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no guitar is safe - the official guitar player magazine podcast with jude gold puts you in the room for face-to-face interviews and playing sessions with the world’s most respected guitarists from their first guitar first riff and first gig...

no guitar is safe - the official guitar player magazine podcast with jude gold puts you in the room for face-to-face interviews and playing sessions with the world’s most respected guitarists from their first guitar first riff and first gig...
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New York, NY


no guitar is safe - the official guitar player magazine podcast with jude gold puts you in the room for face-to-face interviews and playing sessions with the world’s most respected guitarists from their first guitar first riff and first gig...




Episode 64 - Steve Lukather

Presented by AUDIO-TECHNICA and their E-Series in-ear monitoring headphones, Grammy-winning guitarist STEVE LUKATHER reflects on five years as a member of Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band, and 40 years on stage (and 40 million albums sold) with Toto, the band Lukather co-founded when he was still a teenager. Lukather also jams with host Jude Gold on a variety of songs; comments on the art of rhythm guitar; examines his sobriety; discusses both his new autobiography, The Gospel According to Luke;...

Duration: 01:22:27

Episode 63 — Josh Workman

From Django jazz to pop, rock, bebop, and beyond, JOSH WORKMAN is an astonishingly well-versed cat. And from the opening moment of this episode forward, he plays a ton of spirited guitar for you, and even shares a super-useful, Barry Harris-inspired "six-to-diminished" lesson. I've been friends with Josh since we met as youths at music camp, where he was already playing like a pro. It was only a few years later that Josh actually BECAME a pro, ultimately landing gigs with Indigo Swing...

Duration: 00:44:07

Episode 62 - Joe Satriani Returns

Presented by D'ADDARIO strings and accessories, JOE SATRIANI plugs into a Marshall half-stack and shares sneak previews of his forthcoming album, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, releasing January 12. (Album samples used with permission from Sony/Legacy.)That's right — we not only hear final mixes from the record, Joe also shows you on the fretboard exactly how he plays the songs, and what inspired the parts. And he jams with me on a few tunes, too! This episode also marks the first time a No Guitar Is...

Duration: 01:52:52

Episode 61 - Nili Brosh

From touring her own brand of virtuoso prog-metal to delivering guitar pyrotechnics (sometimes literally!) in her role as the mesmerizing guitar goddess who lights up the stage of Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil, Israeli-American guitar badass NILI BROSH always finds exciting gigs. I was thrilled to sit down with her in Las Vegas in the lobby of the Michael Jackson One theater at Mandalay Bay before the show to talk shop, trade licks, hear about her new life as Cirque du Soleil's...

Duration: 01:17:59

Episode 60 - Carl Verheyen

Known for his rippin' solo albums and tours, high-profile session work, and long tenure as lead guitarist for multi-platinum rock band Supertramp, CARL VERHEYEN is one of the most versatile guitarists on the planet. His latest album, ESSENTIAL BLUES, shows off his soulful and virtuosic approaches to everyone's favorite 12-bar progression. I loved visiting his Southern California home, plugging into a couple Fender Princeton Reverbs with him, and jamming with him and learning lick-by-lick...

Duration: 01:35:41

Episode 59 — Christian Lopez

It's no wonder CHRISTIAN LOPEZ landed a record deal when he was just a freshman in college — his old-soul singing, playing, and writing abilities belie his youthful age. Now 22, Christian is touring his latest album, RED ARROW (Blaster Records), and recently, at the Los Angeles home of his girlfriend, actor SKYLER SHAYE, we sat down and jammed on several of his wonderful songs, and he explained to me how he constructed them. He also shared how he evolved from playing restaurant gigs as a...

Duration: 00:57:20

Episode 58 — Brendon Small

From the tragedy of his first gig to the triumph of his new album, Galaktikon II: Become the Storm, BRENDON SMALL plugs in his signature-model Gibson and Epiphone guitars and shows you how he succeeded in blending metal riffs, animation, and standup comedy to forge one of the most unique careers in the history of guitar. Picking up where Dethklok (the animated intergalactic thrash band from Brendon's hit series Metalocalypse) left off, Galaktikon has an even more massive sound, courtesy of...

Duration: 02:01:26

Episode 56 — Phil Collen

Def Leppard's PHIL COLLEN is on the show! Presented by FU-TONE (check out FU-TONE's tone-enhancing guitar hardware at, this interview was conducted at Studio A in the Capital Records building in Hollywood nearly 30 years to the day since Def Leppard released their hugest selling album, HYSTERIA. With a guitar in his hands the entire time, Phil shows you exactly how the guitar parts on the album's many hit singles were created and tracked (and, when needed, I play rhythm...

Duration: 01:17:07

Episode 55 — Jimmy Herring

Presented by PRS GUITARS, this episode finds us in Atlanta talking and jamming with the great JIMMY HERRING. Beloved for his powerful solos and humble nature alike, Herring has played with several of the world's top "jam" artists, including Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium Rescue Unit, Phil Lesh, the Dead, Project Z, and the Allman Brothers Band. Currently, Herring enjoys his long-running gig as lead guitarist with Widespread Panic—the band that has set the record for most sell-outs...

Duration: 01:48:14

Episode 54 — Shane Theriot

Recorded at Swing House Studios in Los Angeles, this episode features an interview and jam with Grammy-winning guitarist/producer SHANE THERIOT. Currently the lead guitarist for multi-platinum rock-soul hitmakers Hall and Oates, Shane has also worked with everyone from Jewel and Willie Nelson to LeAnn Rimes and the Neville Brothers. Shane's "other" job is being musical director for Daryl Hall on Daryl's popular music show, "Live From Daryl's House," wherein Daryl, Shane, and the band...

Duration: 01:32:44

Episode 52 — Marc Maron

For the two-year anniversary of No Guitar Is Safe, I am proud to bring you a guitar hang with "the Jimi Hendrix of podcasting," MARC MARON. I met up with the famed interviewer/comedian/actor (and, yes, guitarist) in his now-legendary garage — the same place he has interviewed everyone from famous actors, musicians, and comedians to President Obama. The garage is also the same place where, as you'll hear, Marc likes to crank up vintage amps and play the blues. (Check out Maron's new hit...

Duration: 01:13:47

Episode 51 — Adam Levy

A versatile, super-tasty jazz cat who found his way onto huge-selling crossover records by star singers such as Norah Jones and Tracy Chapman, ADAM LEVY is one of the chillest, most thoughtful and grounded pro guitarists you're likely to meet. I had a wonderful time jamming with him on everything from John Coltrane's "Equinox" and Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason" to Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" and Adam's own solo song, "This Is Our House" (off his stellar EP, Blueberry Blonde). We...

Duration: 02:13:39

Episode 50 — Jeff Kollman

Presented by AUDIO-TECHNICA and their E-Series monitoring headphones, this episode features a deep guitar hang with JEFF KOLLMAN. Whether Kollman is playing blazing instrumentals with his own band, Cosmosquad, rocking stadiums with Japanese superstar Eikichi Yazawa, or blowing off steam with Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith in the Bombastic Meatbats, his brilliant guitar playing lights up every stage he graces. Here, Jeff tells you all about each of those gigs and more. He also...

Duration: 01:56:06

Episode 49 — Greg Kihn and Ry Kihn

Today, the guitar 'copter descends upon Soundtek Studios in San Jose, California, to jam with platinum rocker GREG KIHN and his lead guitarist RY KIHN (who also happens to be his son). Jude and the Kihns also talk about everything from Greg's classic hit songs (such as "Breakup Song" and "Jeopardy") and tunes on his brand new album, which is called REKIHNDLED; to great moments with the great guitarists the Greg Kihn Band has employed over the decades and what it's like being parodied by...

Duration: 01:36:51

Episode 48 — Rusty Cooley

Oh, the brutality! On this episode, Texas shred monster RUSTY COOLEY plugs in his signature-model Dean 7-string and shows Jude how he forged his merciless metal style. Rusty also explains how he took inspiration from violinist Izhak Perlman, metal sensei Doug Marks, and the late Shawn Lane while developing his sound. And with help from lead singer Brad Lambert, Rusty shows you some crushing tunes from his band, DAY OF RECKONING.

Duration: 01:12:37

Episode 47 — Richie Kotzen

Presented by TECH 21, this episode features virtuoso guitarist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist RICHIE KOTZEN plugged in, jamming, and talking technique with host Jude Gold. Richie also discusses the recording of his new album, SALTING EARTH, as well as the inspiration behind his signature Tech 21 RK5 Fly Rig preamp. Bonus: Kotzen also shares stories of the epic rock-and-roll pranks he has pulled on people on stage and off. GIVEAWAY ALERT: Head to and enter...

Duration: 01:23:37

Episode 46 — Toshi Yanagi

TOSHI YANAGI came to America with no English skills and nowhere to stay. But he had a dream. Now, he is the house guitarist on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, and has released stellar solo albums under his own name, and his dream of becoming a pro musician has been realized. On this episode, Toshi visit's host Jude Gold's house, bringing with him a killer pedalboard full of sounds, and the pair jam on a variety of grooves. Toshi also recalls funny skits he has filmed with Kimmel and remembers how...

Duration: 01:15:38

Episode 45 — Gretchen Menn

Guitarist/composer/pilot GRETCHEN MENN details the making of her new instrumental album, Abandon All Hope. She also reflects on her adventures with Led Zeppelin tribute band, Zepparella, and jams with host Jude Gold on riffs and themes by J.S. Bach, Jimmy Page, and Django Reinhardt, to name a few. Bonus: Gretchen argues that Texas Chainsaw Massacre is high art.

Duration: 01:30:33

Episode 42 — Ben Lacy

Like a one-man band, BEN LACY magically weaves together guitar, bass, drum, and vocal parts on his 6-string electric guitar to produce irresistibly funky grooves. On this episode, the Kentucky-based guitarist plugs in with host Jude Gold to demonstrate some of his amazing song arrangements and reveal many of his signature techniques.

Duration: 01:22:13

Episode 41 — Jake Shimabukuro

Brought to you by AUDIO-TECHNICA, this episode presents JAKE SHIMABUKURO—“The Jimi Hendrix of the ukulele,” as Guitar Player magazine’s Matt Blackett described Jake when he burst onto the scene back in 2005. When it comes to advancing the musical and sonic boundaries of ukulele, no one has done so more spectacularly than Shimabukuro. In this one-on-one interview/jam, host Jude Gold sits down with Jake, who performs many songs, tells you everything you need to know to play ukulele like a...

Duration: 01:39:26

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