galleries, family, Guns Germs & Steel, Montgomery County, Maryland, going to college, and much much more. As always, my email address is

Duration: 00:44:10

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